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Happy Monday! What a busy weekend and I must say, although my week was a pretty tough one, it sure has gotten better over the weekend! A little family time always seems to make things better. Plus, I started on some spring cleaning; out with the old and in with the new – that always makes me feel accomplished. Too bad it was only the garage, but woohoo- that baby is complete. Now…the rest of the house awaits…LOL!!

As I have tried to stay off of social media this past week and focus on family and this house, I still noticed the top outfit on Instagram. I loved this little outfit and enjoyed wearing it so much, I thought I would share it with your girls. It screams Summer/Spring with all the cute bright summers and the espadrilles is like the cherry on top!! What are your thoughts ladies?

This top is from Old Navy but was purchased last Summer, I found some that were close to it or some that would look super cute with the coral shorts below. The shorts are more of a soft coral or terracotta, that are not real bold – just a cute color for summer. These came from Old Navy when I had the Spring Try On Haul a few weeks ago. See that post HERE.

These shorts are high waisted and button up, they have stretch in them and the more you wear them the looser they get. When I first tried them on they fit a little snug, after I wore them for about 30 minutes they fit perfect. I like my clothes to fit or loose – not tight at all. These have a 4-inch inseam (probably looks shorter on me since I’m 5’7″), they are twill with the comfortable stretch. They do not have pockets in the front, but they do have pockets in the back. See the short HERE.

I chose a black floral top that can be work in a square neck or off the shoulder look. See alternative ideas below.

I decided to really stack some bracelets with this outfit – I haven’t done it in a while and felt like throwing it on! This is all JBloom Designs, see all jewelry HERE. // Hazel Green Marble Stretch Bracelet // Gold & Rose Gold Bangles // Blessed Cuff Bracelet // Green Over The Moon Bracelet // Heart Necklace

The espadrilles I am wearing are from Sole Society, called the Kathalia and they are some of my favorite shoes. I like these because they wear really good, the color goes with everything (Dusty Mink) and they are only 1-inch espadrilles. I get the look of the espadrille without having a high heel. Which makes this a perfect sandal for me to run errands in or go out to eat or shop. Plus, if you are taller – wearing a higher heel with shorts is not comfortable for errands. Get the sandal HERESole Society does offer AfterPay where the payments are split up over time, and you get 15% off your order if you sign up for the Newsletter. The nail polish is by Essie called Wicked, get the polish HERE.

What are your thoughts on this outfit ladies? For me, it was a great casual outfit that I wore from the morning running errands to going out to eat that night – I loved it! I know some of you do not like the off the shoulder look, so I also took a picture with the racerback bralette underneath to show you that look.

Ok girls, I am off to the gym this morning, I have lost 14 lbs since I started FWTFL. To learn more about the FASTer Way To Weight Loss click HERE. My kids don’t really notice the difference, but Barry says he can tell when he hugs me lol. That’s another problem with being tall – you can hide the weight well, but no one noticed that much when you lose. I can tell in my clothes and that’s just fine with me…LOL!!! Have a great Monday ladies!! See you tomorrow on the blog and thanks for stopping by!!

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  • sandy

    First…congratulations on the success you have had with FWTWL; that is a remarkable loss in the time you’ve been doing it and I am sure with those results that you are having, it is easier to keep going. And…as most articles that you read say…it’s not about the scale, but the difference in how your clothes fit. I know if the scale stayed the same and I felt the difference in my clothes, I would be a happy camper!! I agree that this outfit is darling but I would definitely have to copy the look with one of the tops on my shoulders and longer shorts. I did take a measure a 4″ inseam on me and had to laugh wondering why I even got out the ruler as I knew 4″ was a long way from the top of my knee. Unlike you, I got nothing accomplished this weekend. It was wet and cold on Saturday so we binge watched a Netfilix series and it was actually nice to just sit with hubby and not feel like we had to be doing something. Time for me to hit the treadmill as it’s too cold and windy out this morning for an outdoor walk. Do you go to the gym by yourself or have a “buddy” to workout with? Have a great day and hope Reagan had a fun birthday celebration.

    • Beverly

      Thanks Sandy!! Raegan has a great time for her birthday-it was BUSY!! Lol I usually go alone when there is not many people at the gym, I cannot stand to be jumbled up next to people, or I go with Barry. It’s a lot of fun going with him, he pushes me harder than if I was by myself. And girl, we binge watch Netflix like crazy on this house lol. Hope you have sunny days ahead!! Have a great week!!!

  • Johnna

    I can’t believe you even needed to lose 14 lbs. You always look so good on your post. But congrats. I know you must feel good about that. I bought the shoes and love them. Thanks for turning me on to them. Sole Society is a favorite brand of mine so not sure how I missed them before. Your jewelry looks pretty too. I like to stack bracelets and this gave me some ideas how to stack mine. I have tiny wrists and sometimes its hard to find bracelets that will fit me so stretchy ones are a favorite of mine. Have a nice Monday, if that’s possible. Lol.

    • Beverly

      Lol. I hope today will be a good one. So far so good lol. I love my JBloom!! Sole Society is a favorite of mine. Barry has me on s “budget”-he wants to retire in a few years so we are buckling down getting everything paid off. Gosh-it sucks lol, but it will be worth it for him. You know all about his line of work and the mess our husbands deal with. I actually weighed as much as I did the day I gave birth to my son, I can hide it by twisting and taking pictures at an angle. But trust me, I needed to lose a few pounds just to be in my weight range. I feel better and that’s worth it, Barry actually started it today to lose some fat ( haha) he’s not big at all and does not need to lose any weight. I’m adding you to some groups today. 😜

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Monday! I like the outfit a lot but for me I would definitely need a longer pair of shorts. Glad that you had a good and productive weekend. Congratulations on your weight loss! I eat very healthy due to health issues but have noticed that my clothes are tighter. I really need to exercise and get into better shape. We have so much in common that it is scary! My husband Troy too wants to retire in maybe the next 3-4 years or so and we also are on a pretty strict budget and working at paying off all of our debt. It is tough sometimes but i know it will be worth it in the end. I hope you have a wonderful week!!

    • Beverly

      We do have a lot in common!! I love it!! God knew just what I needed with all you girls lol. I am getting to where I’m wanting longer shorts-still looking Bermuda shorts to style lol. I may go to NY&C-they have a bunch to choose from. Thanks for the congrats!! Have a great night!

  • Julie

    Beverly, Congrats on your success with FWTFL! I’m sure you’re feeling great! I certainly identify with no one noticing. I’m 5’6” and have no idea how much weight I lost since I lost my scale many years ago. 😂 It was not my friend! I did go down two pant sizes and not one person has noticed (or at least they haven’t mention if they noticed). 🤷‍♀️ I feel great and that’s all that really matters. Although off the shoulder is not my cup of tea, it looks really good on you! I do love those sandals though.

    • Beverly

      Haha!! Yes!!! Being taller means you can carry more weight, but if you lose any it has to be a significant amount before anyone notices!! That made me giggle cause that’s how I feel. Thanks for the congrats. Oh and those shoes!! I love them 😍 Have a great night!!!

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