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Happy Hump Day ladies!! Hope you all are doing well and your week is even better! Remember saying that Barry and I went to the gym together yesterday? Girls, he works me a little harder than I push myself and today – I really felt it! I swung my leg out of Jeep and I thought I was going to die! My inner thighs hurt so bad, I can barely move them to walk HA HA!!! I guess it’s No Pain/ No Gain. I think I may be going to the gym alone from now on LOL!!!

I was out running errands and found myself at my local Cato Fashion store and decided to see what was new. I had to share some of the cute things they have in stock right now. I am actually looking dresses for summer vacation, but I found some that I absolutely loved! I can’t wait to see what you girls think about it. I know a lot of you have a local Catos…so enjoy!!!

First up is this cute Summer Boho looking floral dress. I liked this because of the sleeve detail and the way it looked hanging on that rack! I’m not kidding, it was looking cute so I had to try it on. It’s actually called the Ivory Floral Swing A-Line Dress, it hits right above my knees and it has a slip underneath so nothing shines through when wearing it. It comes in Sizes S-XL, comes in Curvy sizes also (get it HERE). Misses is $34.99 and Curvy is on sale for $27.99. Misses can be found HERE, Curvy can be found HERE.

I wanted to show the sleeve detail, I love it!! I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I get a summer vibe from it lol!!

This is a Gauze Lace Yoke Dress and it is so cute! I love the lace detail around the neckline, but I absolutely love a swing type dress. I am really getting into all the comfort of now being bound up when at church, at a wedding, or get together with other women. This dress hits right above the knee on me (maybe 2 inches above the knee), not too short and the cap sleeves…AHHHH!!! I love it! The color is Pitch Navy, comes in Sizes XS-XL and is $34.99. Get it HERE.

I really don’t know what I love about polka dots, but I have had a thing for them since I saw Pretty Woman. This skirt stood out to me and would look so cute with a pink top or a bright colored top. I had this black blouse in the dressing room that can be worn on or off the shoulder and decided I would use it. The skirt is so comfortable and light! I am wearing a Medium, but I think I could have worn a Small. I can’t say if it is TTS or not, I’m assuming it runs a bit big because all the other items fit me fine in Medium.

It’s called the Mixed Dotted Midi Skirt, comes in Sizes XS-XL and is only $15.99. I love the tied belt and all those dots going on – the design is eye-catching and I liked that a lot! Get the Mid Skirt HERE.

This is the Ruffled Lace Convertible Top, comes in sizes XS-XL and is $21.99. It fits TTS, I am wearing a Medium and the material is 100% polyester and is machine washable!! Get it HERE.

I wanted a Beachy type dress that I could wear my beach hats with and flip flops but also wear some cute heeled sandals with also. I think I found it in this Crepe Ruffled Peasant A-Line dress. It’s also a convertible that can be worn on or off the shoulder, it comes in sizes XS-XL (they offer this in Curvy also-get it HERE). Curvy is $39.99 and Misses is $34.99, get the Misses style HERE.

I found these cute Cross Band Platform Sandals (heel height may be around 2 inches- it wasn’t terribly tall) and wanted to share. I actually tried these on with some Denim Pull-On Bermuda Shorts that I will be styling later this week. See the Bermuda shorts HERE. These sandals are $24.99 and come in black also, I have been looking for a leather sandal and this style has been popular. I decided to give you girls a close up look at them. See them closer HERE.

I grabbed the pictures of these items off of the Cato website to show them in actual models. Shop all of Cato Fashion HERE.

I’m off to work for a few ho9urs, today is a short day! I’m off to my mother’s after that, then home to cook. I haven’t been cooking like I should, so I am starting to get back in the old mom/wifey game HA! Seriously, I put a roast in the crock pot today – so I’m good!! Anyone have any great and EASY crock pot recipes? I am going to try and use mine a little more now. I would love to hear your recipes, or better…email them to me at [email protected]

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you girls have a great day!! I have a special and very cute outfit for tomorrow—I can’t wait!!! see you tomorrow! Stay safe!

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  • sandy

    Did Barry have you do a new thigh workout…LOL Wow….you had fun at Cato’s didn’t you 🙂 I have to share that I bought one blouse this winter that had those big bell sleeves, wore it once and it’s hung in the closet ever since. The sleeves got in the way and I caught them a couple of times when I went to lift my arm and then they got in the dish water and oh my…I found they didn’t work for me. I’m liking that polka dot skirt and yes…Pretty Women’s brown polka dot dress…loved it every time I watched that show and I won’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched it 😉 I like the strap on those sandals as the new style were it’s wrapped around the ankle does not look good on me. Looks like my leg cuts off right there and I like that they are a lower heel but yet a heel. So excited about the bermuda shorts but I may get the chance to stop at Cato today as I have my yearly dr. appt. this morning(ugh) and pull on bermudas will be even better!!!! You ARE doing spring cleaning and now I wish I was as far along with mine as you are. Have a great day Beverly!

