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Happy Monday everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It always seems like holiday weekends are jammed pack for some reason. I have tons of laundry to do, my house looks like a tidal wave came through and I am one tired mom! Alas…everyone is gone to work and I can get this house straight – you girls already know how I like to be alone to clean the house LOL!

Barry and I are leaving Thursday to head down to Myrtle Beach for my 50th birthday…and I am excited! I have not gone to the beach for a mini-vacation or a vacation in 3 years. I am long overdue to hear that ocean and see those waves. It’s so calming to sit on the beach, read a book or listen to music and do absolutely NOTHING! HA!!! It seems every time we have planned a trip, something has popped up to keep us from going. Life just seems to bump you in the rear just when you aren’t expecting it!

Ok, it may be chilly at the beach at night so I like to take a pair of cropped jeans or linen pants – just in case. I decided I was going to take the outfit Im styling today on the blog, right along with my straw fedora.

These are Lee Riders Boyfriend Cropped Jeans, these are dark wash, but my favorite is the Mid Shade. These are from Amazon and have been on the blog before, they have been the #1 favorite item on the blog for March and April. And for good reason, they are only $29.99 and they wear amazing. They have just enough flare and crop to them to be hip and stylish, but nothing to make you feel uncomfortable. See the Cropped jeans HERE.

This Straw Fedora hat is TRENDING this summer, I purchased this one from Amazon for only $15.99 and it’s very well made! It comes in multiple colors and it will surely please you when you open your package. I’ve worn this quite a bit- I even throw my hair in a bun on top and throw this baby on and go! Do you girls wear ball caps or hats for bad hair days? It is a must-have at the beach, see the fedora HERE.

The V-neck black top is a favorite of mine also – I can wear it with everything I own nearly! Looks great with khaki cropped pants and always looks good with anything white! It’s only $26.99 and comes in 2 more colors. Sizes are S – XXL, it is from Amazon (you girls would be surprised what you can find on Amazon!). See the top HERE.

These are the Mid Shade in the cropped pants, compared to the Dark Wash I am wearing today.

Last week I told you girls I had found a new favorite espadrille and boy did I! These are by Lucky Brand called the Garston and they are from Sole Society. I probably have worn these at least 90% of the time since they arrived. I have worn them with jeans, cropped pants, shorts, and skorts! They are so comfortable and they feel like flats! The color of these is called Peanut and come in 6 more fantastic summer colors. See the sandals HERE.

Do you girls wear espadrilles? This summer is my first at trying them and I must admit, I really like them!

If Peanut is not your shade, check out the Stone HERE.

I wasn’t wearing any jewelry with this outfit other than my fave heart necklace. I am remodeling a room today (well – I’m moving furniture lol), working in the office a bit and then I’m getting clothes washed, dried and folded – SIGHHHHH!!!!!! What are you girls doing today? Have a great day girls and thanks for stopping by the blog!!!

Outfit Details: Blouse // Cropped Jeans // Espadrilles // Fedora // Camo Skort// Medallion Sandals

Special Mention

I know you girls liked the shorts, so I thought I would tell you I found this camo skort at my local Walmart. This is a Lee Riders Utility Skort and it’s only $16.82. It’s super comfortable and I think you can maximize this piece in your summer wardrobe. The sandals are from Cato, they are Medallion Thongs, they are $13.99 and come in 9 colors. I am wearing Oregano, it’s a camo green color and went perfect with this skort. See the skort HERE. Sandals HERE.

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  • sandy

    Oh I can SO relate to your house situation as that’s exactly how it is here when the grandkids come and spend a couple of days. How is it that even the counters are a mess and then where we have a 3 level house, every room has toys or books spread around and we don’t even have that many toys. But…doesn’t take long to get it all back together and then you hope they will be back soon. You look absolutely adorable and OMG…you have a milestone birthday coming up sweet lady!!! So glad you are going to be able to take some time away to celebrate it. I wear crop jeans all summer long and will even wear them on a 90 deg. day because I am at the age where that doesn’t bother me as much anymore. I have tried both shades of those crops just because they DO look so cute on you and they did not look good on me. They didn’t hit at the right spot in my mid section and then I had a gap in the back and I was hoping that trying both colors, maybe it would make a difference but NO. I was bummed. I went to look at the top and all 3 colors are out in size small. I am headed to a birthday coffee for my hubby’s aunt this morning and then it will be bookwork and mow the yard this afternoon. Be careful moving your furniture around. Hope you have those little “moving buddies” if you are doing this on your own.

    • Beverly

      I’m so sorry those jeans didn’t work for you. They do kind of hand and a bit fuller through the hips since they are boyfriend jeans. Yes, the house gets tore up and you’re right -even the counters are a mess. I was wiping them down last night and had to scrub them lol!! I think it’s my kids more than Brooklyn ha!!! Mowing again? Lord girl-you have a lot of land I guess. Well, if you are farmers I can understand that. Hope you had a great coffee date! Have a great day!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I guess we have another thing in common because I too like to clean the house when I am alone. Just give me some music so that I can sing and dance as I clean and I am happy!! This is a cute outfit and I am so happy to hear that you are going on a little vacation for your big day 🙂 I hope you have beautiful weather while you are there and make many wonderful memories. I have not worn espadrilles before but these look cute and not too high. Do you find them comfortable to do a lot of walking in? I am already working on washing our bedding this morning and then I will be working the 3-10 shift today. Thank goodness we are actually seeing the sun today. I hope that you and the other girls on here have a terrific and very blessed week!

    • Beverly

      Yes they are comfortable to do a lot of walking and standing. I’m used to standing and walking so these were fine to me. I literally have been wearing them almost everyday and I like them because they are like flats!! You know I don’t do really high heels, maybe up to 2 1/2 inches and that’s it. I don’t know how ladies wear them higher than that. That’s got to hurt their back. But I’m tall so I don’t want to look like a giant 😂😂 Thanks to you and Sandy for telling to have a good time at the beach. 50 is a milestone and I’m excited about it. Lol. Happy Monday!! Don’t work too hard.

  • Amy Christensen

    I always wear my cropped pants all summer long. This is such a cute outfit. My house is always a disaster, between watching my Grandson after school – legos, papers, colored pencils, etc – working, blogging etc. Real life, lady! Hope you guys have a great time away. My hubby and I are hoping to get away next week also. Can’t wait. -Amy

    • Beverly

      Oh that’s great you guys are getting away!! Girl- there are toys and stuff everywhere but it didn’t take long to get things organized again. I am not in a good mood when the house is messy lol. Your blog looks great btw!!

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