Wrap Tie Top + Gingham Ankle Pants

Happy Friday girls! I am finally able to get into my WordPress and get things rolling again. I thought I was having issues from the conversion, but it was actually an outage. I do have a Summer Date Night post coming tomorrow, sorry I couldn’t post it Thursday! I missed talking to you girls, it was like I missed a day of work and I missed my work buddies! What did I miss? LOL!

I wanted to share this great Summer outfit that is perfect for work, church, a shower or even a date night. This outfit is sooooo me! I love these gingham pixie pants I got from Old Navy last week! If you haven’t tried the pixie pants – you need to! They have a lot of stretch in them, plenty of colors and the fit…ohhhhh my goodness! These pants can be worn with heels, sandals, flats or flip flops – dressy or casual, honestly, these are THE pants to get! I had some of these a few years back but didn’t wear them (they somehow got pushed to the back of my closet) and I ended up giving them away. I tried them again awhile back and these are some of my favorites “non-jean” pants now. Old Navy is having an online sale right now through today you can get an extra 30% off your order, click HERE to shop.

I love gingham check and I knew I wanted a top that would pop in color for Spring and Summer. I decided on this Wrap-Front Side Tie Textured Blouse in Tamarind to give it that vibrant summer look. What I liked about this top is I can cinch the waist in or let it out if I chose to. Plus the neckline is sewn together so I don’t have to worry about my blouse opening up as I move about my day. This top comes in 7 colors/patterns and the sizes are XS -XXL. It fits TTS and the material breathes! See the blouse HERE.

The Pixie Pant

I got this white and black handbag from my local Cato back in February, I did not see it online anymore. But I did find one on the Cato website that was very similar but with a new Spring trend twist. See the picture below – shop the bag HERE.

I was browsing the website and this one jumped out at me. I do like a good quality bag, but I really don’t splurge on handbags anymore. I guess I have come to the age where I would rather have a handbag and a couple of outfits versus a $300 (or more) bag. I will splurge on shoes here and there, oh speaking of shoes! Girls, Payless Shoes are CLOSING!!! I stopped by our local Payless looking for a pair of black sandals and the store was extremely busy. I didn’t even notice the signs up screaming 50-70% off! I grabbed a pair of American Eagle slide on tennis shoes and sandals for only $18! Shop your local Payless or shop online HERE.

I chose to wear these cute earrings from Red Dress Boutique. If you haven’t shopped this online store, it’s worth a quick browse through. The accessories are always trending and some of the most popular items on my LiketoKnow.it app. The earrings are very lightweight and peek out to show just a little color. If you like a statement earring this is a really cute and trendy one! See it HERE. These come in ivory and grey. See Red Dress Boutique HERE.

Outfit: Blouse // Pixie Pants // Kitten Heels // Earrings // Heart Necklace // Poppy Choker

I am spending the day with Barry today – he doesn’t know it yet, but we are going do some more Spring cleaning HA!! I have to grab him while I have a chance – I let him do the “heavy lifting”. What are you girls doing this weekend? Happy Friday girls!!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and stay safe!

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  • sandy

    Missed you yesterday also and I even got out of here and went to search to bring your blog up thinking my computer just wasn’t refreshing and last night and this morning I’m not able to pin anything so I don’t know what I’ve done to block my pinterest because it won’t let me pin this outfit sooooo…I need one of my sons to help me with whatever I did to block things…(sigh). I’m going to try that blouse as I like that it is sewn and you don’t have to worry about it falling open. Being small chested, those type of tops are harder to fit on me but I may try the petite and it might fit me better on top also. I’m loving that you are going to show these types of outfits as I definitely would like ideas for church and just when you want something casual other then jeans and outfits like this are what I’m looking for. You didn’t miss anything with me yesterday as it was damp, cold and dreary and I worked on bookwork all day. Today it looks like the sun is going to shine so I want to do a quick clean of the main floor this morning so I can mow this afternoon. Everything has gotten so long since it’s been wet this week but I’m going to try and mow anyway. Tomorrow we have three high school graduations to go to so….will have to pace myself on the food at each place. Better keep moving here since I was busy scrolling at ON and will come back to that since they have 30% off today!!

