How to Use a Beauty Blender

Happy Saturday ladies! I am so glad to see this week come to an end – boy was I not expecting my week to go wrong EVERY day!! OHMYGAH!!!!! It is so funny that I have spoken of this, I have seen at least 3 more influencers talking about the same thing. Everyone’s week is not going the way we wanted – but that’s ok! A new day, a new week…it’s a chance to shrug off the bad and start fresh and new. I’m being optimistic!!

I am actually working on a video and a post about cleaning your brushes, sponges, etc. when I ran across my Blenderful and thought I would post some tips on using it. I must admit, this is not my Blenderful in one or two of these pictures. Like I said – mine is in the midst of getting cleaned, so I grabbed one of Raegan’s cheap little pink extras she got from Walmart. ( Let me start out saying, all sponges are NOT created the same). You will not get good coverage when you are using a cheaper Blender. I took the cheap route and then ultimately broke down and bought a professional Blender and the difference is night and day!

A few years back I saw these things take off like nobody’s business! They were everywhere I looked when I was shopping. Is it because it looks like an egg but it’s for your face? It’s just a sponge, right? Wrong, it’s the most amazing sponge you’ve ever seen! Believe me, I was skeptical before trying it too, but now I don’t ever apply foundation without it. ( I do use a buffer brush to even out my foundation after using the Blenderful – I like to make sure my face is completely covered). I’m sure if you ladies have never used one, I didn’t even use one until last summer – and I sell makeup for a living LOL, this might be of some interest!

 Why it’s so incredible:

  • It makes foundation look flawless, almost as if you aren’t wearing anything. “Seeing makeup is the first sign of an amateur application.” –Allure Magazine
  • It makes hard to reach areas such as under the eyes, around the nose, and corners of the mouth easy to get to with the small pointy end of the sponge.
  • You can use it for any type of face makeup like foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, and powder.

How To: Use a Beauty Blender:

  • Start by wetting your Beauty Blender (BB) in your sink and at this point, your BB may get bigger than its original size. If you don’t wet it won’t work the same
  • Squeeze all the excess water out of your BB so it is left damp, not soaking wet. You can also use a towel to squeeze out the water
  • I prefer applying foundation directly to the large end of the BB, but you can also dot the foundation around your face and start that way

  • Start applying the foundation by using a “bouncing” technique, almost as if you are bouncing a ball off your face. Do this over your entire face until completely covered. This makes for a natural effect with no lines or streaks that you sometimes see with other applicators. 
  • Use the small pointed end to apply under eye concealer as well as blemish concealer. Use the same bouncing technique for these areas as well. Don’t drag the BB along your face.
  • You can also apply blush, bronzer, and powder using the BB and the same technique.
  • After you finished using your BB for the day – rinse it under the sink again and set it out to dry until your next application. It will shrink back down to its original size.  

There are many dupes for the BB but none are quite the same, my all-time favorite Beauty Blender is the Blenderful by Limelife by Alcone.

What is your favorite way to apply your makeup? Are you a blender girl, brush girl or do you use your fingers?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!! We are having a busy weekend with Raegan’s birthday and family outings!! I hope you girls have a great day and a wonderful weekend!! EEEKK…IT’S ALMOST MAY!! See you tomorrow for Coffee & Girl Talk!!

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  • sandy

    I use a puffy brush to apply my foundation and to be honest, I doubt that I will try the blender brush. I can’t imagine if I have to wet the brush and then put my powder foundation on that I get it on nice and smooth. I feel that it would get cakey on me or I’d get it on too heavy and I just bought a new foundation brush two months ago so will just continue putting it on dry. Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. I’m sure Reagan has picked out fun things that she wants to do so hopefully you will have good weather to do your activities whatever they may be. It is raining here AGAIN this morning. No definite plans so we will fly by the seat of our pants and hopefully do something to get out of the house.

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh more rain?? Yuk!! You’re going to laugh at this. When I first got a blender I was not wetting it because I thought the same thing. I was trying to put my foundation on and I gave up and took it to Raegan and said she could have it. I told her it wasn’t working-I hated it yada yada. She laughed at me ( like giggling rolling on her bed) and asked me did I read the instructions. Well.. No, I didn’t read it. She wet it and squeezed all the water out and told me to try it. My foundation went on smooth. Once you’ve got foundation on it the powder goes on great too. I will do a video for YouTube soon and show how a few tips and share it. Needless to say, I felt dumb that she had to show me how to use it. I was like you -water on that thing is not going to be good. But it was lol. I’m headed out to get stuff to make her cake 🎂 yay!!! Have a great weekend Sandy!!! Hope your weather turns sunny soon!! 🤗🤗

  • Johnna

    I’ve always wondered if those blenders were necessary or really made a difference in makeup application. I use It Cosmetics powder foundation and the brush that you buy separately but is made for it. It’s applied in a swirling motion and covers very well. I have a couple of cheap blenders and use them to get excess makeup or concealer off my face. Now I see the difference between cheap and quality. I may have to try that sometime. I like to wear my makeup but I don’t want everyone to know how much coverage I’m wearing, you know? Let them think my skin is that perfect. Lol. Great tips today. Thanks.

    • Beverly

      Yes!!! That’s how I feel!! I’m going to be working from home soon and I’m going to do more videos for YouTube so I will share some and show how I set my makeup. It works!! Lol. Have a great day Johnna!!! Talk to you tomorrow-I’m off to get stuff to make Raegan a cake 🎂 yay!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Sorry that you had a rough week and I hope that your weekend is wonderful! I have this weekend off, yay!! Today was spent out and about doing errands and shopping with my hubby then we went to lunch at Panera. I do use a blender especially around my eyes. I only use a BB cream and not full coverage foundation. Fortunately I have been blessed with really good skin. I guess maybe the Lord was thinking…. I gave her curly red hair, big feet and made her tall so at least I can give her good skin 😉 I am looking forward to more of your makeup tips and tricks 🙂

    • Beverly

      Haha!! I love red hair!!! You crack me up! My skin is pretty good too-thank the Lord! We’ve been out and about too. Off to the movies now-if Brooklyn can make her mind ha!! Have a great weekend Kelly!!!

    • Beverly

      Through my website. In the menu there is a Shop tab, click that, click Limelife, then click on tools. You will love it. Best one I’ve ever had.

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