Styling a Denim Jacket for the Summer

Happy Saturday everyone! Is it me, or is this year flying by? It’s almost mid-year already! WOW!! We got a few pictures taken yesterday and then I headed outside and started pulling weeds. That is one job that I literally cannot stand! We have weed killer, but for some odd reason I pull the weeds, I would rather pull them than see them dying. I have no clue why! We are preparing to put more mulch down in our front yard, so I am getting my landscape ready. We usually buy red mulch, but I have noticed a lot of people are going with a really dark, almost black colored mulch. Do you girls have a preference? We have a white house and I think the red looks better.

I picked up a Scalloped Hem Crochet Tank at Cato Fashion when I was having the Try-On Haul, read it HERE, and couldn’t wait to show it on the blog. I originally was planning on wearing it with jeans, but decided to wear it with white cropped jeans instead. The tank also comes in a gorgeous red, it’s only $21.99 and comes in Sizes XS-XL. It’s machine washable and it TTS. I like this top because you can wear it so many ways. It is made to be worn outside of your clothes, but can easily be tucked in like I have it styled.

It looks cute with the white jeans, but wouldn’t it look cute with white linen pants? This would look cute with a white skirt (or shorts) and a denim jacket for work or going out for dinner. It has a beachy feel when I think of the linen pants – I found some on sale at Old Navy HERE. Pair it with some cute flat sandals and you have a summer outfit that’s cool and cute! Old Navy is having a sale of up to 50% off on items now, including dresses, shorts, and tops! Shop that sale HERE.

The white cropped jeans are SOHO jeans from NY & Co, I have a new love for that store right now. They are having another HUGE sale this weekend with a lot of doorbusters, if interested you can shop the sale HERE. I styled these cropped jeans and a cute green top in a Cute Date Night Outfit and absolutely loved them! Read that post HERE.

These are 25-inches long and they have the cutest crochet detail on the legs that make these stand out from regular white jeans! Here are a few close-up pictures below. These are super stretchy, the fit is TTS, they wash and dry great, I’m so glad I chose these pants. These look really cute with a denim top tied at the waist with some cute espadrille sandals too! See the jeans HERE.

I found this “strawish purse at Burke’s Outlet yesterday! It is by Straw Studios and I have looked this straw purse on the internet all night and it was not to be found. If you have a Burke’s near you and you like this purse I would stop in, I think it was $29.99. I have found some similar straw bags in Shop The Post below.

I chose to wear the Isadora necklace, I love this 2 piece set. The beads are like a pewter grey and I thought it looked great with the neutral beige top. Of course, I am wearing my open heart necklace in rose gold – this has become my daily necklace. The earrings I chose are a pretty dusty pink, almost a mix between coral and blush actually called the Della. I like these because they have a unique “scrolled” look, I wear these with denim and neutrals a lot. I wanted a little color with this outfit and thought they would give the outfit a little more detail.

Isadora Necklace // Open Heart Necklace // Della Earrings // Lipstick is Knot Telling

If you are looking for a pair of cute sandals you might like these cute Cutout Heeled Slides from Cato. The heel is 2.25 inches and looks so cute on! I liked them with denim and the white ankle pants. This is a great neutral heel that can be worn in the Summer through the Fall! See the sandals HERE. These looked great with skinny jeans that are not cuffed too! Oh, I normally buy a Size 8 1/2, but purchased an 8 in these and they fit perfect!

I hope you ladies have a great weekend! It’s supposed to rain here for the next week…UGG! I guess I shouldn’t complain, but that rain certainly makes weeds grow in my flowers LOL! Thanks for stopping by the blog!! What do you girls have planned this weekend?