    • Beverly

      Good morning!!! I bet you are sick of the cold!! It’s May!!! Wow-Has it started warming up at all for you guys? Or is it just cold from the rain? I’m small chested too, I feel ya on that one!! Lol man, I missed you guys!!! I’ve been looking some new outfits for church- I figured I wasn’t the only one. Have a great day!!! Hope your Pinterest gets fixed soon!!

  • Johnna

    I love the color and cut of the top because it’s so flattering and can accentuate your waist. Tania talks about the pixie pants all the time. I guess I’m going to have to get a pair to find out why so many people love them. Like the heart necklace too. Good luck with spring cleaning. I’m getting started on that this weekend. Happy Friday.

    • Beverly

      Happy Friday!! I hate Spring cleaning but it’s a must and I have to do it. Yuk!!! Girl, you need to get you some. I love these pants. I’m getting more!! Especially with the sale going on!

  • Kelly Palmer

    This is a really cute outfit! I too have not tried the pixie pants so think that I should try some soon. I really missed you yesterday! I had the day off so I helped my mother-in-law get some things done and did her laundry. The repairman came and fixed our dishwasher, yay! Today I worked 8-3 and it went well but I always miss reading your blog first thing in the morning and reading what Sandy is up to 🙂 I am off this weekend. The plan is for us to work in our shed and garage. Since we moved here late last summer we have not had the time to reinforce the shed floor so that we can store our lawn and garden equipment out there and free up space in our garage to unpack and organize tools etc. Call me crazy but I actually love to do cleaning and organizing projects! I won’t be doing anything special on Mother’s day as all of my children and grand children are in Florida. I will definitely take time to face time with them though. My Mom passed away in 2006 and it is typically a hard day for me without her and being away from my own kids. I pray that you have a wonderful day and get to spend some quality time with your mom, your kids and of course Brooklyn 🙂

    • Beverly

      Wow!! You guys got some plans!! I love reading Sandy’s comments and keeping up with her too!! We have a sisterhood lol!!! My dad passed away when I was 19 and I have a hard time on Fathers Day, so I know how it is. Although, I can’t imagine my mom not being here!! That’s got to be tough on you and everyone else that has lost their mom. Barry’s mother passed away and he has a harder time on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. We just organized our shed and cleaned our garage out. Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope enjoy your weekend!! I missed you guys yesterday horribly lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    My dad passed away in 1991 and then my mom came to live with us until she passed in 2006. I am an only child and it is very difficult on both Mother’s and Father’s day. My mother-in-law lives with us now. I have Troy pick out the card for his mom because I become a blubbering mess trying to pick one out now. It looks as though we are going to have to change our plans cause there is a 100% chance of rain here tomorrow and 90% on Sunday, drat! Oh well, hopefully some day we will get it done.

  • sandy

    Gals you made my night when I read your comments that you like hearing from me because I’m use to reading now what you are all up to also. I have to share that we did have a sunshiny day BUT…I mowed in two sweatshirts and my snow pants…LOL It gets chilly moving fast on our riding mower. Kelly I think you said you and your hubby just got a new mower so hope you like it. I love my zero turn and yes…I use the rider for all my mowing as it took me six and a half hours to get everything mowed today. I normally like to split it up into two afternoons but it’s been cold and wet this week so had to do it all today and I’m pooped tonight. Needless to say, I didn’t get back to the ON web site to shop and not sure I’m feeling like it anymore now as it’s 8:20. Kelly it does not sound like a dry weekend for you and Beverly…wow…two things organized today. You have to feel good about all the spring cleaning you have gotten done. Hope you can relax tomorrow now.

    • Beverly

      My goodness Sandy!! Holy Smokes! I’d die if I had that much land to mow. We are on a third of an acre I think and Barry mows the lawn. I do the landscaping mostly -something I need to get on quickly ( I am behind) ha!! Snow pants and 2 sweatshirts-I cannot fathom lol. Chase gets on our Zero turn every now and then and I’m really not sure if Barry likes sharing it or not. I can’t tell lol. It’s 10:09 here so I’m off to watch a little tv and try to get sleepy. You girls enjoy your Saturday. See you in the morning 😉

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