Best Items To Build Your Summer Wardrobe

Happy Thursday morning everyone! hope all of you are doing well and having a great week! I have had some kind of stomach bug all day yesterday and I am still having issues. I was thinking I had the stomach flu or even food poisoning…but things got a little better. I hate when days like these pop up!

I had this post saved since we went to the beach and I actually forgot about it, so I was really happy to see I had a draft for today. I hope you girls have a great day and a wonderful Friday Eve!!

Tired of fleeting trends and one-season wonders? Fill up your closet with the below pieces—they’re classic, transitional, and special enough to hold onto all year long. The staple pieces every girl will need to make it through summer and hopefully, build your wardrobe that can last not only through summer but Fall also!

1. Shades

Set your shades budget aside before summer. You know that these are a must-have, so no excuses there. You need a pair or two of Polaroid shades that protect you from UV rays as well. Especially, for someone who drives to work. Treat yourself to a couple of fancies or have cheaper ones as a backup if you want. All Sunglasses below are 40% off – Use Code: NEWNOW

The Loft is having a 40% off sale right now, use code: NEWNOW

2. Shoes

Comfortable and casual shoes should be your “thing”. We all love boots and styling them with short dresses is fun, but they need to be put away unless you’re at a party with full-blown air conditioner. If you’re wearing closed footwear, ensure you dry them before next use. I personally look for shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits. A good pair of wedges, comfy sandals and a great pair of lower heels.

3. Bags

Summer bags are a must, and they are called so for a reason. You will need to stock up your bag a lot more than you otherwise would. Sunscreen, body mist, perfumes, etc. Plus the floral ones are so fun and refreshing. I am drawn to a great Summer bag and have picked out a few you girls may like below.

4. Hat Or Umbrella

Fedoras or not—Hats are a must. If you think they are too fancy, carry an umbrella. You carry and apply sunscreen, but considering the hot temperatures, it just doesn’t help. Hats for a beach vacation are a must have!!! LOL!! Photographs look much fancier. Go with a baseball cap for weekend breakfast or brunch; it makes up for a bad hair day. Whatever your choices are; be prepared.

Everyday Essentials

1. Tank Tops

Tank tops go with anything and everything. You can wear them both indoor and outdoors. And, you can never have too many of them. Whether they are casual tanks, tanks that can be used as shapewear, or dressy camisoles- you will wear these and they will become staple pieces in your wardrobe. Experiment with colors for the summer and it will give you a summer glow!

2. Yoga Pants/Athleisure Wear

When I say yoga pants, I mean comfortable cotton ones. Not the winter sweats. I spend most of my summer shopping and other activities in these. They are just smooth on the skin and wear so stinking good! Wearing clothes in itself seems like a herculean task in summer—let’s ease it out a little, please!! Whether it’s activewear for working out or lounging around the house binging on Netflix – these are must-haves and we all LOVE them!

3. Shorts

For most of you, it goes without saying. It is an everyday essential. For some of you who shy away from wearing shorts, that’s ok!! Try the Bermuda shorts and see if that is more your style. I for one am starting to love the longer 10-inch shorts. See the post the inspired the picture above HERE.

4. Plain T-shirts

We are always cranky in summers and getting out is a big deal. And dressing up is a pain as you are clueless about clothing that is both comfy, yet colorful and stylish. For those of you who don’t want to make an effort to look for anything cute, this is all you will need. Wear them with culottes, shorts, trousers or just about anything. Get a pack of black and white each. They will come a long way.

**Lingerie and Intimates are always a staple piece, I am actually working on a blog for these – “How to Purchase Intimates That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet”. I am including some sleepwear in this one too!! Much research is needed for this post LOL! So it may be a while LOL!

Special Mentions To a Trend I Am Seeing!!

Culottes or Split Skirts

These are trendy, chic and seamless. Summer looks are all about being effortless that do not compromise on style. Now, we are talking!! COMFORT!!! We discussed plain T-shirts a minute ago, remember? Yes, so team it up with these culottes. The options are limitless here. They come in printed, floral, plain, etc. However, choose prints that match your body type. You’re otherwise good to go with these! And you can always style a summer cardigan with these to conceal any issues you want to camouflage!

