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Happy Hump Day! Girls, I was wondering if I was going to get this post written out because of all the excitement at my house last night. I like to get the pictures uploaded and links and things like that added in, so all I have to do is write the post. Well, I was outside last night around 7:30 and as I was walking around my Jeep and a few steps from my back door, I looked down and there was a SNAKE! Girls – I nearly freaked out…ok, I did freak out! HA!

He slithered away into a corner, so I opened the door and screamed (and yes-I screamed!!) for Barry. He came to help me and he did get the snake cornered, but then that little booger slide right into a crack behind the sheetrock. Oh my gosh, I sat underneath the garage (on the opposite side of the snake) for almost 3 hours waiting for him to slither back out. He did not slither back out! I moved my car out of the garage, I’ve seen too many videos of snakes in cars UGGGGG! I finally gave up around 11pm and I only could pray that he slithers back out. I left the garage door open for a while, but I had to put it down before I went to bed. I pray he got out and you know I’m going to be watching the ground like a hawk every time I go outside from the garage. Needless to say, I hopped on Zillow and started looking houses HAHA! Im serious about that, although I am giggling right now!

Let’s talk about today’s outfit! As you know Belk was having a sale, and you can shop online if you see something you like HERE. Today is the last day of the sale, so I would take advantage of it if possible. We actually went back again today and got 3 more shorts for me and Barry got 6 items of clothes all for $106.

This blouse I am styling is a gingham print Crown and Ivy, it comes in mint green and a pretty pink gingham. They fit TTS and come in sizes XS-XL. The navy I am wearing was $29, but the other colors range from $14 to $19. I will say that the navy is so dark it looks black. In fact, when I looked it up online I could not believe it was navy! It is not a stiff shirt, it’s very relaxed and wears very comfortable. See the gingham blouse HERE.

The jeans I am wearing are by YMI and they are high rise with spandex in them, so they are very comfortable to wear. If you use coupon code FLASHSALE25 you will receive an extra 25% off your order, these are on sale for $24.99, but with coupon will only be $18.74. See the jeans HERE. I have been looking for a pair of frayed jeans that were white for the longest time, but I can’t pay $100 for a pair of jeans. I have a hard time justifying paying that much for pants. I am getting more frugal as I get older HA!

If you are looking for a quality tank top, the Karen Kane Supersoft Tank is one with that is very nice and it will last you! I don’t mind spending a little extra on clothes if it is good quality, but I still like my affordable fashion too! The Karen Kane is on sale for $30 using the coupon code above. See the Tank HERE.

This top would look so cute with shorts or even a colored skirt/skort like hot pink or coral!!

The sandals are the Rampage Trapeze Sandals in cognac. I picked these up yesterday at the sale and wanted to see what the looked like with white cropped jeans and I love it! These come in leopard, snakeskin, cork, white and black. See the sandals HERE. They are only $19.99!!

I double checked all the RewardStyle links and for some reason, every link takes you back to the homepage. So, I went back in and put the direct link in the post for you. If you’re wanting to shop around or look around at all th sale items, click HERE.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, sorry it is a short and sweet one. I’m still on the prowl for that ole snake! See you girls tomorrow!

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  • Peggy

    I love shopping at Belk. Their Crown and Ivy line has some of the cutest clothes. Since they are in the Southeast only, many vloggers and bloggers are not familiar with the store. They are missing out. I recently purchased their Belk brand eye shadow palette and really liked it. I am scared silly by snakes. I can understand why you sat in your garage waiting for it to come back. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

    • Beverly

      I love Belk too!! And you’re right-they are missing out!! I still have not seen that snake!! I’m hoping he went out the garage. Needless to say, I moved my car out of the garage. Barry thought it was silly-but I can’t be driving down the road and see a snake at my feet 😂😂

  • sandy

    OMG…you sat there for a long time and he was probably waiting for you to leave and the worst part is how will you know whether or not he left…ugh. White jeans are so versatile. I have a pink checkered and black checkered blouse that I like with my white jeans. The slit in the side of these jeans is very cute and yes, the sandals look great with them. All the bargains you found at Belks makes me wish we had one close by and I looked at their store locator and there are none even in my surrounding states. I’m off to grocery shop also this morning before the grandkids come tomorrow. I am getting so tempted to try the grocery pick up also as I too do not enjoy grocery shopping. I just haven’t taken time to figure out how it works.

    • Beverly

      Sandy, I still have not seen that snake Uggg!! I’m praying he moved on and we may have missed it. I left the garage up today so he can get out. It gives me the jitters just thinking about him out there!! Yuk! Belk is in the southern states, but they do ship. They are a really nice department store and they are huge in the South. They have a lot of clothes that are so cute!! Hop online if you have a chance or are looking for a deal. I’m still snake watching 😂😂

  • Kelly Palmer

    A snake, yikes!! I do not like snakes at all!!! Recently our next door neighbor posted a video on Facebook of a snake in their yard and then as the were videotaping it slithered up their tree. I didn’t realize that snakes would go up trees. When I was talking to Troy about this he was like, “Oh yeah, and they can go up walls ect”. I did not sleep well that night. I tried to calm myself by thinking about the fact that we have 4 cats and they stay upstairs so hopefully if a snake ever got in I am hoping that one of the cats would get it or make us aware of it. That same night I saw a post also on Facebook of a man that was driving along and looked down at his feet to see a snake coming out of the underside of his dashboard area near his leg. I would absolutely die!! I hope that it got out and you no longer have any dealings with it. Today’s outfit is cute on you as usual 🙂 I especially like the white jeans and sandals. I have today thru Friday off. I still am dealing with health issues so I think aside from doing some puttering around here I will try to take it easy. I hope you have a Happy Hump Day!!

    • Beverly

      Oh no Kelly!! I will be praying for you. I saw that video of the snake in the car with that guy. I moved my Jeep out of the garage and Barry busted out laughing. He said you’re going to move your car where they may be more snakes? Ummm YES!!! I don’t know about those snakes, but I certainly know there is one under our garage. Shaking my head!!! Men!!! I haven’t found him yet, my neighbor said to tear the wall down. I was like -NO!! He was about 12 inches, I just hope he got out and didn’t slither into my utility room. I won’t be going in there either. I was brought up in the country so I’m used to seeing stuff like this, but geez!!! Barry was the one trying to kill him. He hates to kill anything. I should have grabbed that shovel and showed him how to do it 😂😂 I knew better than to call for help, I’ve got the heebie jeebies now 😂😂

  • Kelly Palmer

    Our neighbors snake was a few feet long and I think they said that it was a black rat snake which is suppose to be good to keep poisonous snakes away. Still it give me the heebie geebies too!

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