    • Beverly

      Haha!! Sandy, I’m not telling how many times I’ve watched that show either!! Lol. What I did find out is I look really LONG in Bermuda shorts haha!! I think it was the tops though. I need a shorter top to wear with them. So I will see if that helps, if it does I will show the difference in a post. You crack me up!! My thighs are still hurting lol

  • sandy

    I had to hurry and come back and tell you that I always put carrots in with my roast as I think I could eat a whole package alone when I add them to a roast. A lot of times I’ll also add potatoes and then I make left over single serve meals for the freezer so hubby can take those out when I don’t want as much to eat. I’ll think about what other crock pot recipes I make. I’ve been using my Instant Pot mostly but some things are still better in the crock pot.

    • Johnna

      I’m a crockpot lover too. It makes life so easy. Roast is a go to staple for me. Mostly because it’s my son’s favorite. I’ve been slacking about cooking too recently and my family keeps asking when I’m going to cook. It’s not like me but I can’t seem to get the “want to”. Oh well. Cute dresses today. It’s hard to choose. I think the Peasant A-Line is my favorite and of course I’m diggin’ the shoes. As always. Lol. Have a good day.

      • Beverly

        I love those shoes!!! Lol I’m really slacking on the cooking, so I’ve got to get it in gear. You know it’s bad when your kids come home with fast good because they know I haven’t cooked 😂😂. Bless their hearts!!

    • Beverly

      I’m so glad you said Insta Pot!! Is it worth it? I’ve been thinking of getting one but I have no clue which one I should get.

      • sandy

        Beverly I’m just now getting back to the computer. I will see which one I have and let you know tomorrow. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest and I follow a couple of FB groups so you are never short of recipes or ideas. You really do have to “want” to use it though and not be afraid of it. My son bought me mine as a thank you to me for all the pre-made food I always sent home with him for his freezer. He bought me and himself one so now he does his own cooking in it and puts meals in the freezer. But…it’s fun to let each other know what we make and share recipes. I know I would not have gotten it out of the box if he hadn’t been here to get it out and do the water test with me AND we made the first recipe in it together. That helped me not be afraid of it. My sister got one from her daughter and was afraid to use it so it went back to the store.

        • Beverly

          Well I’m really interested. I see a bunch of recipes on Pinterest and I really want to try some. Is it really “Instant” compared to a crock pot?

          • sandy

            yes and no…..you have to allow time for it to come to pressure before it starts cooking and then you have to let it cook which is usually a shorter amount of time but then you have to let the pressure go down before you can open the lid so it all depends on what you are making. If I’m going to boil a dozen eggs at a time, then I get this out as I’m done with them in about 15 min. and didn’t have to watch them. Yesterday I dumped a bag of broccoli in it and even though you can maybe steam it for a shorter amount of time in the microwave, I think it retains its flavor better. And…I always use it for any pasta cooking as no water boiling over on the stove so that’s a plus for me and some recipes(like my spaghetti the other day, I browned the hamburger and then added the sauce and noodles and it all cooks at once. But I still like making my soups in the crockpot where it can simmer for a longer period of time to combine flavors. I have the 6 qt. IP-DUO60 It’s the middle size and for us it’s the right size. The 3qt. would be too small and the 8 qt. would be too big plus it would take up so much space the but 6 qt. is just right ! Oh my…I sound like the 3 bears !

          • Beverly

            Haha!! Girl you are thorough!! Wow!! You should be a blogger!! This way great-so thank you so much for all this info. I think I’m going to get one!! Go Sandy!! High Five 🖐 lol

  • Gloria

    I seriously need to get into a Cato soon. It’s been years and it looks like their styles have improved. I know what being is sore is like but it’s great that you and your hubby workout together. I can’t get my husband to the gym but he runs marathons once a year. I’m noticing that as I get older my muscles take longer to recover so I skip a day in between workouts and also take supplements like L-glutamine and it really helps. If you over do it and your muscles hurt too much it’s harder to go back so definitely do a lighter workout. I’m 57 and I do kickboxing twice a week and Pilates on Saturdays so I can get a good stretch and believe it helps to skip a day or two for recovery.

    • Beverly

      I love Pilates!!! I do that a lot too!!! Yeah, I think I overdid it on my inner thighs —whew!! Lol. I’m going to try that supplement-thanks!! Kickboxing sounds fun!! No one offers classes around here for that. I guess I could get a DVD?? Hmmm lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Hump Day!! I am off today through Friday and have so much to do. I am trying to make up my mind whether to stay in today and clean or do my errands. I always lean toward shopping but really need to give this house some attention! My favorite of these dresses is the first one. Like Sandy mentioned though I think that the sleeves would get in my way and that would irritate me. The navy one is also cute but I would have to try it on cause anything lace against my body tends to make me itch. I am eagerly awaiting the post about the Bermuda shorts! I hope you have a great day!!

    • Beverly

      The pull on shorts were super cute!! I was telling Sandy that I thought I looked long waisted in the outfits. I’m going to try a different top to see if that helps. Can’t wait to post it!!! Have a great day!!!

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