4 Summer Must Try Outfits

Today we are talking about everyday summer outfits, outfits for the beach, or date night and we are also going to discuss shapewear. I’m really squeezing it all in, huh? LOL! Many of you know that Barry and I are heading down to the beach soon and we have a surprise for you at the end of the month (you will want to keep a check on the blog), so I am sharing some of my outfits that I am taking. What’s great about a few of these outfits is they can easily be worn to work or for a casual outfit for the weekend. Make sure you scroll all the way down for my picks on shapewear.

This first outfit was a splurge for me; I was looking for a dress that I could wear for a night out on our upcoming beach trip, and I think I scored! This is a gorgeous aqua tunic dress from Talbots, but it does fit snug! I am returning this for a larger size, cause I can’t suck in my tummy but for just so long. HAHA! Seriously, do size up in this dress, unless you will be wearing Spanx underneath. It is made of nylon and spandex, and is definitley made to fit. This dress was a huge hit on social media the past few days and this was one of my favorites from today’s post.

Outfit Details: // Tunic Dress // Similar Clutch // Sandals // Gold Drop Necklace ($20)

I found this cute white with black trim top from Loft Outlet and I am loving it so far. It has cute ties on the sleeves, I like the trim detail and I love the v-neck. This was on sale for $14 as of last night, hopefully it is still on sale or very close to this price. See the top here. My shorts are from Talbots and I’m wearing the summer sage color. I like the Talbots chino shorts because they fit so well, but they are a little higher priced than I normally show. I did find a cute pair of olive shorts from Old Navy that have a 7-inch inseam that are nearly identical, see them here. All the items fit TTS. The BCBG sandals are insanely popular right now and are sold out nearly everywhere. I did find some at Macy’s and they are 30% off through 5/16, see them here.

This was another favorite outfit and I will be taking this on our getaway. First, the Bermuda Shorts are unbelievably comfortable and I have totally fell in love with this length. I like them so much that I’m totally wearing these on repeat (maybe way too much, lol). These are from Loft Outlet and under $25 (as of last night). These come in different colors, and are fully stocked in sizes in the color I have on. I cuffed my shorts so they would be right above my knee. See the shorts here. I found this cute square neck top at Walmart (only $9) and is a perfect everyday top for the summer. You can style this with skirts or cropped pants for a summery outfit as well. See the top here. Items fit TTS, wearing a medium in the top for reference.

Outfit Details: // Walmart Top // Loft Bermuda Shorts // Target Espadrille Slide-Ons

This was an Amazon try and I have to admit that I really like this dress, especially the price – it’s only $28! It comes in multiple color options and it is so pretty and comfortable for the summer. I’m having a “green” moment, can you tell? LOL! The black is super cute with wedges or sandals and a straw bag or a crochet bag like this one from Target. I sized up in this dress for reference. My bag is from Target and comes in multiple prints to choose from. See the dress here, other details are below the picture.

Outfit Details: // Amazon Dress (I sized up) // BCBG Sandals // Straw Bag (Multiple Patterns) // Gold Drop Necklace

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Many of you have asked about undergarments and I do recommend the Spanx line. My favorite to wear with dresses is this piece. This piece smoothes me out from my thighs all the way up. I do recommend sizing up or you will feel like you are poured into it. Spanx has been the best, in my opinion, out of all the shapewear that I have tried. They have held up through wash and wears much better than more affordable lines. However, if you are not going to wear it on repeat, I would suggest going to Walmart or Target to find a piece. I found that I need to size up 2 sizes when I buy from Walmart. What shapewear do you girls like best? Drop a comment below and help our “sisters” out! Have a great day girls! XOXO

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    • Jean

      Happy Birthday to your mom! I’m really enjoying your blog.

      If possible, could you give details on your rug in the bedroom. I’m looking for a similar one.

    • Laurie

      I hope you were celebrated on mother’s day! I am so sorry to hear your mother was in so much pain and pray she is better. I drove out of state to see my mother for mother’s day and when I arrived she had a stomach virus so we spoke from the porch, all cried a bit and drove back. Very bitter sweet. I did get to be with my children so it was not all bad!

  • Jennifer

    Happy 80th birthday to your Mom!! 💐🥂🎊
    I’m sorry you folks were in Emerg. Hopefully she is on the mend and you enjoy your beach vacay. We are on hard lock downs here in Canada. No indoor or outdoor dining, no salons, no leaving your home province, night time curfews in some regions… sigh……. this is like a marathon! Watching how opened up Texas and Florida are. Good for you. Enjoy.
    Love the Talbots shorts.

  • Donna Smith

    Happy 80 years young to mom!! This is just a “hitch in your giddy up”. Hope your back to normal self real soon. You have a beautiful daughter at your side to help you mend quickly. I hope you are both savoring these moments together. I’m send prayers for a quick recovery.

  • Carla

    Love the short outfits!! And I ordered the espadrilles! So cute! Happy Birthday to mom, hope she feels better soon.

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    Happy Birthday to your Mamma! I recently found your blog (via Pinterest) and am thoroughly enjoying it! You do the shopping for me!!! Have a blessed week 😀

  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly !!! First of all, Happy 80th Birthday to your sweet Mother and prayers for her to recover quickly. Oooh…LaLa, the green dress looks fabulous on you!!!! You look great in something more fitted…you skinny little thing. BTW, are you using a self tanner ? I missed it if you have posted about it. You have such an even tan. Oh yeah….I hope y’all have gasoline. The places around here that have it, have people waiting in long lines to get it and there are many places with plastic bags on the nozzles without gas. Be safe my friend.

      • Kimberly

        Happy birthday to your mom! Praying for healing, strength and peace for mom and you. You look ‘hot’ in the turquoise dress. Have a great day!

    • Jen

      A very happy 80th birthday to your mother, and I hope she is feeling better soon! Love both those dresses on you – those colors look amazing against your skin tone.

  • Usma Younis

    A very happy birthday to you mom! Wish her a happy and healthy life. I pray for her quick recovery. I simply love everything about your posts, your styles inspire me. Thank you for all the great efforts and hard work you put in. Good luck dear! 🙂

  • lva

    Happy mother’s day! I’m new to the blog and really enjoying it so far. Speedy recover to your mom–how wonderful to celebrate 80 years!