My Latest Finds: Amazon, Walmart, Old Navy, & Loft

Today I am sharing my latest fab finds from Amazon, Target, Old Navy, Walmart, The Loft and more! With all the sales going on, I had to jump in and start my fall shopping and I have found some cute items. I also am sharing some great graphic tees from Amazon that I am actually loving, and they don’t break the bank. From workwear to casual outfits, I have brought the best of what I found this week. Let me know which one you like. And be sure to take note of the first outfit, because that dress is 100%!!!

I am starting this post off with this dress that I absolutely love! I am so impressed with how this fits and feels, it is a fabulous Amazon Find, yes…I found it on AMAZON! The sleeves are so cute and stylish, the neckline is perfect for workwear, and the tiered design is very flattering for any type of figure. I styled it with a great pair of taupe booties from Target that I am loving, these will get gone quick, so check them out here before your size gets gone. The dress comes in multiple prints and colors and it fits TTS. I am wearing a large for reference and have plenty of room in the chest area. This is seriously a cute dress from Amazon, and I am so glad I decided to try it. Look below how I styled it with a denim jacket. See the dress here.

Outfit Details: // Dress // Booties // Bracelet

Isn’t a cute dress to wear to work if you are a teacher or even to church. This is also really cute with white sneakers for a cute outfit on the weekend.

Outfit Details: // Denim Jacket // Dress // Taller Boots // Booties // Bracelet

Here is a closer look at the Sylvie Ankle Boot by Universal Thread. The heel on these are perfect for wearing to work or if you will be on your feet a lot while out on the weekend. Nothing excites me more than to find an affordable shoe that wears comfortable now that I am over the age of 50! These come in three more colors, check them out here.

You will tell in this post that I have been on the hunt for tees to wear around the house and cute enough that I can wear out and about while running errands. This color block tee is so cute and it really stands out with the cute white stripes on the sleeves. I chose to get the coffee color since it is so popular right now, but it comes in a wide range of colors. I wasn’t sure about the sizing in this tee and bought an XL, but will be sending it back for a large, so it does fit TTS. See the tee here. This is definitely one that I will be keeping and loving! I even got a compliment from Raegan when I was trying things on…YAY! LOL!! 

Outfit Details: // Tee ( fits TTS, I sized up for a looser fit) // Jeans ($20 use code SOGOOD) // Vans // Bracelet

The bracelet that I am wearing in most of the pictures is a new bracelet that I grabbed up from Victoria Emerson. This is a cuff bracelet that has a magnetic closure that will not come apart, so there is no worry of it falling off. See my bracelethere, to shop the up to 75% off sale, click here.

If you love a faith graphic tee, I found this one on Amazon this month and have been wearing it nonstop. I sized up from a large to an extra large, because you never know about tees from Amazon. This one is super soft and I am glad that I sized up, because I like a looser fitting tee to wear around the house. If you like your tees more fitted, I would buy your regular size. See the Blessed tee here. You can see another tee I bought (in a large) that says Powered By Prayer hereThe Blessed tee comes in multiple colors.

Outfit Details: // Tee // Jeans (on sale $20 use code SOGOOD)

This camo hacci tunic has been really popular on social media this week, and is a Walmart fave of mine too! This tunic (really soft sweatshirt) is super soft…let me emphasize that it is soft! Whoa, I was so surprised when I pulled this out of the bag. This comes in multiple patterns and colors, nit selling fast, and it fits TTS. The sides have slits and it is longer like a tunic, but can be tucked in like I did. See the camo top here. This is a top you will wear nonstop! I am wearing a large for reference. **Only $11!!! ***Abercrombie and Fitch jeans are on sale for 40% off! See them here.

For all my leopard print lovers, you’re gonna want to try out this cute sweatshirt by Time and Tru. The cuffs can be rolled up easily, and can be tucked in or out for whatever look you are going for. This is only $11, and comes in multiple colors and patterns. I am wearing a large for reference. See the sweatshirt here. Isn’t this a cute neutral outfit for the weekend?

Outfit Details: // Time and Tru Sweatshirt // Jeans (on sale $20, use code SOGOOD) // Vans // Bracelet

We all know I am loving the Free Assembly line at Walmart and I have a lot more styles coming to the blog very soon. Meanwhile, Be sure to check out this cute midi tiered dress that I am loving for fall! This length of dress can be worn so many ways, so it’s a piece that can go from work to weekend very early. I styled it with my Walmart Time and Tru boots and a hat for a weekend look. The dress fits true to size and has a relaxed fit; I am wearing a large for reference (bust size is 38C) for wiggle room in the chest. See the dress here.

Outfit Details: // Free Assembly Dress // Time and Tru Boots // Hat 

I found this puff sleeve mixed media top from The Loft and it is super adorable! I styled it here with a pair of khaki chinos, but it looks so good with skinny jeans and heels! The blouse is more fitted, but has a lot of stretch in it. This comes in two more colors, but they are getting gone quick, see the blouse here. My ankle chinos are from H&M and I am now a lover of that store…I have only shopped there a few times, but I really like this pants! I cuffed mine up to wear with the heels to give it a more trendy look. I bought my normal size in these and fit is great! See the ankle khakis here.

