Styling Bermuda Shorts Over 40

Happy Monday morning ladies! We had a pretty good weekend with little Brooklyn and her funny little self. I love the way kids blurt out funny things or say big words they have heard. She told me there were many “possibilities” playing with her toys. I smiled and giggled at her, reminds me of funny things my kids would say or do. Raegan was the funniest out of the 2 kids. I can remember her talking on the phone to her grandma and she dropped the phone (she may have been 2-3), she hurried up and picked the phone up and said, “Grandma! Are you ok???” HA HA HA! I still laugh over that one!

You ladies know that I stopped by my local Cato and tried on some dresses last week, see that post HERE, and told you I found some cute denim pull-on Bermuda shorts. A lot of you have been waiting for me to style a pair, so I thought I would show my outfit I wore Saturday. I have more Bermuda’s coming, but this one is super cute and a good price point. The coral top I am wearing was purchased in the fall from Cato, I found a similar one HERE. See STP below for more options.

These shorts are made to where to holds in your lower mid-section, they are super comfortable and they look very nice on. These have a 10-inch inseam, so they are perfect if you don’t like to show your legs and perfect to look more dressy if you are going out on the town with the hubby! They come in Sizes 2-16 (I am wearing an 8 for comparison and I am 5’7″ tall), they also have front pockets which is a huge PLUS for me! I need pockets!! These sit right below your natural waist and are 61% cotton, 38% polyester, and 1% spandex. These will stretch, but they won’t sag after you’ve been wearing them a while. LOVE that too! See the Shorts HERE. And they are only $19.99!!!

These are the tops I tried on at Cato’s while I was there. I thought I looked REALLY long waited in these pictures, maybe I am and I have never noticed. Once I got home and tried them on with different tops I felt ok about it, I mean – if I’m long then I’m long LOL! And I am kinda long HA! The navy top can be found HERE. The coral polka dot top can be found HERE. The cute leather sandals are HERE.

I chose to wear the Dewberry long beaded necklace today. I love the colors in this necklace and how it picks up different colors when wearing it. I thought the different colors would give this solid color a little bit of jazzing up. I chose to attach a tassel to the end to give me little more “jazzing up”. Since I am wearing solid colors I wanted a small amount of “bling” lol! See the Dewberry HERE. Check out all the attachments HERE. You literally can take a blah necklace and turn it into a statement with these cute charms that vary in size. These charms can be connected to your bracelets or your necklaces to give you a huge variety with your accessories.

I’m wearing my favorite sandals from Amazon, see them HERE, in the photo. But – I wanted to give a shout out to these Lucky Brand Espadrilles I received Friday. I LOVE these sandals, I have worn them every day since I got them! If you are looking for a low espadrille with this look, then these are perfect! You will bne seeing these styled on the blog soon!! They are comfortable, stylish and I can wear these all day with no problem. See the sandals HERE.

I also wanted to make sure I let everyone know if you have been sitting on the fence regarding Rodan + Fields, now is the time to jump off! If you join as a Preferred Customer with a qualifying Regimen or Regimen Special, you will receive one complimentary REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream ($64 value!). It only lasts between May 2nd and May 9th, so hurry up and get yours HERE! This popular eye cream delivers a visibly smoother, firmer and more moisturized eye area and it works with all regimens. Join PC Perks HERE.

Thanks for stopping by the blog ladies! I hope you have a wonderful Monday and I will see you on the blog tomorrow. How was your weekend? Anyone go on a date nihgt?? LOL Stay safe!! XOXO

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  • sandy

    What cute outfits and love ALL the tops with the Bermudas. I’m so bummed the Cato I was at last week did not have them so I will be checking in another one soon. Again I got out the ruler and 10″ is a MUCH better length for me then the 4 or 6″ 😉 Loving that paisley top. I have tried the front tuck so many times as you make it look so cute but it looks yuck on me….maybe because I am short waisted so my waist is too “high” to make it look cute????? Maybe I should also look for a video on how to do it as I may be doing it wrong. I think I did share that we had a date night Friday night. Did you make it out? Grandkids definitely say the cutest things!!

    • Beverly

      Lol. I have a post on how to do the half tuck. I will post it in the email tomorrow morning!! I like the 10 inch short also!! Thanks for commenting Sandy!! See you tomorrow lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Monday to you! Sorry that I have been missing in action but worked this weekend and it was crazy busy and wore me completely out. I had today off and spent the day baking some Maple Bacon cupcakes for mine and my husband’s co-workers as a treat for Mother’s day. I feel as though I learn so much from your posts and just wanted to say thank you! I bought a Revlon Jade Facial roller from work and after coupons and my discount it cost me like $5 🙂 I have been using it each morning and I can’t believe how much it helps. I have always felt as though my eyes are gunky, blurry and just feel nasty in the morning and the roller has made such a difference! Another thing that you have encouraged me to do is to start exercising again. This past year has been so hectic and exhausting what with getting our house and my mother-in-law’s house prepared to put on the market, sold and then moved that I gave up on exercising. Well, my husband and I agreed that now is the time to get back to it. Tonight after dinner we went up to our bonus room to exercise and we are so out of shape that it was absolutely pathetic. We decided to start out at 10 minutes and my husband was doing the count down as he rode the recumbent bike and I was on the Bowflex Max Trainer. We were down to the last 2 minutes and he was trying so hard to encourage and motivate me. His exact words were, “Come on Baby you can do it and before you know it you will be cracking walnuts with your a**! LOL I am not sure that is the end result that I am looking for but I love that guy and how he makes me laugh!! Have a great night!

    • Beverly

      😂😂 I literally busted out laughing at what your husband said. I think him and Barry would get along great lol!! Isn’t the jade roller cool and girl I love it too!!! I love it!!! I’m glad I’ve encouraged you with things-i knew all those years in fashion and Cosmetlogy would pay off one day. Lol. Happy Monday and have a great Tuesday!! So proud of you kicking that workouts butt!!

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