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Happy Friday everyone!! I am so glad this week is coming to an end…Dear Lord it has been a long and exhausting one! I got up today and went to the gym (that nearly killed me), came back home and got Raegan off to work, then finally got a shower. I think I need to get up earlier if I am going to be squeezing the gym in because it just didn’t work out the way I thought it would LOL!

I had purchased the Lorenza necklace from JBloom Designs last month and I stuck it in a drawer of my jewelry box and totally forgot about it. I was cleaning things out and reorganizing last night and found it and I started thinking about how I was going to wear this. It’s a brown leather 61″ choker/wrap with tassels at the ends, so I had to think long and hard ha!

I decided to go a little “Rock ‘n Rolly” today with it, so I paired it with the camo joggers that have been so popular on the blog. Let me talk about the camo joggers for a minute – they have now surpassed every item on the blog for April and are the most popular item for April. WOW!! Those of you that have purchased them have told me how soft and comfy they are…and they really are ladies! These are the best joggers I have tried on and what i like about them is they are thin – so you feel super comfortable in them! These are from Amazon and are only $12.85, they are called ALWAYS Women Jogger Sweatpants. Get them HERE.

The black V Neck sleeveless blouse I have on is from Old Navy last year. They have an updated and cuter one in stores now, it’s a relaxed fit with a little gathering or ruching (?) at the shoulders. I really need to update this top because I have worn it to pieces! This will be in my shopping cart tonight HA! See the blouse HERE. It’s only $22.99 and I think Old Navy is having a sale right now 30% OFF. Not sure about in store though. Shop the Sale HERE.

I wanted to show a different look incase camo joggers are not your thing, or you wanted a different look altogether. I love a skort, that may make me sound old and I don’t care! I’d rather wear a skort any day of the week than shorts. 1) they are longer and I feel more comfortable in them 2) I like the look of a skirt that hits right above my knees with my flip flops or sandals, so this is a win/win for me. I have a lot of these in different colors, they have stretch to them, they wash well – I do dry mine on low. I don’t have to iron it, but I do take a steamer to them occasionally.

These are Lee Women’s Regular Fit Skort at Amazon, they are TTS and are priced around $29 – $35. If you do not like wearing shorts, this is a really cute alternative that is not a high price. I’ve looked skorts in stores and I find they are hard to find unless they are really short, so I am glad these are on Amazon. What are your thoughts on skorts ladies? I like the idea of shorts being underneath (insert smile).

The bracelet I am wearing today came as part of a Hostess Exclusive from JBloom. They are available to everyone, but I was able to get this in a bundle that was super cheap. I have seen this bracelet online many times and thought it was ok – but when I actually got it in my hands I realized it was more than just OK! It has a little round clasp underneath and you pull the chains to make it tight on your arm and it stays tight! It’s rose gold and the colors go with anything for Spring or Summer, it’s called the Phoenix Rose Gold Adjustable Bracelet and is $39.00. See the bracelet HERE.

FYI: I got this bracelet, earrings and a necklace for $35 as a Hostess Exclusive and my party was 3 orders from 3 different people that was a little over $100. If you are interested in hosting an online or catalog party and get some cute jewelry free or really cheap let me know!! [email protected]

Here is an up-close look at the Lorenza necklace, it is a little stiff when you get it, but it gets very flexible after wearing in a little while. You can wrap it any way you want to, not necessarily like I did, as seen below. Get the necklace HERE.

I paired it with the Ivy Necklace that I love – it’s one of my favorites to wear. Especially in the summer with V-necks, and scoop neck tops. See the Ivy necklace HERE. Do you girls wear drop necklaces or have you tried one? I never tried one until October of last year – I was really behind in the fashion world! These have been really popular in the past few years, but I never tried one or I thought it wasn’t me. I am learning to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. This has been very hard for me because I am a very blah person. I can eat the same foods day in and day out, wear the same style jewelry, the same tennis shoes and so on. I want to experience new things as I am getting older – ever necklaces LOL!

I’m off to the races ladies, I’d love to hear what you think about this outfit and the jewelry. I haven’t showcased much jewelry lately and thought I would share a piece or two. Have a great Friday and thanks for stopping by the blog!