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  • sandy

    Such a cute comfy/casual outfit and I Love my blue jean jacket. It goes with everything! What cute sandals…something a little different with that detail on the front. As far as landscaping…you can only imagine how many weeds we have with all the rain we’ve had so we really have to keep on top of them or it’s not long and they take over. As for mulch, we use rock. We tried the wood mulch but out here in the country, it just seemed to get so “dirty” with the dust or the wind blowing things in and it always seemed to “disappear” and we’d have to replace it so I like my rock for the simple reason it is easier to keep clean(aka pull weeds out of) and the rock doesn’t disintegrate. It will be a busy couple of days as we are celebrating my folks 65th anniversary with a party for them with my siblings and family so that will involve about 50 people. Tomorrow we celebrate Terry’s folks’ 70th Anniversary and are having a catered lunch for them with all the family plus a few friends and that will be 35 people. Our kids will be coming home this morning so I’ve also had to get a little food ready for supper tonight and breakfast in the morning so will be a quick trip but I will get a little loving in on the grandkids. Love the outdoor photos again. Have a great weekend and…it’s suppose to rain here again starting late afternoon…ugh. Terry is out right now trying to finish planting our last field of beans. The field isn’t perfect condition but this is our last chance as it will be too late to plant if it rains the next couple of days.

    • Beverly

      Wow!! 65th snd 70th Anniversary-I couldn’t imagine being with Barry that long!! You don’t see long relationships like that anymore, that is awesome!!! I know you have a busy weekend ahead of you. I thought about the rocks too-every year the mulch disappears lol!! I hope he gets the field planted and it does well!! Raegan took these pictures, Barry has been working and I’m waiting on clothes to arrive, so we’ve been improvising thus week. I really liked this outfit though!! Have fun Sandy!! Enjoy the grandkids ❤️❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning!!! Like you I too have been working on pulling weeds in the beds at the front of our house. It was so hot last week that I would do a little bit of weeding each day after dinner. When we moved in here the last owner had put a shredded type of colored shredded rubber mulch that looked reddish brown. It was pretty sparse in some areas so I bought 4 bags of similar stuff at Lowe’s. Well, when I spread it out it turned out to be a lot darker than the original mulch. It looks dark brown almost black so since there is such a contrast in color it looks as though we will be buying a lot more mulch to cover all of the old. I prefer to pull weeds and don’t use weed killer because it is so bad for our environment and getting out in the sun and soaking up some vitamin D and fresh air is good for me anyway. Yesterday Troy and I went out to do some errands and we stopped by Catos 🙂 Unfortunately this particular store did not have the brown polka dot pants but I did find an outfit that I love! The pants are a white and navy palazzo type pant and the top is navy. I tried to find them online to get a better way of describing them but I was unable to find them. I am not good at all at describing clothing. Anyway, I was thinking that I would need to buy a new pair of sandals to go with the outfit but lo and behold when I got home I found the perfect pair that I had bought last year and only wore I think twice. Yay! That was a nice surprise 🙂 I am looking forward to wearing the outfit to church tomorrow. We will be checking out a new church tomorrow because we have still not found the right place for us since we moved here. Please pray that the Lord will lead us to where we need to be! We too are getting rain but it is very much needed so I won’t complain. Hopefully it will give us the chance to get some more unpacking and such done inside the house. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Beverly and Sandy I pray that you have a wonderful time at your family celebrations!

    • Beverly

      I’m going back to Cato today myself, I saw a pair of palazzo pants that were striped and I really liked them. I was thinking of getting them for church tomorrow lol!! That mulch certainly fades after awhile huh?! I like being outside, but I have neglected the side of my house so it’s about to be get serious about some weeds ha!! Hope you gave a great day!! Glad you found something and already had shoes!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Kelly Palmer

    I got so busy yakking that I forgot to comment about today’s outfit, lol! I think the top is very pretty and love the neutral color. I really like the details on the white jeans and think I remember seeing a similar pair at Cato’s yesterday. You look adorable as always!!

  • Johnna

    I love wearing beige and white together and the denim jacket it perfect with this look! Definitely my style today. It gets pinned!! I do like the design on the white jeans too. Your jewelry is so pretty. I want the Isadora necklace and have it and the open heart necklace on my wish list. It seems like I spend my entire summer pulling weeds so I feel your pain on that score. I have a white home too and I use red mulch. I do like the black mulch but someone told me that it tends to fade with time and won’t look good a few months down the road. I can’t swear this is true but it kept me from changing mine this spring.

    • Beverly

      Red mulch is my preference too!! Pops against the white!! Oh Johnna, those 2 pieces are my favorite ones to wear!! You’re going to love them!! I pinned this outfit too ha!!!😘😘

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