Styling a Floral Jumpsuit

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope your week has gotten off to a great start and you’re having a fantastic Tuesday! I thought I was going to have a “cleaning” day yesterday, but it ended up being an office day. I got a few things done, so I am ahead of schedule and that’s always good. Raegan and I are going to eat lunch together and have some mother-daughter time, so I am looking forward to that!

Then I’m heading over to my Mom’s house and help her decorate a wall —she’s redecorating going with the Farmhouse look. I love that style of home decor and would LOVE to redecorate my house. Unfortunately, I think I would have to redo cabinets and most of my furniture, so that will be on the “list” of possibilities. LOL!!

Today I am styling a really cute floral jumpsuit I purchased from JustFab. I have styled clothes from JustFab before and I have really liked them. I noticed I had a credit in my account, so I set out looking something. I ran across this jumpsuit in their gallery of pictures from “normal people’ and I loved it!

When styling floral you can have a lot of options if you want to cover up your chest and shoulder area. This would look great with an off-white blazer, a leather moto jacket in beige, a denim jacket or a cardigan like I have chosen. This can be worn as workwear or a church outfit, especially with a cute blazer or jacket. You can dress it down and wear some cute flat sandals also. It would also look cute for an outdoor wedding, a graduation or a shower you are attending. This is called the Wrap Ruched Cropped Leg Jumpsuit in Dark Indigo Multi.

This jumpsuit comes in the navy floral, black, or a royal blue. I have found that I can wear a print and hide areas on my body I want to camouflage, solid colors sometimes tend to not hide these areas as well. It is available XS-3X and if you sign up to be a NEW VIP member, you can get it 75% off (around $15.00) your first purchase. VIP members that aren’t new can get it for $42.95 and retail is $60.95. See the jumpsuit HERE.

The legs are ruched which gives it a super cute cropped look, plus it wore really good throughout the day. It has a snap closure where it wraps at the chest so it is very secure. It has a tie belt to accentuate the waist and gives it a little “something else”. I wanted to wear something on my arms and opted for a green cardigan from NY&Co, called the Jeweled Morgan Cardigan in Aquamarine Splash. These come in 14 different colors and NY&Co is having a 30%/40%/50% off sale going on right now. Check out the sale HERE.

I chose nude kitten heels by Eunicer from Amazon for my sandals. I needed something very neutral (no straps, fringe, etc.) so it didn’t take away from the floral print. Navy or olive shoes would be a great choice with this print also. Eunicer kitten heels have a 2-inch heel and they are running low in 8’s, but I have given more options of shoes below this picture if you are looking a cute kitten heel. These are around $25.99 and you can find them HERE.

I chose to wear the Blue Skye necklace to accent the blue and green tones in the jumpsuit. It is 35-38 inches long and is only $32.00. See the necklace HERE. I have attached a gold tassel charm to the necklace to give it a little extra bling! Charms range from $5 to $50 depending on how big or small you want them. They also are worn on bracelets to personalize them in your own way. See the charms HERE.

The Pave necklace is a favorite of mine also, reminds me of the Kendra Scott collection, but half of the price. It only comes in silver and is 15-18 inches long, get it HERE for $30.

I am off getting groceries today (YUK!!) and doing a little yard work. I hope you all have a great day and thanks for stopping by the blog! Oh, I am still having issues with Pinterest, as soon as Pinterest gets the problem fixed you will be able to start back pinning items. I will let you know when they have fixed the problem. thanks again and stay safe ladies! What are you girls doing today?

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  • sandy

    I’m jealous you get to have a mother-daughter day as having two sons, I never had those outings. I am glad to say that our boys now do love when I call and say I’m coming into town, will your work schedule allow us to have lunch and they are more then happy to switch things around if they can. This jumpsuit is so cute “on you”. I do not have enough on top to hold outfits like that up so they do not look flattering on me. I guess I could wear a tank top under it but I think that would take away from the look of the outfit. I am anxious to try a jumpsuit on as you see quite a few of them in the stores this Spring. I tried to Pin the outfit yesterday and found that I couldn’t do it yet so glad to hear it is still on your end and not something that I changed here. We are off to our corporation tax appt. this morning. It is a dreary, wet, cold and windy morning here so I know we will do lunch out after our appt. and we will maybe even drive on in to the city and take in a movie!?!? Have a fun day with Reagan!

    • Beverly

      You might be better off with the jumpsuits that are fully covered up top!! With your frame I think you would need more of a tapered ankle like this one and it would look cute!! Chase and I are kinda close, but nothing like Raegan and I. We are like peanut butter and jelly!! 😂😂. Hopefully we can get Pinterest cleared up soon. Gosh, there is so much stuff to watch when running a blog lol!! I hope you guys have a great day out in the city!!! Wish it wasn’t raining, but if you’re watching a movie then it’s ok lol!!! Thanks Sandy-I’m going to tell Rae ( that’s what I call her) what you said.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning ladies! Cute outfit Beverly 🙂 I have seen a lot more women wearing jumpsuits lately. Glad for you that you get some mother/daughter time today. I have two daughters and two sons. I love all of them but have a special connection with the girls. They all live about 10 hours away from me in Florida but I either talk or do face time with the girls each day. I wish they were close enough to do lunch or regular outings with. Today I have been taking it easy this morning and right after I finish writing this I need to get my butt in gear and do some laundry and housework before I leave to go to work 3-10 at CVS this afternoon. It is a very pretty and sunny day here in the Atlanta area and we will have a high of 90 today. It looks like very high temps for the next week or two for us. Sandy I hope you enjoy your time at the movies and Beverly have a great lunch with Raegan!!

    • Beverly

      Every time I go in CVS I think of you!! I’m doing some housework this afternoon. It never ends lol. When Chase lives in Texas I thought I was going to die!! I can’t imagine having more than one child that far away. Don’t work too hard girlie!!! 😊

  • Johnna

    I just had chance to read your blog. It’s been one of those days. My feet hit the floor this morning and there was no looking back! Cute cute as always. I’m not a floral fan but you make it look so good I might have to try it. Love the necklaces😉

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