6 Looks With a White Shirt & White Sandals

Happy Friday! It’s finally the weekend and I am so excited! I really don’t know why I’m excited, because we have absolutely nothing going on ha! Next week I will be helping my friend set up her jewelry and accessory store and I am excited to be getting out of the house for a few days for that. Today I am baking a chocolate chocolate chip pound cake and I Amy be posting that recipe on the blog…it was one of my kids FAVES growing up. I haven’t made it in a very long time, so I am going to surprise them. (Plus – it’s an easy recipe!)

I received this white button-down shirt in my Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box and decided I would show different ways you can style a plain white top. While I was waiting on Raegan to get off work the other night, I stopped by the mall to see what Macy’s had on sale and picked up some cute white sandals I am showing too!

The blouse is my Amazon’s Daily Ritual, it is a relaxed fit and I liked that a lot! It is only $23.40, it did come a bit wrinkled as you can tell, but with my Joy Mango Steamer, I can get those wrinkles out in no time! (If you don’t have a great steamer…check this one out HERE – we LOVE ours!) This blouse comes in 5 more colors and patterns and is a great everyday shirt and looks really cute with a tank underneath! See the blouse HERE. This is a staple piece for your wardrobe and will look great underneath cardigans and jackets in the fall!

These shorts are from The Loft Outlet and on sale for $29.99! I am wearing a size 8, these do tend to stretch out after wearing them for a while, but I like the looser boyfriend look. If you want them to stay where they fit all day, I would recommend sizing down. See the shorts HERE.

These camo joggers are from Amazon, they are inexpensive and wear like pajamas! These have been a favorite on the blog and they are perfect for dressing up or dressing down! Plus…did I say they were comfortable? These are only $12.85 and boy are they worth it!! I sized up to a Large for these so they would be looser, see the jogger HERE.

These sandals were Last Act (Clearance) at Macy’s with a slight heel about 1 inch. They wear very well and look very cute on your foot. I have never been a fan of white sandals and honestly, I do not own a pair. Till now! These are only $26.23 and are made by American Rag. See them HERE. Macy’s is having a big sale this weekend and I will be showing some dresses I tried on tomorrow. Shop the Sale HERE.

These cargo pants are from The Loft Outlet, they come in this pretty blue, an olive green, and a cute grey color. They are on sale right now for only $39.99. These have been a hot item on the blog as well! See the cargo pants HERE.

These are some of my favorite shorts from this Summer. I got them from Old Navy and they are on sale for $21.00 right now. They have spandex/stretch in them and I love that! They fit comfortably and do not lose their hope. I am wearing a size 8 for reference. These have almost a 5star rating – they are very comfortable and come in different colors and patterns. See the shorts HERE.

These jeans are some of my Oldie but Goldie ones! They are from American Eagle, they are then 360 Ne(X)t Level High Waisted Jeans. They say Curvy, but I have no clue why! These jeans are at least 4 years old and still look like the brand new ones. They are $69.95, but you can get an extra 25% off using code JEANS25, see the jeans HERE. In fact, all jeans are on sale using that code! Shop all the jeans HERE.

The last look is a denim skirt from Old Navy, a High Rise Fray Denim Skirt that has become a regular item I have worn this Summer. It is on sale for $29.99 and you can see it HERE. I like this skirt because it is longer, I am 5’7″ and it hits a few inches above my knee. It has stretch in it and it’s just an overall comfortable piece for running errands around town and it goes with any top!

These sandals…if you like a great flat sandal to slide on and run out the door, then this one is a must. These were in my Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box and are by Aerosoles. These are normally $69, but they are on sale now for only $29.99, see them HERE. I am keeping these, by the way, they wear way too good for me to send these back!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by the blog! I hope you all have a great day and thank you so much for following along! What are you girls up to today? Which outfit did you like the best? I love hearing what your thoughts are!!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    As usual you look great in all of them but I think my 2 favorites today are the camo joggers and the denim skirt. Like you I have never really cared for white sandals. I think they remind me of when my Mom would dress me up for Easter and I would have new white sandals or shoes. These are cute though so I may change my mind. I worked today and we had a bit of excitement. An elderly lady ran into a brick column near the front door. We felt the building shake and wondered what was happening and then another woman ran into the store to let us know that there had been an accident and she was already on her cell phone calling 911. I went out and the woman in the car had hit so hard that her air bag had deployed and she was bleeding from her head. I ran inside and grabbed some paper towels and gave her a bunch of them to put pressure on the wound to help stop the bleeding. She was ok other than that but went to the hospital to get checked out. It looks as though she may have hit the gas pedal rather than the brake and jumped the curb and hit the column. I have this weekend off and we are still unsure of how we want to spend the weekend. I hope you have a good one!

    • Beverly

      Oh my Lord!! That is some excitement, bless her heart. You know she felt bad and embarrassed about that. I would have, but it is so easy to get in a panic and hit the gas instead of the breaks.

      I think the white shoes remind me if the same thing lol!! I do like these a lot and they have changed my mind about white shoes. This is probably all I will buy in white other than tennis shoes lol!! Enjoy your night!! Wow! What a day!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I forgot to mention that the pound cake that you are making sounds really good so if you share the recipe I will probably try making it soon. I will be trying out a new recipe this coming week for Troy to take to work. It is for banana pudding cupcakes.

    • Beverly

      Oh my goodness, those cupcakes sound so good!! I think I will share the recipe tomorrow because it’s such an easy one!! And it’s delish!! Lol. I love easy!!! Let me know how the cupcakes 🧁 turn out. I may try those too!!

  • sandy

    You just can’t go wrong with a white blouse !!!! My favorite is the white blouse with the blue jeans…love that combo in the summer. I have a white pair of sandals and there are just certain things that they do really look good with…a couple of my knee length dresses look good with them and I wear them with my white jeans too. I haven’t owned white tennis shoes in years! I went to a 90th birthday coffee this morning, then to meet Terry to have dinner(lunch) at the fair(yes…we partake of the Lutheran Church food stand during the fair as they have such yummy home-made food), then to get groceries so I could make a couple things for the family reunion tomorrow. And just as I figured…they had no yellow squash or pepperidge farm dressing so I could make the squash casserole. So…had to come up with plan B so guess it will be a BLT salad and turkey(that I will put in the crock pot tonight. ) Decided I maybe better mow the yard or it will be too long by next week. Hard to believe it is growing as omg…it was the hottest its been in a long time today. Even for me…TOO hot!!! We opted not to go to the fair tonight as it was just SO HOT! Were the kids happy with their surprise dessert?

    • Beverly

      Oh yes!! The kids loved the dessert, it’s half gone already!! I’m going to post the recipe for tomorrow’s blog since it’s so easy and good.

      Wow! First of all-90??? That’s something else to reach 90 years old. And boy, you guys are super busy. It’s still hot and humid here, like I feel like I’m melting when I go outside and my Jeep is so hot when I drive. I’m thinking about switching cars with Barry because I just can’t take this heat and my heat flashes!! Lol!! He has a Buick Enclave ( my old car) and it stays so much cooler than my car. Anyway I’m rambling lol, I hope it cools off soon for all of us. When does it start getting cooler there?

      • sandy

        Please do not feel like you were rambling as I too “type” my thoughts a lot of times !! I had the fan on high trying to cool my vehicle off on Thursday. It’s actually going to be cooler here for a few days now so it’s probably going to seem cold since it’s been so terribly hot. Otherwise, with Nebraska weather…it changes from day to day but it will start cooling off and staying that way sometime in October.

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