Cute Date Night Outfit + Leopard Heels

Good morning everyone! It’s Thursday and the week is coming to an end (work week that is), and I am excited for a long holiday weekend! What are you girls going to do? We have NO plans, we normally hang out at the house and cookout. I think Barry has to work Memorial Day so we will probably be celebrating Saturday. I’m heading over to Big Lots and see if I can pick up some holiday decor. Do you girls have a Big Lots near you? Also, Pinterest has fixed the technical issues, so please Pin outfits that you have liked (Thanks a bunch!!).

Today I am styling an outfit that can be casual or dressed up. I chose to wear my leopard heels – I LOVE these sandals! I don’t think I have worn them since early Spring, and I thought these would look great with the white and green outfit. These leopard sandals are from Amazon and are $27.00. These are really popular so I would snag them up quick! the possibilities are endless with these sandals. Wear them with jeans, black pants, skirts, white jeans, olive jeans – they honestly go with every color under the rainbow! Get the sandals HERE.

I am wearing a London Fog brown leather satchel I got years ago and I mean YEARS ago! It has held up through a lot of wear. These are not available anymore, but I found some great alternatives below. Dont you think the brown leather pops with the white jeans?

Let’s talk about this green blouse, first the details on this top is outstanding! Then 3 straps on the shoulders, the flutter sleeves and the ties on the sleeves at the elbow. WOW! Also, you ladies will like that it has a bubble hem (covering and camouflaging all the areas we want to be hidden. lol). The color is so bright and spring-like, plus this comes in a gorgeous coral color also. See the green blouse HERE. It’s 30% off at $31.46, but NY&CO is still having the HUGE sale going on. The more you buy the more you save! Buy 1 item -get 30% off, 2 items get 40% off, 3 or more and get 50% off! Shop the Sale HERE.

Picture of the coral color is below

I love SOHO jeans and I have been needing some cute cropped jeans, so these were perfect! If you haven’t tried SOHO brand from NY&CO, I would definitely recommend you try this brand. I have many SOHO items and love them all, in fact, some of my items are more than 3-4 years old and I still wear them!

These are a 25 inch length and it sits at the waist, so it gives you support. It is 98% cotton and 2% Spandex, so you get that stretch that we all love, and it does give! You will not feel trapped in them when sitting down! What caught my eye about these jeans is the crochet detail on the legs. I LOVED that, I took a close up picture from home to show the detail more clearly below. See the SOHO 25 inch cropped jeans HERE.

The heel on these are right at 2 inches if not about 1 3/4 inch. If you are looking a cute leopard sandal that is suitable for work and play, these might be what you are looking for. I love mine and I’m sure you will see more of these in the Fall. I like these because these are a transitional piece and I can get a lot of wear out of them. You girls know these would look super cute with a white skirt with a black or tan blouse. My mind is racing with ideas LOL!

New Rodan + Fields Product Launches Today!

Don’t forget ladies! Today is the day that YOU can get the new face masks! I thought I would give you a quick overview of what the masks actually do, so I posted some graphics for you. If you are not using a face mask at least once or twice a week, this is something you might want to think about.

Raegan and I are masking all the time! These masks are made to give you visibly instant results! That’s why we mask! LOL!! If you decide to grab one, make sure you sign up as a Preferred Customer -you get FREE SHIPPING and 10% off all your orders over $80!! I also like the fact that if you have your regimen already, you can mix and match these with EVERY regimen. That I LIKE!!! See more about the NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH HERE!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Barry and I are yet spending another day together, well – we are going to the gym together then I have to work in the home office for a few hours. I hope you girls have a great day…Friday EVE everyone!!! WooHOO!

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  • sandy

    Don’t you just love how when you put an outfit on you have ideas for other outfit combinations in the future! The detailing on the green top is so pretty and I’ve never seen crochet detailing on jeans before; it amazes me how designers continually come up with new ways to switch things up. I tend to gravitate toward brown purses because they go with everything. And I am bad about finding a purse I like and not changing purses for a long time and that’s where I’m at now…needing a new purse but I’m so picky; because of the fact I use only one purse it has to have everything I look for in a purse so takes me a bit longer to find one. Terry has an aunt flying in for the weekend so we will be spending time visiting with her and his two sisters will come up to visit her so we will spend time with them and then it’s my Dad’s birthday on Saturday so we will head over to see him at some point. Neither of the boys will be home so I don’t have to prepare food for the weekend. Our legionnaires host a community dinner(lunch) on Monday so we will attend that. And……they have rain in the forecast for our weekend so the weather may not be great to be out and about. Enjoy your “date” at the gym with Barry!

    • Beverly

      Wow you have a lot going on!! I carry a crossbody wallet in my purse and take that out when I’m out and about so I don’t have to carry my purse so much. But I stick with 1 purse for a while too. I only switch it up when it doesn’t match my outfit lol. I have 2 that are my faves and they are my go to bags. I used to have an obsession with handbags but I have gotten better over the years. Have fun visiting with everyone!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! As usual you look adorable 🙂 The top is cute, I like the detailing on the jeans but I love the shoes and the purse! I think that I need to get these shoes and soon 🙂 Today is baking day for me. As soon as I get off this computer it is time to start cranking out the cookies!! My weekend plans are to welcome my youngest son and his family here probably sometime close to or just after midnight Friday night. Saturday we will probably go to downtown Monroe to enjoy the Farmer’s Market, stop in at The Story Shop book store, get some ice cream from Scoops and then go to the gigantic hammock swings to hang out for a bit then who knows? Sunday we are going to the Georgia Aquarium and thank the good Lord that we will be in air conditioning because the temps here have been and will be in the 90’s. I will be working on Monday, Memorial Day but don’t know which shift yet. Have fun spending another day with your hubby and if you aren’t enjoying the workout just keep thinking about cracking those walnuts!! 😉

    • Beverly

      Haha!! Oh my gosh I just died laughing!! I needed that joke this morning!! I don’t think I could crack a potato chip 😂😂. Wow!! You guys have some great plans. I wish I lived near you just to tag along!!! Have fun!! Walnuts!! I’m dying!!!!!!

  • Johnna

    The green top is beautiful. Love that color green. And the leopard shoes are the icing on the cake. I wear mine a lot. They really do look good with just about anything and are comfy to boot. It’s been quite a while since I’ve shopped NY & Co. going to check them out. Have a great day!

    • Beverly

      Thanks!! I haven’t shopped NY&CO in awhile either till we stopped in at the beach. I am heading to Talbots soon and check them out. I love my leopard shoes!! Aren’t they comfy!!!!

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