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  • sandy

    What time do you have to get up to get to the gym before work? I know it would be very hard for me to have to travel to a gym so I use youtube video’s, treadmill or outdoor road walking. I bet your mornings are rushed to get out the door. I had the joggers in my cart but just couldn’t push the order button because I never wear camo so figured I’d be sending them back gosh…if they are that comfortable, maybe this is where “I” need to step out of my comfort zone…LOL I LOVE skorts so I guess that ages me too but I have such a hard time finding ones to my knees. The reviews on the Lee ones said they run big but you said the ones you have on run TTS? Maybe it makes a difference what color you order. I don’t have a drop necklace but I do layer necklaces if I need something to fill the top when I have on a longer necklace. Have a great Friday!

    • Beverly

      I ordered mine last year and they were 10’s and they are roomy on me now. They felt TTS LOL!! It could be the color, sometimes that happens. I am up and awake around 630, but…I’m the type of girl that needs time to wake up in the morning. Like a couple of hours to read the Bible, check emails, watch s little tv, drink done coffee…then leave for gym or get ready for work I’m getting old!! The mornings seem hectic on the mornings Barry is here. It’s not hectic when I’m alone. Oh my gosh-that sounded just like my grandma haha!!!! Have s great day!!!!

  • sandy

    I am laughing because I know EXACTLY what you mean when you are use to your routine and then just one more person around changes that….it happens to me when my hubby is in the office working on days when he can’t be outside. I’m use to being in here by myself so I shut the office door so that I feel like I’m by myself and can go about my “work”…LOL My alarm goes off at 5:30 and I am not one that can jump right out of bed so my hope is to be up by 6:00 so I can have my coffee while I read your blog and check email and if I get up later, I feel behind all morning. I WISH I was a morning person and could get up at 5:00 to have that half hour of just “quite” before my hubby gets up. How does one become an early riser….???? I was able to get in a 3.25 mile walk even if it was 35 deg…it was sunny, calm and actually a beautiful morning and now I feel good that I got that done. You have a great day too!!

    • Beverly

      I am rolling laughing because that is me to a T!! You’re doing good walking in that kind of weather. Brrrr!!! I am not an early riser, I used to be when I worked in corporate America-when I went in to semi retirement Lord Jesus-that all changed. I found myself sitting up late at nights and it messed my schedule all up. Have s great day Sandy!! I’m in my last cup of coffee ☕️ lol!!

  • Johnna

    You are ready to rock n roll in this outfit and I love it! I would never think of wearing the camo joggers like this so thanks for showing me how to wear something that feels like pajamas look so chic and hip. The necklace rocks too. I think I need that. And pairing the dainty bracelet with the leather necklace is a good idea and it works. I like skorts too. Maybe its my age, I don’t know. I feel more covered up and not so vulnerable as I would in a skirt this short. Both looks work for me but I think I’m going to Pin the camo jogger look. Happy Friday.

    • Beverly

      Johnna, I know you can pull this look off with ease!! You’re right about feeling vulnerable in a short skirt-I don’t know how girls do it!! Lol Happy Friday!!!! Get the choker!!! Raegan loved it!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I was up at 5:00 this morning and worked all day so just now getting home and able to sit down and read your post. I always feel like something is missing when I can’t read it and comment before I go about my day. I love skorts and have for years so not sure that it has much to do with age. I have always thought that they were cute and look kind of sporty plus give much better coverage than shorts. I too have never been a morning person and was always up late catching up on housework, laundry or whatever needed to be done after the kids were in bed but those days are long gone. Now I am usually in bed by 8:30-9:00 and then like to read until about 10:00 when I turn out the light. I am at that age where I can’t stay up as late as I would like to and I tend to wake up pretty early even though I don’t particularly want to. I wonder why as a person ages they start to wake up earlier? I loved the look of both outfits. I am trying to get better at wearing jewelry. I have quite a bit of it but besides my wedding ring, 2 other rings that I wear all of the time and a pair of earrings I don’t think to put on anything else unless I have a dressier occasion. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Beverly

      I love your comments Kelly!! I am busy at night getting the house put back together also. It’s so much easier when everyone is in their bedrooms lol. Barry goes to bed around 8 and watches tv or reads before he drifts off. I can’t watch documentaries like he does or I’d lay with him and get to bed earlier. Aren’t those skorts awesome!! I love them things lol!!! Have a good weekend!!!

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