Striped Pants for Spring

Happy Thursday and greetings to everyone! I had a pretty busy day today, went to work for a little while and checked out the new arrivals – that’s always fun! Barry and I took mom grocery shopping and then I headed home to finish up dinner. I am learning how to meal prep for Barry and I don’t think I’m that good at it HA!! He never complains though…whew!

When I was at Cato Fashion, I found a new pair of Striped Button Ankle Pants Slim. They are pull-on style and feel amazing on! They look like they are much more expensive than what they are. They are only $21.99, come in Sizes XS-XL, 96% polyester, and 4% spandex. They have the cutest button detail (kind of like sailor pants) and are cute with sandals, flats or will look great with ankle boots this Fall. I’m trying to think ahead LOL!

The Ruffled Lace Convertible Top was in the post Spring Dresses From Cato Fashion. See the lace Top HERE.

They hit right at my ankle and I cannot express how good they feel on. I wore these to work today (my outfit is below with the sleeveless black top) and I got so many compliments on these and no one could believe I got them from Catos! Get the pants HERE.

I paired the ankle pants with the Relaxed Sleeveless V-Neck top from Old Navy. I have gotten some wear out of this top – it is absolutely a “go to” for me so far this Spring/ Summer. This top comes in Sizes XXS-XXL, it’s 20% off right now online at Old Navy. Regular price is $22.99, get the top HERE.

I was looking for a colorful top at work to show how it pops with the striped pants. I found this hot pink sweater and I really liked it with it. what are your thoughts girls?

3 Different Ways to Wear Striped Ankle Pants

Since I wore black and white today, I decided to throw a pop of color in with these Fuscia Semi Circle Fan Shape Tassel Hoops. They come in 12 different colors and are only $8.99. You girls know I love me some Amazon and I am always checking out the earrings! So far, I have not been disappointed. These really stand out and will make an outfit pop! Get the earrings HERE.

The jewelry I added is the Isadora, this necklace never gets old wearing it! It’s 33-36 inches, has a beaded necklace attached to the long pendant. See the Isadora HERE. I haven’t worn my Stretch Cross bracelet in awhile and thought I’d show my love for my faith See the Silver Cross Bracelet HERE. I paired with the Tri-Tone Stretch Bangles in Gold and Silver. These come in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold as a Set, see them HERE.

I have to give a shout out to these black sandals form Cato Fashions. They say they are wide width, but I really could not tell a difference. These come in white also and the height is not bad at all. The heel height is 2 1/2 inches and are only $22.99. The one thing that I really liked about these shoes, is the strap at the ankle was velcro! So easy to slide on and off!! See them HERE.

The shoes I chose to were was a simple kitten heel from Amazon. These are made by Heels Charm and are only $18.13, they come in a good variety of colors if nude is not your thing. get the kitten heels HERE.

I hope you ladies have a great day today!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and I’d love to hear what you think about this work-casual outfit. See you on the blog tomorrow!! Stay safe!

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  • sandy

    I love the colored sweater top with those pants and think it would really look summery when you wear it on a sunshiny day !!! So nice when you can wear more then one top with pants ect. and have a whole new look. The pants will be cute this Fall with booties. Your Cato must be bigger then ours as I did NOT see those pants there yesterday. I thought about trying on the navy swing dress but I knew when I saw how flowy it was that it probably would be a little more material then I would like on me. I did come home with a pair of jeans for $8, earrings for $2 and a summer scarf for $5 all off the clearance rack so thank you for stirring me into Catos ! And I love me some velcro versus shoes you have to buckle every time. Have a great day!

    • Beverly

      Good morning!!☕️☕️☕️ You found you some steals!! I love those pants, our Cato is pretty big. The pants are very slimming, kind of surprised me. Plus the way the waist is and the stitching on the hips, it kind of gives you a cuter shape. It did me anyway ( I still have a few bulges I hide lol). I think I’m going back today to look at top for the Bermuda shorts. I definitely need a shorter top-I looked so long waisted and I’m really not lol

      • SandyW

        If I knew how to do emojis on my laptop a cup of coffee would be inserted here.. 🙂 Those pants were slimming on you because you have lost through FWTWL program you silly girl. They looked slimming because you ARE slim !!!!! They did not have the Bermuda shorts either. Hopefully I’ll get to another Cato to check those out after you style them. I’m short waisted so I too have to watch how long my tops are and I “feel” I look better in shorter tops otherwise they hit me at the widest part of my hips and that does nothing for the slimming effect 😉 But yet, I want them to go past my wasitband or that looks dumb on me too. I tell my hubby they just don’t make clothes to fit my body…LOL Have fun at Cato’s!!! I need to get my DVD popped in.

        • Beverly

          You crack me up!! Lol 😘😘. Every woman I talk to struggle with something about their bodies-i can’t wait to get to heaven and be perfect lol. Have a great day!!!

          • sandy

            Because of your last comment I have to share with you what my dr. told me yesterday when I was complaining about my mid section. She said that God made us all perfectly imperfect and sometimes it’s just hard to accept the changes that happen. With that being said, I also know that I could work at it a little harder being more consistent with my exercise and NOT eating two big brownies at one meal…nobody to blame but myself. Heading in for my second cup of coffee at a friends retirement party from her job.

  • Susan Stancliff

    Very cute! But I am a petite and don’t think they would be a good length. But where can I get that pink sweater? So adorable.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I like the striped pants and especially like the look and the pop of color with the pink sweater. I stopped in at T.J. Maxx yesterday and found 2 pair of shorts, yay! One pair is a dusty sort of plum color and the other are just a blue jean pair. I tried on a tie front top that was white with a dusty plum horizontal stripe in it. It was a small but when i tried it on it seemed wide from side seam to side seam. I also found a really pretty bracelet with purple and green colored stones and it has a little tree charm that hangs from it. After I left there I went to Walmart to do some other shopping and quickly looked through the clothing section and found some tie front tops there. They were not the right colors but I noticed that they too seemed wide. Is this just a feature of those style of tops right now? I checked out Target after T.J.Maxx and didn’t find anything that I couldn’t live without. I may stop in at Cato soon to see if I can find a cute top there to go with the shorts. I hope that you have a great day!! 🙂

    • Beverly

      Wow!! You had a great shopping adventure!! You got a cute outfit it sounds like. Those tops do seem wide to me also. I need to hit the TJ Max soon lol Have a great day!!

  • Johnna

    I like the pants with the hot pink top the best but you’ve shown how versatile the stripe pant can be. That’s one thing I like about your blog. You show several ways to wear a piece of clothing and it helps me choose from what I have to get a similar look. I wouldn’t think I’d like the pants but seeing is believing cause they look great on you. I got the cross bracelet and it is so pretty and being stretchy and easy to put on is an added bonus. Thanks for the ideas and links today.

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Thanks Johnna!! It always helps to see different ideas about clothing!! Don’t you love that bracelet??!!!!! I have been turned on to the stretchy ones lol

  • Johnna

    I forgot to mention that since you talked about shopping at Walmart and how their clothing lines were getting better I’ve been looking closer when I go. I have found the cutest and nicest tops and dresses. It’s a surprise because the material feels like higher end clothing and you definitely can’t beat the prices.

    • Beverly

      I know!! It surprised me too!! I hate going to Walmart but every now and then I venture in to get some necessities and check out the clothes. They have some cute sandals I saw the other day. I may run up to our Walmart and take a picture to show you girls. They are really popular right now.

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