Wear a Leopard Kimono 2 Ways

Happy Wednesday! I hope you girls are having prettier weather, it was so nice out the past few days–made me hope for sunny days at the beach! It’s been around 70 degrees and that is perfect during the day, gets a tad chilly at night. I walked out of the house with leggings and a t-shirt on to go to the gym and as soon as I stepped outside, I turned right back around and got a sweatshirt to put on. I’m not going to lie–my real thoughts were–it’s really chilly out…do I really NEED to go to the gym??? HA!!

I’ve been holding on to this post for a right good while, I LOVE leopard print and I mean anything with leopard print is my friend! I found a leopard print long kimono and couldn’t wait to show you girls. It is so stinking cute and so easy to look stylish in this. It doesn’t matter how you wear it, you’re going to look like a million bucks! make sure you get you some big sunglasses and you will look like you walked straight out of Hollywood!

This is an item that you can wear multiple ways and I wanted to show just a few. Summer is coming, so we want to buy items that will be versatile and carry us through Spring, Summer and into Fall if possible! This leopard kimono was one of the last from the Boutique, but I found some really cute ones that come in different lengths and darkness of print below.

I picked a black camisole to bring out the black in the leopard kimono. This is a camisole from Loft and has been a go-to for me for a long time. It washes up great and I normally dry it on low. I have NEVER had to steam it or iron it, so that is a total win for me! This one is a Scalloped Camisole, they have changed the design at Loft, and I actually like this one better, see it HERE.

I paired this kimono with KanCan Mid Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans from Amazon. You girls know I am a fan of the KanCan jeans for many reasons – mainly the price and fit. I wear these jeans so much, probably more than any white jean that I have. They have stretch control in them and have the tummy control, but they don’t feel restricting at all. Plus, the wash and dry great!! These are $35.37 and come on sizes 1-15. Get the jeans HERE.

I wanted to show a cute summer look with the kimono and honestly, you are going to see this a lot this summer. Why? Kimonos, long or short and VERY popular right now with ladies from ages 18-70. All I did was change the white pants and heels out for a pair of Denim Roll Shorts from Loft that are $54.50 —BUT, you can get 40% od\ff your purchase with code FRIENDS!! So make sure you check out all the cute looks on sale at The Loft. Get the shorts HERE. Check out the Loft Sale HERE.

I am wearing Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop (I think everyone has these LOL), I will say that I wear these flip flops almost every day during the Summer. They are some really cute flip flops, they are on the pricey side, but they are totally worth it. I love them SOOOO much more than Jack Rogers. I offered up some more alternatives below for a dressier sandal if you want to go with a dressy look versus the casual look. Get the Tory Burch Miller Sandals HERE.

I think this is a simple, but elegant and eye-catching outfit with the white jeans. I really think this would look super cute with any of the sandals in the Shop The Post look book. So ladies, which version of the kimono did you like better? I will be wearing my kimono as a coverup at the beach. And don’t forget that cute straw hat I have. I am feeling the need to see sand something terrible LOL!!

Shop The Look

Thanks for stopping by the blog today girls! I hope you have a great day and a super Hump Day!!! Just a few more days and it will be the weekend again!! Woohoo!!!! Stay safe and I will see you tomorrow on the blog!

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  • Tammy GRavis

    Love my new shoes, Beverly. They make me feel so pretty and wearing them out today. Never would have found them if I didn’t read your blog. Thanks!

  • sandy

    You look adorable in the leopard print; I suppose I would lean toward liking the white jean outfit but wearing it with shorts puts a twist on it that I don’t see in our area very much. I can picture you with your hat and sunglasses on and wow…CUTE! You are wanting sand and beach and I am just wanting 75 deg. temperatures!!!!! I came home with a cardigan and a T from ON yesterday as my sister was ready to move on so I had to rush through my fast stop at ON yesterday. She’s a worse shopper then I am and doesn’t take time to scout things out nor does she take time to try on. I rechecked my spelling today and made sure I spelled “beach” correctly so that didn’t come out as something else 😉 Have a great hump day. Mine will be a mixture of things around the house.

    • Beverly

      Hahaha!! You crack me up!! I bet you’re the life of the party aren’t ya?? I don’t do shopping very well inside stores-I’m an online girl lol—-another day and you cracked me up again!!!

  • Johnna

    Omg!! I love this kimono. I’m a huge leopard print fan and this item is so versatile. Just as you have shown us. Going to have to have this. I like both looks but the kimono with the shorts rocks! You look beautiful as always. You are inspiring me everyday to dress and look better. Thanks. (My husband may not be as happy about it since I’m spending too much money. lol!!). But he did say the other day how nice I was looking of late. I told him my new friend was helping update my wardrobe so even new grandmothers can still look hot. Lol! Happy Wednesday 😊

    • Beverly

      Aweeeeeee!! That was so sweet!!! You’re a gorgeous woman-rock it baby!! lol My husband is the same way, I keep swiping that card and font think nothing of it. He was getting on me, then I started taking pictures of clothes in the dressing room and asking his opinion. He was like-buy them all. Problem solved lol. Lord- I hope he doesn’t read this comment 🤣🤣

  • Kelly Palmer

    I love the first outfit with the white pants best. Although, it looks cute both ways and also looks comfortable. Today I work 3-10 then get up at 5:00 am to go back to work 8-3 tomorrow so i won’t get the chance to read tomorrow’s blog until late tomorrow. 🙁 It is nice sunny weather here today with a high of 81. Hope you have a great day!! P.S. I made 72 Lemon Sour Cream cupcakes with Lemon cream cheese frosting, each topped with a little fresh raspberry 🙂 My husband brought some to his co-workers and i will be bringing some to mine. I can’t eat these sorts of things so my husband is my taste tester but I don’t think that he minds 😉

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh- 1) your hours are rough girl lol 2) my mouth watered when I read what you made. Lord!! Send some my way haha!!! You are a baker—I’m just a part time-Imma going try hard on these cupcakes Baker 👩‍🍳 🤣 Happy Wednesday!!!

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