Summer Date Night Outfits

Happy Saturday!! Boy am I glad the weekend is here and we can have some fun with little Brooklyn! Can you girls believe Mother’s Day is tomorrow? This year is flying by and it seems the older I get, the faster it flies by! I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day tomorrow and you get to spend some time with your family. I don’t really get anything for Mother’s Day, my kids are always hit or miss. Raegan is good about giving and remembering, but Chase – Lord have mercy – he remembers NOTHING! HA!! I miss their cards and little craft projects they would make at daycare and school. I kept every one of them! What do you girls do for Mother’s Day? I bet some of you get spoiled rotten!

I was looking for some outfits that would be a great date night outfit, a summer wedding, a night out on the town or a backyard barbecue. I think I found a few that can pass as a “booth” night out and some that will be a “table” night out. I once read that if a girl was dressed up A LOT, a man should always ask for a booth, if she was dressed casual or down, he should get a table. Not sure where I read that, but it is a running joke in our marriage. If I go all out, Barry smiles and says…”This is a BOOTH night” isn’t it HAHA! We went out to eat at a place called Heath’s II (an upper scale local steakhouse) with Brooklyn last night and when I came out of the bedroom, he said “Table it is” – I love his humor…at times! (insert a sarcastic emoji)

The red Halter Jumper was one of Barry’s favorite of this post. It is a tomato red and I really liked the high neckline. It blouses just a bit at the waist and the legs are wide. I liked this jumpsuit a lot, it has pockets and that made all the difference to me! It comes in 7 colors and the red was in very low stock. The black and cobalt blue are gorgeous also! See the jumpers HERE. This would also look great with a cute blazer to really take it up a notch. You can also wear flat sandals with this to give it a laid back beachy look too.

This Via Jay hot pick A-Line dress is so cute on! (It’s only $29.99) I love the scalloped detail around the shoulder and it ties in the back at the neck. I opted to wear these silver Jack Rogers sandals, but this dress would look great with wedges or some cute strappy sandals. This would look so cute with a cropped white denim jacket or a cute cardigan. Some time summer nights and restaurants get chilly so this would be a cute accessory to add.

JC Penney is having a Sale of 20% off with Code: HERSTYLE going on through 5/12. They have a great cropped white denim jacket you can see HERE, or you can shop their online store for other items HERE.

These are great for a casual date night and these are from Amazon and part of the Amazon Essentials line. They are only $18 and girls, I wasn’t sure about these when I pulled them out of the box, but once I tried them on I knew they were a keeper! They are 10 inches long! Perfect to cover your legs up, be a little modest and still look hip and trendy!! The tops below are also from Amazon and are in the Shop The Post below. The Dr. Scholl’s Esque Wedge Sandal looked great with these shorts and they wear great too! The heel is about 2 1/4 inches, oddly I did not feel very “tall” in these shoes and I thought I could get some wear out of them with dresses, shorts, and jeans so these were keepers too! See the wedges HERE.

Bermuda Outfit Details: Bermuda Shorts // Black Top // Red Floral Top // Wedges

The last outfit was really focused on the cute Mudpie Jenner Fringe White Jeans! These jeans are super cute, but they are “fitting” jeans. I am wearing a Medium and I do not normally wear jeans that fit like this, so I probably would have sized up. That is my personal preference, but this is how they are supposed to fit. I liked the fringe detail around the hem and think this outfit would look so cute with the Dr. Scholl Wedges! This top is a generic top, but I found some Boho striped alternatives below in the STP. This would look cute with a loose tank and a cute kimono also if you don’t like wearing off the shoulder. I find myself only wearing a small amount of off the shoulder nowadays. So the kimono coverup or a cute hi-lo top would look great with these jeans!

So which outfit was your favorite? I like the last one the best, but those Bermuda short outfits are my jam ladies! Out of the 2 top pics, I probably would go with the jumper because I really liked the halter top and I loved the way it flowed when I walked in it. We would have to really go out somewhere nice for me to wear that HA! We always are getting invited out to eat so it may be a nice outfit for me to wear on one of those nights. I need feedback??!! LOL

You girls have a GREAT Saturday today!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a safe and productive (or restful) day!! See you tomorrow on the blog!

