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Good morning ladies! Grab a cup of coffee and let’s hop into some fashion today! Seems like forever since I put a blog post up with an outfit. I am sharing a cute and casual workwear outfit today. When I was in the workforce, I loved wearing a cardigan with a cute camisole or top underneath and it didn’t change when I retired early…I still love wearing them with jeans and shorts! A cardigan is a simple add-on that can really dress an outfit up without little effort.

I was exploring my local Cato Fashions today and found a red cardigan that I absolutely loved! I am a cardigan queen, you never know when you are going to need one or what color you will need. Red is a color I did not have, so needless to say, I was taking it home with me. All those clothes behind me are some try-ons and Im going to show you girls how to take minimal pieces and make different outfits with tomorrow!

This cardigan is a V-neck Jeweled Morgan Cardigan from New York & Company, I do believe they are the cardigan kings! I like this aqua color because it makes the outfit pop and you girls know I like POP! These cardigans are on sale for only $20 right now!! Shop the sale HERE.

I have styled these pants before, they are from Amazon and you can see them HERE, and I wear them at least once a week – yes, they are that comfortable! They are the perfect pant for casual wear with tennis shoes or an outfit like the one I’m styling today. These around $19.98 and a perfect pant for year round!

I’m wearing a Covered Button Strappy Camisole from The Loft. I have this camisole pulled together in the back with a bra clip because I wanted it tighter and up further on my chest. I knew I was going to be bending down a lot today and holding my camisole was not what I want to do. I can take the straps in the back and hook them on the bra clip and worry no more. I do that quite a bit, if you have lost weight or if the camisole is not snug in the chest area these are gifts from above! This pack of 12 bra strap clips and holders are only $6.95 and one of Amazon’s Best Sellers. It’s definitely worth the investment, we all have tops that need this every now and then. See them HERE. I’m also wearing the oh so popular, City Classified Chunky Heel Boot. be sure to come back tomorrow to see how these look with a few different outfits, including shorts! See the Boot HERE or check Shop The Post for some really cute alternatives below!

I’m wearing the Tawny earrings, which I love! They are very lightweight and made from a gold macrame and boy do they stand out if you have short hair or are wearing an updo. If you are looking a lightweight, but eye-catching earring that goes with anything, this would be a fabulous pick. I pushed off purchasing this because the below picture isn’t that enticing to me, so I looked for the earring in the Spring catalog and decided to post it side by side to show the difference. It’s much prettier on, do you agree? See the earrings HERE.

Here are 2 options, 2 different colored cardigans – which is your favorite? Red or the Turquoise? I like them both, but I think the turquoise is more my color.

I mentioned above that I will be posting a capsule form Cato Fashions tomorrow, I also have some coming from JC Penney, The Loft, Old Navy, and a few others that I will keep a secret. These will feature dresses, workwear, Summer outfits and more. I loved doing this series with all the brands and I hope you girls like it too! The romper below is from JC Penney and is probably is the first romper I have tried on that I actually truly liked! It blouses on the top, which I really liked and it has pockets! Plus, you might not tell it in this picture, but the length was not that short either. It’s a great Summer night out outfit and perfect for the beach! It’s on sale right now for only $31.99 and worth it! Fits TTS, I am not sure which size I am wearing, but I feel certain it is an 8, for reference. See the romper HERE.

Sneak Peek

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!! Hope you girls have a great week and a Happy Hump Day!!!

Travel Size Is My FRIEND!!!

One last thing, for those of you wanting to try Rodan + Fields, we are now offering Travel Size regimens. I was very excited to hear this since I used to travel so much and I HATE checking luggage. I quickly figured out how to pack my bags where they could hold 4-5 outfits and I carried a separate bigger bag I threw my purse in along with everything I had to put in a bin going through security. Travel Size anything was my friend! Check them out HERE.

(This special is: Limited time: Buy a full- and travel-size Regimen and get a free Mini Mask Set. While supplies last.)

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  • sandy

    Oh I am going to love this series of minimal pieces to make more outfits! I am a cardigan girl too. I think I agree that I like the turquoise cardigan a little better and as always, I like your black and khaki together. Also looking forward to the capsule wardrobes. I tried a dress on at ON yesterday that I loved but once again was critical of the fit on me so did not buy it. Don’t you love Catos large dressing room! Thanks for the tip on using the bra clips as that will be very helpful and it reminded me to get them out to use on my bra straps with my sleeveless tops again. The romper is cute on you too of course 🙂 Need to head out the door to walk with my friend. Another beautiful morning.

    • Beverly

      I love the way you’re so active Sandy!! You are an inspiration to me, you remind me that the gym is calling or to go to the park for a walk. Kudos to you!! I’m excited about the capsules too. I love this kind of stuff and it’s so helpful to see different outfits with one article. Gives great ideas!! You are cute as a button and have a great figure -I bet you looked great in the dress. I kept grabbing Larges for my clothes when I was trying on-I guess in my mind (even though I can see changes) I’m still getting my “usual size” from the past few years. We all have this same mindset-so frustrating lol Hope your walk was great!!

      • sandy

        Well if I don’t exercise after I have my first cup of coffee it is probably not going to happen as I just get busy with day to day things and then just don’t take time to do a regular workout or walk. I’ve been slacking in using my weights but the mornings have just been too nice to pass up. You are too kind Beverly and yes…I know we are usually our own worst critics. Any Beverly after all your hard work with FWTFL, the only thing that is important is that YOU are feeling good about the program and the results you are feeling and seeing and it doesn’t matter what size the clothes say because I know you are “feeling” better having gone through the program. I just need to get to the point of accepting the changes that have come about and just buy and dress accordingly. Sometimes we are all stubborn to change our mindset 😉

        • Beverly

          Oh I do feel so much better!! It’s amazing we can eat this much food and my stomach does not get bloated. I wish I’d known about this years ago!! I was starving myself lol. I might start getting on up and out on morning walks -that would work really good for me!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I vote for the turquoise cardigan as well. I would get that color for myself as I don’t typically wear red clothing because I don’t like how it looks with my red hair. I love cardigans and tend to get chilly in air conditioned places so always nice to have one on hand. Thanks so much for the tip about the bra clips! I think we carry them at the CVS store where I work but I had not really paid attention to what they actually are used for. I agree that the earrings look so much better on than in the picture just by themselves. The romper is so cute on you and I love that it has pockets!! Well, I have today off and not exactly sure yet how I want to spend my day. Troy’s office is working longer hours Monday-Thursday during the summer with Friday’s off. I have this Friday, Saturday and Sunday off with him and I am so looking forward to it! I hope that you and all of the girls here have a wonderful day!

    • Beverly

      I was thinking about how chilly offices are and why is dressing rooms so darn hot!! I was dying in JCP yesterday, I thought their AC was broke. The turquoise would look so pretty on you-that’s definitely one of your colors!! Are you baking today?

  • Kelly Palmer

    Nope, no baking today! Troy is doing a form of a Keto diet through our doctor and so I don’t want to tempt him too much 😉 I bake for my co-workers birthdays and holidays. The next co-workers birthday is June 23rd. She has requested anything chocolate so I will bake a triple chocolate bundt cake with chocolate drizzle. My boss is not real happy about it cause he loves my baking and for the month of June he and his wife have given up sugar and grains lol.

  • Johnna

    I like the turquoise cardigan best but both are very pretty. I think I’m just into that color right now because red was always my favorite until lately. I know what you mean about the earrings. I got a similar pair in my hostess exclusive I earned and they are much nicer in person than in the picture. I can’t wait to wear them. And the tip about the bra clip was genius. Never even heard of these things but I can sure use some.

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