The Greatest Gift We Can Give Our Children…

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I hope all you ladies are having a wonderful day and are getting pampered! I am spending the day with my kids then later on I’m going over to see my Mom. For those of you that your kids aren’t near you, or your Mom has gone from this world to Heaven, I want to personally tell you Happy Mother’s Day! I am fortunate to still have my Mom with me, Barry lost his mother some years ago and I know this day is always hard for him and I’m sure it is a difficult day for some of you.

I think back on all those sleepless nights I sat up with children that were sick. Taking off work because of my child needing to go to the doctor, dentist, or simply needing to take a sick day. The nights I have prayed and worried when they were out with their friends that God would protect them from any harm. All the many times I prayed that God would save their soul and keep them from a devil’s Hell. How I failed at times to be that Mom that was always there because I was working two jobs to put food on the table. How many baseball games, award ceremonies did I miss? How many nights did I come in late and start washing clothes or picking up around the house just so my children would have a clean and organized home? We make sacrifices they will not understand until they are much older.

I think about the nights I would get up in the middle of the night and walk to their rooms and peek in to make sure they were ok. The times I would start saving money in the summer so I could give them a huge Christmas. How many times did I talk with them about Jesus, the coming of the Lord, what happens if the rapture takes place and they don’t make it. What being a sinner really is and the cost of not living for the Lord. All these things flood my mind. Did I do what God intended for me to do? Did I succeed or did I fail?

The one thing in this world that I found the most joy in was my children. My greatest accomplishment, the two little beings that gave me purpose. And even though I was here to lead them, guide them and keep them safe – they are the blessing God sent that actually saved me, gave me purpose, made me laugh, made me cry, gave me wrinkles and headaches. I always carried a fear of losing my children and it only increased when Chase was a teenager and I kept seeing children dying from drug overdoses, wrecks, suicide…it kept me on edge constantly.

I can remember when I first got saved and Chase was only 2 years old, oh how I worried about that child, I was in constant prayer that God would take him when he was ready. I would write my prayers down in a journal and I remember telling the Lord if he’s not going to serve you, take him when he’s small so he would go to heaven. I loved him so much that I was willing to live my life in sorrow just so he would walk through heaven’s gate. I meant that prayer for both my children and as each year passed I was on edge – was this the year? Then it hit me, that I had faith that God would somehow touch my children and one way or another both children would make it to heaven. I don’t worry anymore – I know God never fails and I know those kids of mine will go to heaven when it is their time. I gave them both back to Him and I trust in Him!

Out of all the things Moms do, the sacrifices we make, there is no greater gift than to teach your children who Jesus is, teach them how to pray, teach them constantly what God is and be an example in front of them. As I have gotten older my prayer now is that God helps me be the Mom they have faith in, a Mom that can get a prayer to the Throne of God. A Mom that can stand in the gap for them when times are bad and a Mom that can teach them to be thankful when God has blessed them.

I know many of you Mothers have walked the same path that I have, you were raised by Christian parents who taught you all these things. I’ve heard you talk about how grateful you were that God chose you to be their child. I am grateful God chose to place me in my Mother’s womb, a woman that loved me unconditionally, always prayed for me, taught me how to pray, taught me how to be more understanding in life. And taught me how to be a better Mom to my children.

You are all a gift to your children from God, he has placed a precious gift into your hands to love and mold. Thank you to all the Moms today, step-moms, aunts, dog moms, grandmother’s – you are all a blessing from the Lord up above and I hope you all have a wonderful day. I wrote about a few of the things I dealt with as a Mom, but I’m sure we all have a story to be told. There is no other love on this Earth that can compare and I do believe the next level of love is the love of God himself. Enjoy your day and know you are loved, appreciated, needed, and are a blessing to your children and grandchildren.


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  • Sandy

    Happy Mother’s Day Beverly and all! What a meaningful post. I know what a gift God have me in our two sons and oh boy… many prayers as they grew up and one thing I remember my dad telling me was “you never quit worrying about your kids” and oh gosh, those are such true words! So to this day even though they are on their own and we have grandchildren, I still constantly worry about them or problems they encounter and since I don’t know how not to worry, I have many prayer sessions with God. I am still trying to learn that I have to have Faith and that God already has it all planned out so I prey that he continues to watch over and guide them and I am always there for them to lean on. I told you we had three graduations yesterday and one on them was only 90 miles from out youngest son so we came on into the city last night to spend the night with him since it rained again at home and we can’t be in the field today. we are going out for breakfast before heading back to the farm so sometimes lady minute plans are the best. Have a wonderful day Beverly and enjoy your visit with your mom and your kids.

    • Beverly

      What a true comment for moms!!! You obviously are a remarkable mom and loved deeply!! I hope you have a great day today Sandy!!!! Thank you so much for this comment. Loved it!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Mother’s Day Beverly, Sandy and friends! Thank you Beverly for a beautiful and heartfelt post today 🙂 I have already talked with my 2 daughters and some of the grand kids this morning. I will probably hear from my 2 sons later on today. This is always such a sad day for me since I no longer have my mom here to share it with and the kids are so very far away. I am hoping that I can find some happiness and something to smile about today because I know that my Mom wouldn’t want me to be sad and depressed just like I want my children to enjoy their day. Being a mom is the best and most important thing that I have ever done in my life and I hope that I have made the Lord happy with how I have raised them. I pray that all of you ladies have a most wonderful and very blessed Mother’s day!!!

    • Beverly

      This was beautiful Kelly!!! I cannot imagine your pain, I know it has to be very hard on you. My prayers are with you and a virtual hug!!! I hope you enjoy your day today. My heart hurts for you!! I know your mom would want you happy, but the loss is so overwhelming and such a sense of emptiness is must be very hard. XOXO!!!🤗🤗🤗

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