Striped Shorts and A Blazer

Happy Hump Day! It seems here lately we have a full day every day, and I don’t know how to slow things down LOL! Let’s not talk about the laundry I found this morning, how does a laundry basket fill up overnight? I’ve been telling Barry what you girls have said about his photography skills and I think it’s going to his head HAHA!! What have you girls been up to? I know a few of you were busy this past weekend and I loved hearing about all of your outings! I read what you girls are doing and I think I have a boring life HA!!

While we were at Myrtle Beach, on our little” shopping pick me up” we stopped in a few of my favorite stores – some I haven’t visited in a long time. We stopped in at New York & Company and ran across this cute striped 2 piece “suit” set and fell in love with it instantly. When we are on vacation, especially when it’s warm weather, I like to dress up every now and then for dinner. I loved the longer length shorts and thought I would style it on the blog.

This is an open front blazer with 3/4 length sleeves, it is lined, but it is not a heavy lining. You can see the blazer HERE. It’s very wearable during the warmer months and a great piece with the short or by itself. I think it would look great with jeans, white pants or even a colored jean, like a coral or red. It’s normally $89.95, but NY&CO has a sale going on now, the more you buy the bigger percentage off. 1 piece get 30% off, 2 get 40% off, and 3 or more 50% off. Shop the Sale HERE.

The Madie short has a 6-inch inseam and has a slightly higher waist. The tie belt can be worn in the middle or on the side, whichever you prefer. I’m a little OCD and have to nearly always have these type belts (with a jacket) in the middle of my waist. I bet some of you are like that too! LOL! These shorts are a great dressier type short for dinners, date nights, or a “just because I want to dress up” day. I have those days every now and then…please tell me some of y’all do too!! The shorts are $59.95, but as you know they are having a huge sale. in fact, I can’t think of too many times NY&Co isn’t having some type of sale. See the shorts HERE.

You can wear a bright top underneath the blazer or with the shorts alone. I chose a navy chiffon camisole to wear with this 2 piece set. I like the idea that you can wear a camisole or a short sleeve blouse underneath. You can get the camisole from Nordstrom and it’s only $39.00. I have had mine at least 2-3 years and it’s one of the most well-made camisoles I have. See the camisole HERE.

Let’s talk about these booties ladies! If you remember black in the Winter, I styled these booties right much with a few different outfits. I told you then that you could wear these in the Spring and Summer, so keeping true to my word…here is a way to wear them. I mostly wear these booties with dresses or skirts, but since the set had a little grey in it, I thought these would look cute! I got these from Amazon and they run around $26, these are by City Classified Chunky Heel Ankle Boot, another brand I like is by MVE and they are in the STP below. See the booties HERE (Fall will be here before you know it!!).

Bracelets are by JBloom Design, I am having an online party till May 31st, so if you want to get a cute piece of jewelry I would really appreciate you helping me get my Hostess Rewards. Link to the party is HERE.


Tri Bend Bangles // Hazel Stretch Bracelet (middle) // Bliss Stretch Bracelet (right)

Thanks for stopping by the blog ladies! I hope you have a great Hump Day!! Barry, Raegan and I are off to see what we can get in to, so this should be interesting!! See you girls on th blog tomorrow!! XOXO

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  • sandy

    You do know how adorable you look in this outfit right????!!!! Even though I would never be able to wear this, I love seeing it on you. I can see where you could switch blouses with it but I bet my favorite would still be the navy. I like the sandals with it too and I bet flat ones would look just as cute. What a lucky Mom…two days in a row you get to go out with Reagan! So does Barry make sure he grabs the camera anytime you go out the door now just in case he wants to get some photos of you 🙂 I think that’s great that he is enjoying it so you don’t have to beg him to take them. How cute would that be if he got some of you and Reagan today 😉 I will come back and look at your jewelry party. I have an eye dr. appt. this morning so need to get a few things done before I head to that. Enjoy your day out and could be interesting to see what you three come up with if you don’t have a “plan” !!!

    • Beverly

      Thank you so much for these compliments!! Wow!! LOL!! He takes these pictures with my iPhone XR. Can you believe that? Then we edit the background colors on the MacBook. Raegan has been doing that and she’s pretty good at it. I need to go to the eye dr ASAP, my eyeglasses need updating something horrible ha! The longer shorts are so comfortable, I think I’ve found my length!!!! Have a great day Sandy!!! Enjoy it!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning and happy hump day!! As usual you look super cute 🙂 I love the whole outfit on you but for me I would probably just wear the shorts and camisole. I am not a big dress up kind of girl unless I have a specific occasion to dress up for. For some reason if I do dress up more on just a regular day I feel self conscious about being overdressed. I love the booties, they are super cute! Anyway, today I am very sleep deprived since I worked late last night and didn’t get to bed until after 1:00 am and then up super early this morning, ugh! My husband’s place of work is having a end of the school year kind of BBQ on Friday and I am baking the cookies for the dessert. There will be 190 plus people there so I will be baking until the cows come home, lol! My youngest son, his girlfriend and their son will be coming from Florida for a visit this weekend and will arrive late Friday night so I will also be cleaning and preparing for their visit. I am really enjoying the outside pictures that Barry has been taking. Enjoy your day together and hope you have fun! 🙂

    • Beverly

      Wow-Kelly, you are baking for that many people? Holy Smokes!!! I could not fathom doing that, but you are a baker !! You have inspired me to bake more, I forgot how much I like it and missed it. I would love to do a post on an easy dessert. And I mean easy lol and try and get Raegan and Brooklyn in pics with me. That is probably not going to happen. When I first started writing the blog I put a few of my favorites dishes on the blog and my friends loved it. Sounds like you will have a busy weekend and I know you’re excited about your son coming!!! Thanks for the compliments on the pics. Barry is getting a big head haha!! Have a great day!!!

  • Johnna

    This outfit is a showstopper! You look great. The pictures look so professional – like backgrounds, the poses they lighting – everything. Your husband has found his calling. Lol. I would never think of wearing those booties with that but it all looks so good together. You are the best at putting clothes and accessories together. I guess that’s why I follow you. You really do help me use what I have in better ways. I’ve found myself wanting to dress better even when I don’t have to. Your bracelets are so pretty. I have the gold, silver, rose gold set too. My wrists are very small and its hard to find bracelets that fit well but these are perfect for me and go with everything. You’re doing great, Beverly. Have a good day.

    • Beverly

      Wow Johnna!! What a compliment!!! Thank you so much. I have to recycle some of my clothes too. Well, I recycle all the time. I try to show new pieces, but it does help to show how you can get a lot of wear out of certain items. You are so sweet!! Made Barry’s day lol

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