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I am the type of girl that prepares for the unknown, and I know I am not alone! I have the motto of “I’d rather have it and not need it; than need it and not have it”. Those of you that have been following me for some time, know that I used to travel with my job nearly every week. It seemed I was on a plane nonstop, so after a while, I opted to drive and enjoy the states I was visiting. I learned very quickly that I needed to keep items in my car to keep it rolling, keep me safe, and keep it organized and clean. Today I’m sharing the items that I keep in my car and my daughter’s car plus a few new items I just purchased that were suggested by my brother. These are also some unique ideas for Father’s Day gifts and gifts for the grads!

  1. Noco Boost 1250A 20V Portable Jumper Cables – if you have ever had your battery die (and I think all of us have experienced that) wouldn’t it have been great to have your own jumper cables and you didn’t need another car? This one is 100% worth it and has over 7K reviews!
  2. VacLife Portable Tire Inflator Aire Compressor – I picked this one up last month after my brother told me about it when he was plugging my daughter’s tire. I bought 2 that day for both her and me. It comes in different colors with over 6k reviews. Plug this into your car and in a few minutes you have an air compressor ready to use on a flat tire or leaking tire to get you somewhere safe to get it fixed.
  3. ThisWorx Cordless Vacuum 60 Watt Motor – I bought this to keep in my car for quick cleanups because if you travel with or without passengers…it is needed! This Best Seller has over 256K reviews!
  4. Pulidiki Cleaning Gel – This cleaning gel is over 50% off today, and yes…it picks everything up. In the small nooks and hard-to-reach spots, you can even use it in the home. This Best Seller has over 68K reviews! Girls…it’s only $5…give it a try; I’m sure you will use it as much as I do.
  5. Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Radio – This weather alert radio is certified by the National Weather Service. You get AM, FM, and short-wave radio stations. It has a built-in battery with a crank, so you will never be in a situation where you can’t get the latest updates or listen to music and more. This has over 4.4K reviews and is an Amazon Choice.
  6. 200W Car Power Outlet Inverter Charger – I LOVE this converter; just plug it into your car, and you can charge your electronics, use a laptop, etc. I found this one to be extremely useful for using my laptop and to keep my young traveling partners watching their favorite movies and not causing chaos in the back seat, lol! It’s a Best Seller and has over 16.5 reviews!
  7. 4 Pack Car Seat Hook For Handbags – Hello, Best Seller with over 48K reviews, and no more purses thrown anywhere in the car! Use it for keeping your grocery bags organized, shopping bags, etc. Total must-have…thank me later, haha!
  8. Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler – If you have ever had your phone or an item slide in the infamous gap between your car seats and the console…then you need this! My phone or debit card has slid in that crack more times than I can count, so I purchased this, and it is one of my favorite Amazon Finds! It’s a Best Seller and has over 58K reviews.
  9. Car Multi-Compartment Organizer For Trunk or SUV – This is a collapsible multi-compartment organizer I have in my car and boy does it holds everything! I have all my essentials from above in it, a backpack, extra shoes, and a first-aid kit and I still have room to put groceries in it like bread and eggs or packages. This is a multi-purpose organizer that can be used for numerous items, and it can be secured so it does not move. It has nearly 65K reviews and is on sale for 21% off right now. A great Father’s Day gift for the golfer, hunter, or just for someone you love because they will use it!

I also keep this emergency survival and first-aid kit in my organizer along with this kit with extra charging cords, a few LifeStraw water filters, and a small backpack with a change of clothes and comfortable shoes. I just updated my car organizer since I have been driving back and forth to Tennessee for the past few months. I also added all these items to Raegan’s car, and even though she does not drive long distances, you never know if she may need it one day.

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I hope this post gives you a few ideas that you may not have thought about to keep in your car. And if you’re like me, it’s always better to have than not have in case of an emergency or unforeseen incident. Do you keep anything like this in your car? I know I am not the only one, so please share in the comments if you have other items to include! Stay safe and be blessed! XOXO

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  • Gina

    Yes girl, must be prepared for anything! I gifted C’s 2 teenage driving grandkids a tire compressor/hazard light/ usb charger for Christmas this past year. Lol, they were thrilled!

    • Beverly

      Absolutely!! It’s so important now more than ever. Plus, having a young daughter driving—made me step up my game lol. She loves her kit made with love 🥰😂

  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly!!!! These are excellent ideas for gifts and to buy for yourself as well. Thank you for sharing these. I am happy for you about your upcoming move to Tennessee. Another gorgeous neighboring state. I look forward to hearing more about when you are moving, etc.

    • Beverly

      Beautiful lovely Lisa!! What’s up girl???!!! Thanks for the comment, and I’m not sure when I’m going to move, but I know I will. Just got to take my time to find a place I will love and want to stay. This is going to be a huge thing for me, so I’m going to be very sure lol!! But I’m very excited!!! Have a great day 🤗

  • Karen A Foster

    I didn’t realize you were moving to TN! How did I miss that? Did you get a new job there?
    My parents live in west TN near Memphis. We love it there!

    • Beverly

      My son took a job there, so my granddaughter will be there too. I’m going to get something near them in the next few months and go back and forth. Still gotta see my mom lol

  • Tammy Wingate

    Great post Beverly! I saw the seat gap stop on Shark tank and need one for myself and my mother-in-law. All wonderful for our safety.
    Thank you! Hope you are stronger and happier every day!

    • Beverly

      Thank you Tammy! And PTL🙌🏼 so much better than I was. You girls were right that I’d be thankful for the split and boy am I!! Hugs!!🤗🥰

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