One Cardigan – 3 Outfits Featuring Cato Fashions

Happy Friday Eve! I hope your week is going well, mine has been more laid back this week. I have done more cooking and less cleaning, but today I am tackling blinds and windows. UGGG! Hopefully, I can get at least half my house done, I might walk that statement back and go with “I hope I get a room done today LOL”. This Spring cleaning won’t be finished till Fall at the pace I am going!

I was in my local Cato Fashion and picked up a few pieces to try on and once I got into the dressing room I realized I did not pick out enough tops to make outfits. As I’m looking at what I did bring in, I decided this would be a perfect time for me to show different outfits with a few pieces. I plan to do an upcoming blog post by using about 9 pieces and seeing how many outfits I can come up with, but until then – let’s roll with this option.

I must be feeling the red, white and blue vibe because I picked out a lot of items in those colors. I showed the red cardigan yesterday with a pair of khaki cropped pants and today I am showing it with a pair of linen shorts, a navy and white polka dot pencil skirt, and a pair of navy cropped pants. Red is a color that can be worn with a lot of colors, white, khaki, black, navy, grey, pink, and more, so this is a great piece to start with.

I started out with the Essential Cotton Tunic Tank in White underneath the Essential Cardigan, these come in Sizes XS-XL, $19.99 and come in Red, White, and Black. See the cardigan HERE. I loved this Navy Polka Dot Pencil Skirt and thinks it looks very patriotic with the red and white. This skirt is 25 inches long and is 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, which makes it fit and wear GREAT! See the skirt HERE.

Outfit Details // Cardigan // Tank // Skirt

I switched the skirt for a pair of the cutest cropped pants! I love Cato’s pants, remember the black and white striped ones I wore in Striped Pants For Spring? These have been worn quite a few times and I always get compliments on them. See them HERE. These Navy Embellished Ankle Pants have a 5 Star rating and for good reason! If you have not tried any of the pull on pants from Cato, you must put them on your “to do” list. If you are looking style and comfort these are a must-have in your wardrobe! They have a 27.5-inch inseam and the material is 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex. See the Embellished Ankle Pants HERE.

Outfit Details // Cardigan // Sleeveless Blouse // Navy Pants // Booties

The embellished ankle makes these pants so adorable!

If you are looking for a cute outfit for going out to eat, having coffee with a friend, or a get-together – this outfit would be perfect. Linen shorts seem to be VERY popular this Summer and I have a few pair myself, I love them! I wear them mainly around the house, but these are cute for running errands and other things too. Wouldn’t these khaki shorts look so cute with the Chico’s Striped V-Neck Tee with the option to wear a cardigan? Add a straw handbag and you have a cute summer outfit!

The linen shorts are only $13.99 girls! They have a drawstring and pockets 9YAY!!), they come in 7 different colors in Sizes XS-XL. The inseam is 5-inches and the material is 55% linen and 45% rayon. See the linen shorts HERE.

I use a steamer on my linen shorts as well as practically all my other clothes. I don’t think I have pulled out an iron in years, my Joy Mangano Steamer has been a lifesaver for years now! Do you girls use a steamer or an iron more?

Outfit Details // Cardigan // Sleeveless Blouse // Shorts // Booties

Other Outfits I thought were Too Cute Not to Mention!!

Navy cardigan ($21.99) Shop HERE // Polka Dot Pants ($24.99) Shop HERE // Dress ($29.99) Shop HERE

I am off to clean blinds and windows girls, I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by the blog! Be sure to check out the 2 Day Bracelet Sale below and the cute straw bags for Summer!

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  • sandy

    Wow…you did good in the dressing room at Catos!! But don’t you hate when you get in there and then need a different size or like you, wanting something else to go with it. But…in the end, you came up with such great looks with what you had. I love the blue polka dot skirt…the dress…hmm, maybe not so much…LOL It looks interesting. And…do you know that you look like Julie Roberts in those brown polka dot pants? (Can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched Pretty Woman). I hope you kept that outfit as it’s adorable on you and the outfit looks comfy. Oh…I got my bracelet yesterday and love it as it’s so dainty. I may have to close it shut a little as it’s quite loose on me. Does that work to pinch it closed tighter or will that get it out of shape. I hate washing blinds but you impress me how much deep cleaning you are doing even if it is taking you longer then you’d hoped. When you talked cupboards/drawers, that’s what I need to do. down and off to get my walk in. Wish we were closer to take a walk as it definitely is easier to have someone to walk and talk with it…goes faster.

    • Beverly

      The bracelet was bigger on me too, I squeezed mine where it was tight. All JBloom bracelets are like that -thank goodness!! When I opened up my box I thought -oh my!! This is going to big too big for me! I have worn it every day since ha! I loved those polka dot pants, I didn’t get them but I may go back , I really liked them. I was unsure about the dress, but Barry loved it lol. We are all so different in our tastes!! Have a good walk!! Oh, the skirt is a must have !! I loved that one!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    My favorites today are the Navy Ankle pants, linen shorts and the brown polka dot pants. I have never used a steamer for clothing. I use an iron or the steam refresh setting on our dryer. I hope that you were able to make some progress on your Spring cleaning. Even though we have now been in this house for 10 months I am still having to do deep cleaning. Unfortunately the lady that we bought the home from was not a good housekeeper. Troy and I are both very clean and border on OCD when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Both of us have the next 3 days off together so hopefully we will get some things marked off our to-do list. I agree with Sandy that you should go back to get the brown polka dot pants cause that outfit looks so awesome on you! 🙂 Have a great rest of your day!!

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