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Happy Tuesday ladies! How are you girls doing?? I’m feeling pretty good today, we had a great time yesterday! Thanks for all the comments – Mom loved getting out and spending time with us. We wore her out though, bless her heart! I was even yawning by the time we got through running all our errands then shopping some. I used to could shop all day – not any more! I guess that’s why I love online shopping so much HA!!!

I love a cute summer dress that is comfortable, stylish and cute. These little dresses from Old Navy are inexpensive and they are great for stay at home moms, working moms, or retired moms. This could be dressed up for work with a cardigan or cute blazer and some cute sandals, easily. This is a clearance dress for $14.97, I cannot find it online, but HERE is the link to the dresses that are on sale if you want to browse.

I wanted to try on some pants, it seems I have jeans everywhere with very few other type pants. These Straight Utility Chinos were super cute on. They have a wider leg that I really liked. They are stretchy material and fit TTS, these are $39.99 and comes in 8 different colors and sizes are from 0 – 20. Get the Straight Utility Chinos HERE.

The cute navy top is from NY & Co, called the V-Neck Blouse by 7th Avenue. This is a very comfortable top, I have worn it with camo pants, white jeans and more. I loved it with the olive pants below. I added a picture with the camo pants to give you an idea of the versatility. It’s on sale .now for $16.99, comes in 6 different colors, sizes are XS – XXL. Get the sapphire top HERE.

I found this cute Floral Print Blouse, it also has the flutter sleeves I like the flutter sleeves because it gives you just enough coverage around your arms to hide any of the arm fat that gathers between your arm and your side. Please tell me I am not the only one that has that issue? I have found that sports bras and the bralettes cover that up because they have material that fits underneath your arms. Who knew that? I learned trying to hide that mess! HAHA! The top is $32.99 and comes in sizes XS-XXL. They had a sale Monday for 40% off, please check the site to see if any sales are continuing for Easter – I am sure they will start something today! Get the top HERE. Check online HERE.

The pansy I have on are the Pixie pants and I LOVE these!! The pixie pants for Old Navy are some of my favorites ever! They are stretchy, they wash well, they come in a variety of colors, prints and sizes —and LENGTHS!!! The sizes are 0-20 and they are $34.99 right now, but don’t forget checking the sales today and this week! See the Pixie’s HERE.

I grabbed up these olive Rockstar Jeans to try on with the top. These olive pants would look so good with the leopard print block heel sandals I styled a few weeks back. Throw a black camisole or T-shirt on with a denim jacket and you got an outfit that is on fire! See the leopard print sandals HERE. Get the Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans HERE. I will tell you girls the Rockstar jeans are some of my favorite, for the stretch and the comfort. These help build your bottom up and hold you in also, all without making you feel like you are squeezed into the jeans.

What are your thoughts on the new looks coming into Old Navy? Raegan didn’t find one thing today…SIGHHHH!!!! I purchased the black floral top that was on the blog yesterday in that vibrant blue color…it is NICE!! We ended up heading over to the mall for Raegan, Mom tuckered out and had to sit out in the middle of the mall till we finished up. I felt so bad for her, but people watching isn’t that bad some days. Of course, Raegan found a few outfits from American Eagle, I still have to check her outfits out before I purchase any. Do you moms do that too? I make her sit down, bend over—the whole 9 yards HA HA!!! Then when she gets home she goes through a Barry check of clothes purchased. Thankfully, they passed all tests today LOL!! Please tell me I’m not the only Mom still doing this to their kids??!!!

I hope you ladies have a great day, thanks for stopping by the blog and you girls have a great day!!! See you tomorrow! XOXO

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  • sandy

    LOL….I would love to have had a daughter that I could shop with! Two boys so they pretty much don’t need my help anymore or do they find going shopping much fun. Our youngest does most of his clothes shopping on line and he’s actually pretty good at putting things together on his own! Isn’t it amazing how good navy looks with so many things. I want to try those straight leg utility chinos as they have a little wider opening which seems to look better on “my body type”! And how ironic that you do an ON post and I am heading in to the city with my sister today and I have to return some things to ON so I will be looking around and checking out the sales. (and arm fat…my bat wings are probably worse then the side fat and I’m try to be more conscious of not waving my arms around for too long) Ok…better finish a couple things up and go meet my sister. We like to start earlier(course we have an hour drive to get there)because neither of us can take all day shopping anymore either.

    • Beverly

      Ok I nearly spit my coffee out when you wrote bar wings lol. I’m starting to get those too. And I hate working out!! Have fun today. I don’t know if the sale is still going on -looks like it should since this is Easter week. Enjoy!!!

      • sandy

        Beverly…I DID write BAT wings ! Where did you get “bar” from…LOL Please don’t tell me my eyes are playing tricks on me !?!?!?!? 🙂

          • Sandy

            Isn’t it great that we can make each other laugh because now I’m the one splitting a gut 😂. the baT wings are real, but part of me so I tell myself it’s my muscle upside down 💪

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! Since we moved last summer to the Atlanta area I have been shopping more at Old Navy. I love being closer to more shopping opportunities! Not sure that my husband Troy feels the same way 😉 So glad that you had a good day with your mom and daughter. I worked last night but have today off. I will be doing some baking today which I love to do and it relaxes me. I will be baking some cupcakes for the folks at my work and my husband’s co-workers. As I bake I listen to music and dance and sing around the kitchen. The most important thing that i do is to also pray for whomever it is that I am baking for. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    • Beverly

      Awe I love this!! I’m about to be home more and I can’t wait to get back to baking and cooking!!! I love that idea of praying and baking!! You are so sweet!!! Happy Tuesday!

  • Johnna

    I love those olive pants. I could wear my leopard shoes with them. By the way, I wore white skinny jeans, denim button up top and my leopard shoes other day and got so many compliments. Thanks for your advice on that. All these looks are so cute and affordable. Thanks for tips on the sales.

    • Beverly

      Ahhhh!!! I bet you looked so cute!!! That is a great outfit idea!! I’m going to style my leopard shoes with the pants. And I think I’m going to try your idea too!! Lol

  • Johnna

    I have to add that since I’ve been reading your blog I’ve bought way too many clothes & shoes. I want everything you show us. Lol!

  • Kelly Palmer

    What size Bralette did you buy from Amazon? I think that we are about the same size and I have wanted to order one but keep forgetting to ask. Thanks!

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