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Happy Thursday girls! I am sitting at Panera Bread writing out this post and all I can think about is…Why haven’t I done this before??? I have the capability of working anywhere, so why limit myself…right?? HA! I actually had to drop Raegan off at work for a few hours of training so I decided to enjoy some Panera! I love this place! Do you girls go to Panera? What are your thoughts?

Today I am styling a cute Maxi Dress I got in my Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box and I loved it! This dress is 100% polyester and it wears terrific! What I really liked about it was the way it flowed when you walked, it was like something off TV!! HAHA!! The wind was blowing, so that may have helped put me in the “moment” lol!

It has a split in the front up the middle, that your leg will go through when walking so be aware. It has small button detail down the front and a tie belt that can be tied in the front or the back. I opted for the front. This is a Junior’s, so I sized up to a Large in this dress. I am a little broad through the shoulders, so I like to size up in Junior’s clothing so it is not tight in my arms or back when I’m moving around. See the dress HERE. I have linked some similar options below.

You could wear black sandals with this dress, add a denim jacket or cardigan and take it up a notch on the chilly nights…that I have not seen in a LONG time HA! You can also wear a pair of booties or cowgirl boots in the Fall for an entirely different look that would be very cute and trendy.

The split in this dress comes about 3 inches above my knee, it wasn’t too revealing at all. Even when I sat down, I could pull the dress over my legs, so that was never an issue. I know some ladies do not like splits in their dresses, so I tried to link as many different options as possible.

I feel if I had gotten my regular size (M) the top part would have fit me a little better. Since I went up a size and I’m not big chested, it puckered on my chest area just a little. I think a Medium would not have been as low cut on me as thin Large is also. I could wear a bralette under this to give me more coverage, maybe a burgundy one or a beige one like these. I forgot to have Barry take a picture of the back of this dress, but I really wanted you to check out the cute back detail. I was so glad they had a picture online of the back…I thought this was so cute!

I chose the Tawny earrings because I like the macrame look and it goes perfect with the Straw Circle Handle Tote I am wearing today. The Tawny earrings are VERY lightweight, you can barely tell you are wearing them and they have just enough “bling” on them…I like bling LOL! See the earrings HERE.

If you have been thinking of getting some JBloom jewelry, let’s gt you FREE jewelry! Host an online party and start reaping the rewards!! See HERE what you can get for hosting a party! We can do online or Facebook – message me at [email protected]

I found this little gem at Walmart of all places! Girls, I was looking around waiting on Raegan…I didn’t tell you girls! Raegan got a position with a retail store in management and is training right now, so I’ve been taking her back and forth. That child is getting them license…why don’t kids want to get their license like back in my day?? I do not understand. Anyway…back to the purse, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I have been wearing it as my daily purse ever since. It’s deep and has a zipper compartment and a snap closure to put things for quick access. It’s only $16.00 online, but they are limited. This comes in navy and white stripes also!! See it HERE.

These are sandals that I picked up at Cato a few months back. See how I styled them with a denim jacket HERE. These are called Cut Out Heeled Slides and they also come in black. Right now they are on sale for $17.99, see them HERE.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope your day is fantastic!!! I will be taking everything out of my bottom kitchen cabinets today and reorganizing things and getting rid of the things that are never used. I’ve had this on my list for a while, the top cabinets nearly killed me! What are you girls doing today?

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  • Kelly Palmer

    I am finally home from work and able to comment 🙂 I love Panera and we go there probably about once per week. Because of my food allergies and issues there are only 2 restaurants that I can eat at and they are Panera and Applebee’s. At Panera I get the Green Goddess Cobb salad and have to modify it. I bring my own dressing as well. It is sooo yummy!! I absolutely love this dress and it looks so great on you! The back of it is adorable. I had not heard of the Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box and may look into it soon. Is it something that comes automatically every month? Do you get to choose what will be sent or does Amazon do the choosing for you? I am so glad that you are climbing your way out of the chaos and able to get back on schedule. I am like you and a bit OCD , so I like to have a set schedule for the most part anyway and all of my ducks in a row 😉 I will be working again tomorrow from 8-3 so it will be another late comment from me. Tomorrow our furniture arrives for our bonus room and I am so excited! It hopefully will be here by the time that I get home from work. Troy is off so he will have the pleasure of dealing with the delivery men. I hope you have a wonderful evening and it is so good to have you back!!

    • Beverly

      I love getting new furniture!! I love some Panera!! Raegan and me are the only ones who could eat there weekly. Sighh!! Ok, Amazon Prime Wardrobe—it is not a subscription. You can click on the link I have put in the post or search Amazon Prime Wardrobe on the Amazon website. Pick out any clothes, shoes, jewelry that is Prime then act like you are checking out. It does have to link to a credit card instead of a debit card. They do not charge you for the clothes, they don’t charge you for anything!! They ship your clothes and you see what you like or dislike. You have 7 days to make up your mind. When you are ready to ship back or purchase an item, go back in to your orders and click on prime wardrobe-you will see it first in your orders. Pay for what you want and send the rest back. Free shipping!! I’ve sent everything back before and they don’t charge you anything. This is how I found out about Amazon Essential Clothing. They are like staple pieces, I LOVE them!!! So I try to pick out a few each time I try out clothes. Once you’ve sent your clothes or items back and they have cleared your order as returned or purchased, you can do it again!! I love it!!!! Have a great day tomorrow!! I’m making a Death By Chocolate Cake tomorrow-I can’t wait!! Lol. Well, either that or my Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pound Cake. Oh my gosh that one is so good!! One of my kids faves!!❤️❤️

  • sandy

    Here I am…it’s been a long day. I had to be up at our county fair by 7:15 this morning. I work in the open class building checking in baked goods, jellies, james, pickles…things you make in the kitchen. All of this then gets judged at 3:00 and then we still have to check, double check, triple check and add ribbons so a long process and we finished at 7:00. Had fair food for supper with Terry then went to the rodeo and I only lasted an hour and am home in my recliner now…pooped. I think this was the hottest humid day we’ve had so far. What a cute dress and the color of the back drop you used really blends with the dress. Cute shoes too but I’m afraid I’d walk out of them since there isn’t a back on them. Cute purse too…need to check Walmart purses out! I love Panera Bread(especially the coffee) and there are always people working on their laptops when I am there. I’m sure it was nice to have some quite “me” time too. Oh my…your dessert sounds so good. I don’t even want to count up calories of what I will be eating with fair food and a family reunion on Saturday. Hope you had a productive day.

    • Beverly

      Wow Sandy…you are a worker bee!! You inspire me to do more with my community and church!! Thanks for that. ❤️ You had a very long day, reminds me when I was little and my mom worked all day when the church had a plate sale or other fundraisers. Oh, the cake is delish!! I may take some videos and show this one on the blog because it’s been a great cake that never lasts long. I’m pooped today too, I have done so many try-ones and putting together different outfits -it has wore me out lol. I’m getting up extra early in the morning to get my blog live and send out emails. Rest up girl and don’t worry about that good today. A day here and there of cheating is fine ❤️

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