Easy Squash Casserole

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am trying so hard to get caught up and back on my regular posting schedule with fashion and other things. A few days ago I made squash casserole and shared it on Facebook and I had so many messages, I thought I would share with you girls today. If you read the comments on the posts, then you know I am way behind and slowly getting caught up! Who knew that a little remodel could rock your world like this has! HA!

About 20 years ago I was at my late husband’s mother’s home eating dinner with the family. I was loving this “dressing” she had made, it was so good girls! AHH! When I asked about it, she promptly told me I was eating squash casserole and my mouth dropped wide open! I hated squash, I never even tried squash, I saw my Mom fixing it for my Dad and wanted no part of that! Boy had I been missing out! Of course Grandma Yetta shared her recipe with me and from then on, it has been a signature dish of mine. Anytime I make it, it is consumed so quick…it’s a HUGE hit at family dinners and church get-togethers!

Oh, there are other recipes out there on Pinterest for this, but honestly girls, I have not found one that was this easy or tasted this good! In full disclosure, my kids were picky eaters, so I chopped the squash and onions up very fine and they never knew they were eating veggies!! Score one for Mom!!! Hope you enjoy this and Fashion will be back on the blog tomorrow!! WooHoo!!

Yetta’s Easy Squash Casserole

  • 2 cups Pepperidge Farm Stuffing (Blue Bag)
  • 2 cups cooked yellow squash
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1/2 onion diced or minced (whichever you prefer)
  • 1/2 stick of butter melted

Mix all the ingredients together and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until golden brown.

Here is a picture of the casserole I made Sunday for my family. Girls, this will NOT disappoint and you will be asked for this recipe! Even by the pickiest of eaters!!

Happy Hump Day ladies!! Hope you enjoy this Southern Yellow Squash Casserole!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a great day!!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Hump Day to you!! I think this summer has kind of knocked us both for a loop and hopefully things will be back to “normal” (whatever that is) soon. Thanks for sharing this recipe today. I have pinned it and plan on trying it out when the kids and grand kids are here in a couple of weeks for a visit. One of the grand daughters absolutely loves zucchini and I am wondering if it could replace the yellow squash in this? Have you ever tried it that way? If not, then I will probably just use the yellow squash especially for the first time. Unfortunately I won’t be able to eat it because I can’t do gluten but I bet the family will like it. I am enjoying the day off again today and finishing up on some laundry. I work tomorrow 8-3 so will probably be commenting later in the afternoon. Have a wonderful day!!

    • Beverly

      I have not tried zucchini but that sounds like a great idea!!! They will love it!! My kids were picky, so I chopped everything up really fine, they always thought it was dressing too lol. Hopefully our schedules will get back to normal. Wow! June and July have been some humdingers!!! Have a good day off❤️

  • sandy

    Oh yummy….we have a family reunion on Saturday and I think I will try this IF I can get to a bigger grocery store for the Pepperidge Farm stuffing. You said you chopped everything really small…but it calls for 2 cups of “cooked” yellow squash so won’t this already be pureed if it’s cooked when you add it to the casserole? Here I go again…needing “details” to a recipe. Terry wouldn’t touch this if I made it for him and I so I need to make it when we have to take a covered dish so this would be perfect since I’m going to put a turkey in the crockpot overnight and that’s going to be my meat and this veggie would be a great side. I hope you made it to the gym for some “me” time even if it was exercise. Just seems like exercise gives a person a lift and gets you going for the day. I can tell the difference when I don’t and seems like I’ve had a lot of those days that I’ve put other things first. Zucchini is abundant right now so this morning I made a zucchini cake, zucchini muffins and I have zucchini on the grill to go with our chicken…which I better be checking. Good luck on nothing coming up so you can get things accomplished this afternoon

    • Beverly

      I did make it to the gym! I am getting ready now to go take pictures this afternoon. OK, I boil my squash until it is tender. Then I take a chopper and chop up the slices and mix it in with the other ingredients. Your zucchini items are making me hungry lol!!! If I didn’t explain it well let me know. I usually slice up about 4-5 regular squash. Sometimes I get the frozen sliced squash and boil it to make it too. You don’t have to chop it up, I do because my kids don’t like to see the squash for some reason LOL!

      • sandy

        Well know I know why I was confused about it being a puree…..I was thinking like a butternut squash and I think you are talking yellow “zucchini” type squash that maybe has seeds in it…LOL So…thank you for that hint that you sometimes buy from the freezer section…I may do that if I can’t find the yellow squash when I’m getting the rest of the ingredients. Thank you for having to “paint me a picture” AGAIN on a recipe. I wish I was a “little bit of this and little bit of that” type of cook/baker; would make it so much easier! Thanks Beverly. Hope it’s not a sweat session for your photos! 😉 It’s hot and humid here after receiving rain last night.

        • Beverly

          Lol!!! Don’t feel bad, I had to call my mom and call my mother-in-law yo help me when I first made it lol!! I was the worst cook/baker but I’m much better now!! Oh my gosh, it was so hot outside we only took pictures of one outfit. I’m at the mall now looking for sales, it’s much cooler inside a dressing room lol!!! ❤️❤️

  • Rynn Ziller

    Ok, this is how bad of a cook I am… when you say cooked squash, do you mean boiled? I want to try this recipe, but don’t even know how to prep the squash!

    • Beverly

      LOL!! Don’t feel bad because 20 years ago I had to call my mom and ask her how long to boil it!! Bring your water to a boil, I slice my squash up. Once the water boils, I put all the squash in the pot and boil it under the squash is soft. Then I drain in and chop it up with a food chopper so the kids didn’t know it was squash. Then I mix it in with the rest of the ingredients. So easy!!

      • Jami

        I’m glad I read the comments first. In Michigan, all I have left from my garden is winter squash! I would have to buy summer squash for this recipe, it sounds like! Either way, it sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    • Beverly

      Rynn, I copied some of my comment to Sandy…hope this helps… If not, let me know!! I usually slice up about 4-5 regular squash. Sometimes I get the frozen sliced squash and boil it to make it too. You don’t have to chop it up, I do because my kids don’t like to see the squash for some reason LOL!

  • Sema

    Love the recipes, keep them coming. I made your recipe for the perfect drink for summer (punch), we love it and cannot get enough of it. Love your blog.

    • Beverly

      Thank you so much Sema!! I wanted to incorporate lifestyle in with fashion. I love that punch, it is soooo good!!!! Thanks for following!!❤️❤️

  • Rynn Ziller

    Perfect! Thank you so much! I’m not a big fan of squash, but my husband loves it. My kids (all adults now, but still picky eaters) won’t know what it is it sounds like, so this might be a win-win for all of us. Thank you!

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