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Happy Thursday!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I was telling you girls that my week had been really chaotic and it has not seemed to slow down – I guess it’s going to be one of “those” weeks! You have to take the good with the bad and keep on chugging along I guess. Good news is Raegan turns 19 this week an I am super excited for her. Reagan is my baby, not sure if I ever told you ladies that. Chase is my oldest and Brooklyn’s daddy. Chase will be 26 this year and with Raegan turning 19, this mom is starting to feel a little old. I remember them being little so well and then poof – they are adults and adulting! Please tell me I’m not th only one feeling this way??!! LOL

I purchased this floral top (and I really wasn’t a floral person, but I seem to be buying a lot here lately) the other day when I was at Target. I don’t really know what it is about this top, but I knew I was getting it when I first tried it on. It’s by A New Day and is called a floral popover top. There are a lot of muted colors in the flowers and I thought I could wear this with jeans and different shorts or bottoms. Plus, this would be a great top to wear in the Fall with jeans and a cardigan or jean jacket. (Trying to think ahead lol). It has a v-neck that I really like and hangs lower in the back. Although it is tapered around the chest area, it has plenty of room in the midsection. Get the blouse HERE.

I found these cute pull-on shorts at Target, so if you are near a Target check out the different colors they have in this one. They are pull-on shorts with elastic in the back and the length of the short is around 4-5 inches. They hit me mid-thigh and I’m 5’7″, for anyone wondering about the length. I like the flat front of these shorts and they are versatile shorts that can be worn with a blouse to be dressier, or with a t-shirt for a more casual look. Target does not have these on their website, but I did find some shorts similar to these in a variety of lengths below.

Next up are these cute skinny ankle jeans by A New Day. These are high rise and zip on the side. They are very stretchy, I would probably size up if I was going to buy a pair because they are made to fit very snug. Since they are snug and white, I would go up at least a size. See the jeans HERE.

Who remembers the belted shorts with a pleat or two way back in the ’80s? Maybe the ’90’s?? Well, they are making a comeback, I am in shock watching all the old styles roll back in. My mom always said that everything comes back in style…some things we can do without haha! I grabbed these shorts just to see how they fit and if I liked them, honestly – it surprised me how great the felt on. With the pleat in the front, I had plenty of room, but they looked slimming from the side. I think these type of shorts show off your figure or shape more than regular shorts because of the high-waist – they were cute, but not my cup of tea so I passed on these. They did come in other colors and the olive was probably the prettiest out of the earth tone colors target had.

I think I like the floral top with white bottoms the best out of all the looks. I like a little pop and you can’t beat black and white put together. These shorts I have on are from The Loft and ladies–these are the best wearing shorts I have ever owned. I have several pairs of these, but always seem to grab white ones – I don’t know why…I just do LOL! These are the Riviera Shorts with a 4-inch inseam, the perfect shorts for women a little older in age. Not to mention you can wear these with a tank, a t-shirt, a blouse – anything goes dressy or casual. That’s why I love them!! Plus they wash and dry super good!!!! Get the shorts HERE.

So ladies, what are your thoughts?? I LOVE your feedback!! I know we all find outfits we like and then there are those we don’t care that much for. on this shopping trip they only thing I came back with was the floral top and a pair of black pull-on shorts like the rust colored ones above. You girls are so good about giving me your opinion on the try-on posts, I have gone back and picked up a piece or two that you really liked. So, tell me what you think (I’m grinning right now lol).

You girls have a great day and thanks for stopping by the blog!!

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  • Teresa

    Love this top with the white shorts! Do you size up or down or TTS in the shorts? I find myself between an 8-10, but in these I think the loose fit is better? Prob should head to Loft to try a pair on!

    • Beverly

      I like mine loose so I size up. I do not like tight fitting shirts. They are TTS and I wear an 8 but these are 10’s. That was my favorite outfit too lol

  • sandy

    The time isn’t going to slow down anytime soon with your kids…our boys are now 36 and 34 and it’s hard sometimes not to “butt” in and give our adult opinions when they are adults themselves. I like the black V neck with the shorts color you have on. Those white shorts in the last photo are really cute on you. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to anything with pleats!! I know you said they were slimming but I can’t think I’d feel that way with pleats for ME! I don’t even buy my hubby pleated pants anymore and he doesn’t have a mid section to work around. I did look at those longer shorts you have showing and see they are from Amazon so might have to look into those as I like the fact that they are pull-on. I do know that I’m going to have to get serious about finding some shorts(Bermuda) once our crazy weather straightens out and it’s actually nice enough to wear them. Have fun celebrating Reagan’s 19th birthday. Hope she has been feeling better.

    • Beverly

      I still have to look some Bermuda shorts but haven’t found any I like. I like those from Amazon too-I May get some of those, like you -I like the pull on britches lol. Raegan is doing much better!! Thanks Sandy!! It’s so hard not to butt in ha!!!

  • Gloria

    A New Day is one of my favorite brands at Target. People are always surprised when I say I got something cute at target. My daughter will be 23 this year and yes that also makes me feel old but she will also be graduating from college in Dec and although I am very excited and proud of her, it’s another milestone that is bittersweet.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Birthday to Raegan!! My oldest daughter is 38, oldest son is 37, youngest son is 36 and my youngest daughter and baby of the family is 33! Time does fly by and I have children much older than yours so don’t feel bad. It blows my mind that my children are that old now cause I don’t feel much older than them. Oh well!! My favorites today are the floral top and the coral shorts 🙂 I am off to take one of our pups for her annual checkup at the vet. I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • Beverly

      Have s great day today!! What you said is true, I don’t feel old-I still feel like I’m 30. Although I am very conscious of things that might make me fall lol. If I fall now, I may break a bone ! Have a great day Kelly!!!!

  • Johnna

    I don’t normally do florals but I do like that top. I guess it depends on the floral design and color. I prefer it with the shorts in white or the rust color in first picture. The belted shorts not so much. It’s been fun watching you try different outfits from Target. I don’t have one close by so it’s online shopping for me.

    • Beverly

      Those belted shorts are for the ladies on the 20’s for sure!! I’m old and I need elastic haha!!! Those were my favorite ones also. I found that a Target has some cute clothes and they stay busy!! Whew there was people lined up for the dressing room. Lol I know they think I took forever ha!!!

  • Tammy GRavis

    Lawd, I wish I had the waistline I did in the 80’s. I’m really attracted to elastic waist bands these days. Lol My fashion sense is matching earrings and necklace lately. Lol

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