2 Summer Outfits featuring Steve Madden

Happy Friday! I thought it would never get here LOL! Barry has been off for a while and we have been busy nonstop doing things. It’s nice being with him and “hanging out”, but I’m not going to lie, I feel like I get nothing done when he’s here. Well, I feel like Im not getting anything accomplished inside the house when anyone is in the house. I get so distracted when people are around, or I just want to throw a toilet bowl brush at them and say…chip in baby! LOL!!!!

I styled the Steve Madden awesome espadrilles with a maxi dress last week, now I’m showing you a couple more ways to wear them! Let me start off by saying, if you like these, then get them! These are some of the BEST wearing shoes I have ever worn. I’m not sure if its because it has a rubber sole or what, but these sandals wear like tennis shoes. I wear these around in the house – that’s how good they wear! See the Steve Madden Jaida Espadrilles HERE.

While we were at the beach I found this cute textured lilac open front cardigan and it quickly became an item I throw on almost daily. I love wearing it around the house at night when I get chilly, plus it’s adorable! This can be worn with jeans, dress pants or skirts – not just shorts! It’s from Palmetto Moon and it comes in the Lavender I’m wearing, Vanilla Ice, Frozen Lake (turquoise), and Raw Silk. These are going fast – very fast! It’s TTS, I am wearing a Medium, it hits below your bottom and it’s simply perfect for anything in my opinion. See the cardigan HERE.

Another item I picked up were these gorgeous 10-inch white Madie Shorts. These are like the striped shorts with the 2 piece set I styled on Striped Shorts + A Blazer, and I like these even more. I have said I have found my shorts and I believe these may be them! I can wear these all the time – I like the dressy look of the shorts, but you can take the belt out and wear flat sandals with a Tee Shirt and still look cute! See the Madie Shorts HERE.

**Also, NY&Company Memorial Sale is going on NOW, 50% off the entire website. Im sure the same sale is going on in stores also. Shop the Sale HERE.

I am also carrying a Spartina wristlet that can be worn as a crossbody. This print is called Shelter Cove and it is a fun, tropical print with stripes. I was unsure when I purchased this wallet, but I am so glad I did. It has multiple card slots, I can carry my phone in it and plenty of space and zipper compartments. This is perfect for running in a store to grab a few things. I normally leave my purse in my car and grab my Spartina up and do my errands, not all the time, but sometimes you just need to be handsfree! See the Spartina HERE.

I had to grab my cheetah print top and wear it because I have been wanting to put \it on for so long – I just had to post my outfit from yesterday. I paired this with a cute pair of Stretch Cropped Ankle Pants in beige or stone. These pants have a great stretch and wear great! I love wearing these whether I dress them up or throw on a t-shirt and flip flops and go. They are comfortable!! These are from Amazon and you can see them HERE.

I personally think these Steve Madden Jaida Sandals make this outfit. These are some of the sharpest shoes I have in my little arsenal of shoes – I want to make sure I get across exactly how comfortable these shoes are to wear – did I tell you they wear like tennis shoes? You don’t even feel like you are wearing a wedge! See the Jaida sandals HERE.

We will be working in the yard today, Barry goes back to work tomorrow so it will be back to work in the house for me. Tomorrow I have a few ideas about a cute Memorial Day outfit I hope you girls like…would you rather see denim jeans or shorts? I think I’d like your input in this and I can pick oput things you will enjoy looking at! Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you girls have a FABULOUS Friday!!!!

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  • Peggy

    Looking great Beverly. I love Spartina 449. Many years ago I discovered the brand while vacationing on Hilton Head. I ordered the Bamboo Moon Bucket Bag and matching wallet for summer. I love it. Since I only wear shorts around the house I would prefer you style something with denim jeans or capris. Have a great weekend.

    • Beverly

      Great!! I was thinking the same thing!! I love some Spartina. I never heard of it till I started working at the Boutique lol. I might need to get out more ha!!! Happy Friday!!

  • sandy

    I had to chuckle at your first paragraph…I definitely can relate in getting more done when I am in the house by myself! That lavender cardigan is so pretty! I love the cheetah print with those beige pants…you look so cute and the outfit looks so comfy/casual. I would like to see an outfit for Memorial day with jeans because it is a cooler weekend here and we just had an abundance of rain overnight again so made everything muddy. I got rained out from doing my mowing yesterday so I am praying the sun comes out that “maybe” I can finish mowing tonight if it can dry out some. We still have a field of soybeans to plant and that’s not going to happen anytime soon since we lost everything we gained with that field drying out. There are farmers in other areas that have had it so much worse so I need to stop complaining. Hope you and Barry get a lot accomplished today!

    • Beverly

      My step son has a friend in Nebraska and his dad is s farmer and said they lost everything from the rain. This is horrible! You guys are in my prayers!! I was thinking jeans would be the best way to go. I’ve found myself liking pants more this summer, must be my age lol!!! Happy Friday Sandy!! I will be praying it dries out for you guys!!

      • sandy

        OMG…where in Nebraska does the friend live? Some of those that lost all their farm ground in the first flooding probably will not get those fields planted. That is why I know there are those out there that are worse off and I’m trying to be thankful for what we do have planted. Thank you for the prayers just the same. And yes…I decided wearing more pants must be an age thing because I really only wear shorts when we are with the kids. If I want any part of my legs to show, I’m in a skirt or midi skirt because they are comfy and cool.

        • Beverly

          I don’t know what part, but I can’t imagine losing everything like that. And you’re right-skirts are so much cooler!! I guess I have hit the age where I feel more comfortable covering up. Happy Friday!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I agree with Sandy that the first picture of you is cute and it reminds me of the movie singing in the rain 😉 The Lilac cardigan is so pretty! My favorite outfit today is the Cheetah print top and beige pants, sooo cute!! I tried to look up the shoes and it said currently unavailable. I will check back at another time. I am the same way that you are about cleaning and getting things done. I work best and make much more progress if I am home alone and of course have the music on so that I can sing and dance as I work! It seems that when Troy is home unless we have a specific project to accomplish the day just goes by too fast with nothing much to show for it. What does Barry do for work? I would also like to see some Memorial Day ideas with jeans. I wear shorts mostly around home and not so much out and about. That is just awful about what the farming families are going through!! I will definitely be praying for Sandy’s family and others as well! Have a wonderful and productive Friday 🙂 I am off to do housecleaning!!

    • Beverly

      You sound so much like me Sandy!! I like music playing while I’m cleaning. Heck, I even can “cut a rug” by myself haha!!! I wear shorts mainly at home too. I don’t like wearing them out much unless it’s super hot outside. I was figuring everyone was wanting jeans more. And boy am I glad ha!! I loved wearing that outfit yesterday!! I will check that link and update with a new store, I get I can find them on sale somewhere!! Thanks for letting me know! Happy Friday!!!

    • Beverly

      I forgot to tell you, Barry has a law degree but he does not practice. He’s a magistrate in our county and the small claims judge. Kind of like judge Judy lol

    • sandy

      Kelly thank you for the prayers. It’s really hard to be upbeat when you know that the crops are a main income but…God always provides and things always work out. We just have to be patient and remember that. Happy cleaning AND dancing !!!

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