Maxi Dresses & Jumpsuits

Shopping for a summer outfit that is suitable for work? Also, looking for something that can just be casually worn on the weekend, To a bridal shower or a house party? The answer to everything and anything is a maxi dress. I can never get enough of these, and I get just as excited every time I wear one or shop for these. They are easy on the skin and with so many styles they are flattering on everyone. Suits any body type and occasion. What are we waiting for? Get a couple of them, if you have not already! And don’t forget, grab up a cute blazer to throw over a jumper or dress! Gives the outfit an entirely different look!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!! have a great day ladies and hopefully, I will be on the mend today!! XOXO

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Thanks for today’s tips! I actually read the post quickly this morning but didn’t have time to comment before I had to leave for an appointment and errands. After I got back home and had lunch then I got into housecleaning. I am feeling very accomplished 🙂 I hope that you have had a productive day as well!

    • Beverly

      My day has been very busy too. I was bragging to Barry how much I got done. I’ve got a dress coming in tomorrow’s blog that is your color!! I did a Try-On and one dress color would look so pretty on you!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Yay! Now I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!! Lately when I am reading my emails in the morning I have been forcing myself to save yours for last, kind of like dessert and saving the best for last 🙂 Now I may have to read it first tomorrow 😉

  • sandy it’s 10:50 P.M. and I’m just getting to email for the day. We were going to bring the grandkids home this morning but the almost 3 year old got the flu during the night so we didn’t want to put him in the car to travel 2 hours home so Terry came back home by himself as he had some commitments for today and I stayed down to care for the two kids at home. The little one didn’t get sick the rest of the day but had not appetite. Then Terry drove back down the 2 hours and we headed right back and got home to the farm at 8:30. Oh my…what a day. Please say a prayer for me that I can keep my patience the next eight days…LOL Ok so these essentials; I have to admit that there are quite a few that I don’t have or I don’t have the number of something that you say we should have. Do you use a summer bag even if you don’t go to the beach? And..I bought my first baseball cap a couple weeks ago but…haven’t wore it yet. With short hair I’m a little self-conscious in it but I may step out of my comfort zone on a bad hair day or where it where I won’t know anybody else 😉 Culottes is a word I haven’t heard since my younger years. They kind of look like palazzo pants only shorter!?!? Nice tips for essentials…sounds like I need to shop to complete this list !!!!! Hope to get up early enough to have coffee with you before the two children wake up!

    • Beverly

      Bless that babies little heart!! You have had a big and full day!! The culottes are really neat! I have a jumper ( had now-I can’t wear it anymore) that has the culotte legs. They are really awesome, kind of like a long split skirt. I do use a beach bag to throw stuff in, especially when going places with Brooklyn. I keep one in my car for emergencies. Stuff like wipes, some pain meds, my umbrella, a travel blanket just to make a few. I try to think of stuff I would need in an emergency. I have a ball cap that I love, and yes it’s for bad hair days lol or when we ride with the top out of the Jeep. With you having short hair you will look cute with it on. I’m praying for you Sandy lol. You’re going to be tired-get ready. I can’t imagine 2 Brooklyn’s lol!!!

  • sandy

    OMG…I forgot to say I’m sorry you were under the weather today. You and our grandson but having the flu bug how ironic. And…I hope it wasn’t just nerves from that snake from yesterday and all the worrying you were doing about it and sitting watch for it to come out of the siding. Anyway…hope you feel better tomorrow.

    • Beverly

      It may have been my nerves, cause I was worked up. I’m so scared it got in the house-I scam the floors, make sure I’m seeing a cord on the floor and not a slithery snake!! I look out the doors before going out, constantly checking everything. Making sure drawers are shut, no towels on the floor from the kids. It’s wrecked my nerves, but I’m starting to feel more at ease. Well…kinda lol. Thank you!!!

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