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  • sandy

    OMG…I have never heard that about the booth or table according to how you are dressed but you can believe that will be in my head every time we go out to eat and for Terry and I it would be “table” 99% of the time. But…I am one that will ask for a booth(even if dressed in jeans ;)) if we have the choice because to me it’s cozier and easier to visit then sitting at a table. Lucky you that you got to take Brooklyn along out with you. Now…when you asked which outfit was our favorite…did you mean on YOU or if WE would have it on…LOL Hands down these all look adorable on you and that jumpsuit is perfect on you as well as that pink dress!!!!!! I’m loving the length of those Bermuda shorts so will be ordering a pair of those to try for sure. Love the colors in that spaghetti strap top and great ideas to put something over it but even at that I know I would not be comfortable wearing it so will leave that to you younger gals. Thanks for all the shares of so many different things this morning. Mother’s Day…I will get a card from both the boys; they know I’m not a big flower person. I also told our oldest son, now that they have kids, I want his wife to be able to have the day with her kids just like I did when they were little and all I want is a phone call…that will make my day. I’m tempted to see what our youngest is doing tomorrow and maybe make the trip to see him???? TBD yet as to whether the fields dry today so we can plant corn tomorrow. Either way…I will make it a good day. You were talking about the FWTFL and I know I have to pace myself with food today as we have 3 graduations to go to. Luckily, most places have veggie trays and you don’t have to take a bun for the sandwiches and I don’t “have” to have a piece of cake at each place so we will see how strong I can be!! Have a great day Beverly and the rest of you gals that check in here.

    • Beverly

      You are such a giving person -I feel the same way about Mother’s Day. All of us try to split up our days since we all have kids. Brooklyn will go with her mom Sunday and they are spending the day together. I thought that was funny about the booth or table lol. I bet you will be thinking about it. Most of our date nights are only table worthy haha!!! Isn’t it nice we all check on what’s going on with the others? Very nice!! I love it!! Happy Saturday!!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I can’t believe that I beat Sandy to comment 😉 She must be worn out from all of that mowing and I hope that she got to sleep in 🙂 I am really torn as to which outfit is my favorite today. I absolutely love the last one and the jumper. I am leaning toward the last outfit because I rarely have an occasion to dress up. Don’t you just love the little sayings and inside jokes that a couple can have in their marriage? Troy and I have many of them! Because of my health issues and the limited type of food that I can eat there aren’t many places that we can go out to eat. We usually go to either Applebees or Panera. Mother’s day will be hit or miss for me too. My oldest daughter Nichole will at the very least send me a card which will arrive a couple of days late 🙂 She says that it would shock me too much if it ever actually arrived on time. My youngest is my daughter Katie and she is very good at remembering occasions and sending me a gift. I will probably get a phone call from my two boys David and Christopher at some point during the day. I am pretty sure that I will get some face time with some of the 10 grand kids throughout the day which will be the highlight! Rain here today so we need to modify our plans. Have a wonderful day girls!!

    • Beverly

      Wow!! It just hit me that you do have 10 grandkids. What a joy!! I bet Sandy was tired. That’s a lot of mowing. Whew!!! Sounds like your kids are pretty good -but Nichole has a great sense of humor. I like what she said! Lol I think the white jeans was a cute outfit too! I just told Sandy most of our date nights are table worthy too!! We love going to Applebee’s and Panera!! Those are my faves!! Happy Saturday young lady!!! 🤗

  • Kelly Palmer

    When I first started to type Sandy had not commented yet and I thought that I had beat her today. Oh well! 😉

    • sandy

      LOL Kelly….I actually DID sleep in til 6:00 a.m. today !!!! I love both Applebees and Panera and Panera has great coffee so love going there when we meet up with girlfriends for breakfast.

        • sandy

          Oh my yes on the bagels….toasted cinnamon raisin…Yum! In fact, I have a reward of a free bagel that I will be using soon before it expires!! It sounds like you try and share Mother’s Day too Beverly and even though it’s hard, we remember what it was like to have that day with our kids when they were little.

  • Johnna

    I like the red jumper but the pink dress just screams ME. The Bermuda shorts are a winner too. Especially like the color. By the way, your tan looks great. I’m working on mine with my sunless tanner. The wedge shoes are super cute and I agree that you could get a lot of wear out them this spring and summer. Going to check those out. I was supposed to work on landscaping and my garden today but woke up to pouring rain. Blah! Oh well, I guess I get to relax today. Have a great Mother’s Day.

  • Johnna

    I forgot to say that when it comes to holidays, birthdays etc. my son is not one for always remembering but my daughter is always on the spot. Maybe its a girl thing.

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