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Happy Friday!! I have had a very interesting week or I might say I have had a week that was not the “norm”, at all! First, it was the snake, I haven’t seen him by the way so I am praying he went on about his business! Then I come down with some kind of stomach bug and with all the rain we have gotten, I have kept a low-grade migraine. I am so thankful it is sunny and pretty today! I will be back out in the yard now that the rain has stopped and I can finish my landscaping.

A few weeks back I went shopping and found some cute things at Old Navy and JC Penney and thought I would share them with you. I normally can find something that I like at Old Navy, they are always top on my list when shopping. You just can’t beat the deals you get. I know the quality of the clothes is not top notch, but it suffices when in a pinch! Plus Old Navy is having another HUGE sale – shop it HERE!

I love the Pixie pants from Old Navy, they are by far my favorite item the store carries. I was looking for a red pair (link) that I can style in the Summer and Fall and I can always find a great color when shopping ON. I like then Pixie pants because they are so versatile, you can wear these with flip flops, sandals, booties or even tennis shoes. Pair these with a cute pair of white tennis and a graphic tee and it would be the perfect casual weekend outfit. I was wearing the black and white stripe tee, but this would make a great Fall outfit with a longer cardigan and booties.

I am a sucker for polka dots and I can only attribute that obsession to the movie Pretty Woman! This little frock wears so good and fits perfect – it’s a great every day “go to work” dress or a cute outfit for church. Add a white cardigan or maybe even a colored cardigan such as hot pink or coral – and it’s perfect for workwear. This Ponte Knit Sheath dress (link) comes in a white and black polka dot print also along with two others that are very cute!

I must admit that I have been looking a longer denim skirt that goes right above the knee and I actually found it at ON. I wanted a denim skirt to wear with tennis shoes and a tee or a graphic tee when running errands around town. Seeing that it’s getting hotter and I’m not much into wearing shorts this summer, this was a perfect fit for me. I liked this one because it has a frayed hemline to it, which gives it that trendy look I’m seeing everywhere. It also has a high rise waist that most women prefer nowadays too! This is the Distressed Denim (link), but they also have a few others that have a darker wash and a lighter wash if the medium wash is not your preference.

Here we are at polka dots again, but this dress is adorable in person girls! I actually needed to size down in the dress because it runs a tad big. This is a medium I am wearing, but I could have worn a small very easily. It has plenty of room and is super comfortable on – just a perfect dress for the summer. It is one of Old Navy‘s best sellers and I can see why. It’s not expensive and it is a perfect go-to dress (link) when you want to be comfortable yet stylish. Add a denim jacket or cardigan if you don’t like showing your arms and you still have a cute outfit that looks even more trendy! This is a great vacation dress too, that’s all I thought about when trying it on. What a great dress for the beach and especially if we go out to eat! This dress comes in 8 color patterns total, I am wearing the black and white polka dot. I really liked the Blue Palm print too!! See them HERE.

This Ruffle Trim Ponte Sheath dress (link) caught my eye and I walked past it twice! I finally went and picked it up, I think the greenish blue color is what attracted me the most. Something about this dress pattern I really liked, I don’t think this is that flattering on me, but for someone with auburn hair or red hair this would look so good!! This dress comes in five color patterns and it is very flattering on. See the other prints HERE.

JC Penney Maxi Dress Special Mention

I stopped by JC Penney‘s looking a few items and I ran across this Robbie Bee Floral Maxi Dress and decided to try it on. This is a great dress (link here) for church or a dressier occasion such as an outside wedding. I am seeing a lot of floral patterns this summer and although I have never been a big floral person, I am starting to like the print. Are you a floral person? Am I the only one seeing a lot of floral?

JC Penney is also having a sale this weekend for Father’s Day, take advantage of those savings HERE.

Outfit Details: Maxi dress // Earrings

What is your favorite today ladies? I think my favorite out of this try-on was the navy and white polka dot dress up top. Not only is it versatile, but I can wear this with heels or flats – that’s a win/win for me!! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you girls have a fabulous weekend!!

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  • Thompson Hill Blog

    Adorable!! I love your Old Navy finds and my favorite are the Pixie Pants, too! so versatile and can be worn in all seasons! Great looks, Beverly!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I am so glad that you are feeling better!! My husband Troy too had bad headaches as the storm system moved through. And I am glad to hear that the snake hasn’t made any more appearances. Between your experience and our neighbors, now every time I go outside I am looking around to make sure that I don’t run into one. I have to admit that I couldn’t wait until last to open up this email so yours was the first thing to read this morning 😉 I love all of the clothing but I think my favorite may be the Polka Dot ones. I don’t know why but recently I am feeling more drawn to the longer dresses for myself. I like that there are quite a few different prints to choose from and I absolutely love the prices! Well, I am off today and so is Troy so I am hoping that we can get something accomplished today. If we go out to do errands maybe I can talk him into stopping in at Old Navy 😉 I hope you continue to feel better and have a wonderful Friday!
    P.S. Sandy, I hope your grand child is feeling better, that no one else gets sick and that you are able to enjoy your time with them!

    • Beverly

      I’m the same way!! I’m loving the longer dresses!! I have found myself not caring about wearing shirts st all this summer so far. Maybe it’s because I’m in the house, idk. I do wear gym shorts outside in the yard though. A part of me feels like I’ve got it getting old lady legs, so why show them 😂😂. Maybe I’m getting more modest as I’m getting older. Idk, but I’m liking the long dresses lol. Have a great day off!!! I bet you would be cute in the long dress!!❤️

  • sandy

    Late getting to the party again but it’s only been two days and this grandma can barely keep her eyes open and it’s only 9:45…LOL. Beverly it is an adjustment to watch two of them over one; especially since they both want my attention and they both want me to play with them. :). I am loving the polka dot dress, the jean skirt and top and of course, the long dresses. And I like shopping JCP and ON as you are right that you can find affordable things from both places. Glad you are feeling better. Carter’s flu bug was just overnight so glad none of the rest of us got it today. Goodnight

    • Beverly

      I knew you would be having a LARGE time lol. My blog will be going out late tomorrow, we’ve had a very long night sigh Barry and Brooklyn lol. I’m praying for ya!!!

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