Outfit Details: // White Loft Top // H&M Khaki Chinos // Sandals /Bracelet

The prairie look is going to be a trend this year, so I started finding items that I could merge into my wardrobe. I found this split-neck poet blouse at Old Navy and I am loving the dainty floral print and it’s a great blouse for work or play. It does fit loose and relaxed, so keep that in mind, but it’s a blouse that can be tucked in, half-tucked or let it hang out and be flowy. This is 30% off right now, see the blouse here. Shop the Old Navy Sale here.

Which was your favorite looks? Drop me a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope everyone has a great weekend filled with fun, laughter, and love! Since I have been back and forth with appointments this week, I am behind on the laundry, so that is what I’m doing. What fun plans do you have? Stay safe and be blessed! XOXO

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  • Lisa Romeo

    Hi! I found your blog about a month ago, and am now a faithful follower. I’m a 52 year-old mom of a 10-year old daughter. Her name is Raegan…spelled the same way as your Raegan’s! I love it!
    Wanted to let you know that I bought and wore the Target Knox Rose dress to work the other day, and I haven’t worn a dress to the office in over 5 years. I’ve bought a bunch of your other suggested items and I thank you so much for sharing your life and your amazing fashion sense.

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh!! We are in the Raegan club lol!! You are the first person I met that spells it the same way I did!! When I was pregnant with Raegan, I was a teller at the bank and I was going to make her Madison. As women would come through the drive thru and they were also pregnant, I’d ask what they were naming their baby. And it was Madison almost every time. So I started looking a name that would be rare. When Raegan was around 7-8 years old I started noticing the name was becoming popular. That’s how it was with Chase too. Although I did find his name when I was reading the credits of employees off a movie I had watched 😂😂. So glad you let me know!! ❤️

  • Christine Simpson

    Great finds!! That first dress looks amazing on you!!
    Have them check you for ebv (Epstein Barr Virus) after I had mono I had very high ebv afterwards and it took a while to work through it. I used mostly acupuncture and natural drs. This was 20 years ago. I’m hoping drs now are more familiar and aware of treatments for you!!

    • Beverly

      My levels were over 800%, and has caused so many issues!! I had it 6 months before they tested me for it. The dr told me that people that are older that have high levels are 15 times more likely to develop MS. So, now they will be doing a MRI to see what’s going on and if I have MS. Hopefully it is something minor!! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

  • Lynna

    So many great outfit options that I love! I’m leaning towards that coffee colored color-block tee as my favorite though. The camo sweatshirt from Walmart is the same type that they carried last year in solid colors. I ended up getting a few back then and let me tell you, they are thin enough to layer perfectly under a moto jacket for chillier weather! Love your choices this week!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Friyay morning, Beverly!! I am loving the first dress from Amazon and it would be great for work. My second favorite is the Blessed tee shirt. I am glad that your eyes are ok and I hope that you get some answers and relief soon. Today I work 1:30-5:30 so I am just puttering around this morning until it is time to get ready to leave. We are short staffed as are many places right now so I have been working a lot more hours lately. I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend! Praying for you and your family 🙂

    • Beverly

      Thank you Kelly!! Gosh I miss talking with you!! I’ve basically gotten off my regular FB page except my business page. I’m hoping Raegan starts perking up a bit and getting back to helping me with social media. I got IG and FB, but Pinterest and Amazon is butt kickers lol. Have a great day!!

  • Jami Rogers

    I can assure you that you are not a “ Debbie Downer” for sharing your health concerns. I pray they find out what’s causing the problem! I appreciate you sharing with us. Loving all the great looks today, as usual I can’t pick a favorite! I am nervous about trying white jeans, but you make it look so easy and fantastic!

    • Beverly

      Awe, thank you so much Jami!! My prayer is it’s something small, but the ophthalmologist basically let me know it’s with MS or possible tumors ( benign more than likely) growing on an eye nerve. But he said since I had high levels of the EBV virus ( mono) last year, I’m at high risk to develop MS. However, it is treatable. So I’m praying and trusting in the Lord. You do not know how much you girls mean to me ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗

  • Jamie Hasse

    You are going to get me in trouble… Loved all of these. I have more hip area than you do so I’m skeptical about the dress but I could see me wearing it alot. (diff color cuz I’m a rebel when it comes to cheetah print and polka dots.) I looked up every item and have the camo sweatshirt in my walmart cart but it’s the last one so I need to get to $35 quickly. 🙂

  • Linda Robison

    Thank you for your favorite picks!! Question: Whenever I follow your links, the price is different (higher) or/and they won’t take the coupon code? Example: Amazon Blessed tshirt…won’t take coupon code. Price is $15.99.

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