Cobalt Blue + White Cropped Jeans

Happy Tuesday!! Girls, I just realized (amiss all the busyness this weekend) I forgot to publish my Sunday post. First time I had hit publish and I did not! LOL!!! I wondered why no one was commenting haha That is signs of not paying attention to what I am doing! Or…is it a sign of old age? I’m going to go with not paying attention.

Barry and I spent the entire day together yesterday – something we have not done in a very long time. We have decided no matter how busy we get, we are going to take time each day to stop. talk . and listen. We go out to eat, talk, but we don’t seem to find “quality fun time” like we used to do – so that’s a priority. Do any of you girls get busy like that? Between golf trips, work, kids and more – I don’t think I have seen my husband for more than 7 days this month – holy MOSES!!!!

I realized I left out an outfit for the Target Try On Haul last week and it was one of my favorites! This top is so cute, I loved the sleeves and the square neckline. This is not on the website, I don’t know why certain things are not online, but in store. So aggravating! If you have a local Target this is a cute top to look at. I believe it was $21.99 and made by A New Day, but don’t hold me to that. I have found similar cobalt blue tops that are gorgeous below.

The jeans are High Waisted Skinny Ankle Jeans by A New Day and are $27.99. These zip on the side (at the waist and at the hem on ankles) and fit very snug, I would size up if purchasing these. They are super cute on and can be worn with sneakers, heeled sandals, flip flops, espadrilles – really any kind of cute show.

These will also give a slimming effect from the side since they zip up on the side. I have found a few other options for you below.

These Tory Birch Miller sandals are some of my all time favorites. I have worn these constantly this Spring around the house. I got these last summer and I’m so glad I bought them. I know you girls see these everywhere on Social Media – they are hugely popular! They are not cheap, but Pierre Dumas offers “Inspired” shoes that are very inexpensive. You can find this brand in Boutiques or on Amazon. Get Tory Burch Miller sandals Here.

What are your thoughts on cobalt blue with white jeans, short, dress pants or skirts? I love this vibrant color and it really pops with white!! I am still in the middle of my Spring Clean, so I am hopping off here to get started. UGGGGG! I hate it, but I LOVE it when everything is clean and organized!! Thanks for stopping by and I will see you tomorrow on the blog!

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  • sandy

    This outfit really POPS and looks so crisp and fresh so yes, I like it with the white jeans ! I really need to keep in my head that it is ok to size up in some styles and know that it is the make of the pant and not the size of my mid section 😉 Thank you for that reminder. I know exactly what you mean about taking the time to spend one on one with your spouse. I gave my hubby 12 slips of paper for Christmas so that we HAD to make ourselves do at least one date a month and we’d write it down so we could go back at the end of the year and see what we did….well, the idea was great, but the execution hasn’t been the best. It’s all in what you consider a “date”….LOL We called Saturday binge watching Nefflix our date day since we spent the whole day together doing absolutely nothing 🙂 That works for me! I am anxious to get ready to start my spring cleaning but funny me, I HAVE to have sunshine to do deep cleaning like that and today is another dreary wet day here in my area.

    • sandy

      Ohhh…I forgot to mention that I did miss you Sunday and checked about 3 times to see if I had missed it and you know what Beverly…it’s ok to take a weekend day off and not worry about getting a post out. As much as I love your Sunday posts, you also deserve a day to relax, rest your brain and just not have to worry about getting something written up to post. It’s all good. We are still here on Mondays!!!

    • Beverly

      I love that idea!!! I think I will write down what we do so we can go back and look. Great idea! I do know that designers use different size models as their size “6” and then build from that. Loft may use a regular woman as what they view as a 6 where cheaper brands may use a model that is much younger and obviously not a woman who has had children. I learned that years ago and I try not to get too hooked on sizes. It’s so hard though!! Lol. Hopefully you will get some sunshine soon lol have a great day!!!

  • Johnna

    Are those shoes really comfy? I need a little padding in my flip flops. The blue looks good on you but not sure it would suit me & my coloring. And I looked for your Sunday post too. I missed it. Good luck with the spring cleaning. I need to do the same.

    • Beverly

      Hey Johnna!! I do like the shoes and they have some cushion in them. Not a lot since it’s a flip flop but I like wearing them -these are some I keep in s drawer hod from Raegan 😂😂

  • Kelly Palmer

    I just got home from work and the first thing that I do after I change out of my work clothes is to read your blog! I do like the blue top with the white pants and that color blue usually looks good with my red hair and skin coloring. What I really need to go shopping for and soon is some shorts. It is 85 here this afternoon and before you know it the Georgia heat will be here to stay. I usually can find shorts that I like at JC Penney and I just got an ad from them in today’s mail with some coupons so yay!! I missed your post on Sunday too and my first thought was…. Oh I hope everything is ok, but then I thought that maybe you were really busy with birthday activities for Raegan or something. Troy and I get in a rut of only going out to shop or maybe have lunch or dinner so we are trying to do a wider variety of things. A couple of weeks ago we went to play miniature golf and had a blast. This past weekend we had planned on going to see the new Avengers movie but when we got up on Sunday we found that all of the showings were sold out for that day. Anyway, at least we are making an effort. I have the next 3 days off and plan on getting some of my Spring cleaning at least started and continue to unpack some of the boxes left from our move. Have a wonderful day and talk to you tomorrow! 🙂

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