What I Wore: Weekend Casual to Weekend Date Night

Good Monday morning friends! I had a jammed pack weekend and I am pooped! This old girl is not 35 anymore! I did manage to get my tree up, but I have not decorated it yet. Some of you may remember that all of our Christmas tree decorations were ruined last year and we bought a new Flocked Tree after Christmas, see a similar one here. I am officially in the holiday spirit. Anyone else?

I am all about comfort and I wanted to show exactly how I have been styling the Dream Soft Camo Cowl Neck Pullover. This cozy sweater has been a Top Fave for a while with you ladies, so I thought showing you how I am styling it may give a little inspiration for different looks. The first time this was on the blog was in a Try-On Session (pic below) and has been super popular since!

Let’s talk about the casual and comfy look.

I styled this camo pullover with a denim jacket and a great pair of leggings from The Loft. I wanted total comfort so I added my Sketcher sneakers in blush to pull out the pink in the camo sweater. I wore this outfit while I was running errands and needed sneakers for all the walking I was doing. And boy did it help to have memory foam for superb cushion and support! See similar sneakers here.

If you are looking for a quality handbag that serves multiple purposes, I have been really loving this Madewell Leather Transport Bag. It is super roomy, can be worn over the shoulder (like in the picture below), crossbody, or carry it with the shorter straps. This comes in the English Saddle that I have or a pretty black. See the medium tote here. It’s worth it and for a good quality leather bag, it’s a great price.

Later in the day, we were heading out to grab dinner and I decided to swap out my sneakers for a pair of black booties. I think it takes it up a notch by adding the black booties, what do you think? I think it changes the entire look of the outfit, I went from super comfy to a little bit more put together. It’s funny how a pair of shoes can change the entire look and the feel of an outfit! A pair of wedge sneakers would look great with this outfit also and I have a pair coming for the blog! (I finally found a pair that I like ( here) and gave in to this new trend).

These black booties are by New Direction and called the Lara Booties. The shaft on these boots are just above the ankle, which makes it perfect if you’re wearing leggings. This is also a great boot to wear with dresses, especially with a heel of 2.5 inches. The heel makes these very easy to walk around in and are a great addition to your workwear wardrobe also. See the Lara bootie here.

Which look do you prefer? The casual look or the look with the bootie?

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I will be finishing up my decorations today, well, that’s the plan anyway. We all know how our plans can change at any time of the day. What are you girls up to? What are your thoughts on the different looks today, do you like comfy and casual?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, I hope you all have a great Mondy and your week is fabulous!

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      • Gina

        Really like the black booties, though I have a pair similar. You’re right, they take it up a notch from the sneakers but what a great way to dress it up a bit without having to change completely, right!? Gurl, I can’t believe you have your tree up already, lol. I do admit though seeing stores decorated already does kinda get me pointed on that direction. Clarence would have a cow if I busted out decor 🤣🤣🤣

        • Beverly

          Lol!! I miss Clarence!! Brooklyn has been pushing for the tree to be put up for awhile. One of our neighbors put their decor out in the yard on the 1st and she had a hissy fit!! We just finished it today, I’m going to wait to finish the garland and other things. Whew!! I’m pooped!! That CAMO top would look pretty on you with your skin tone!! ❤️❤️

  • Sandy

    So happy you accomplished getting your tree up so now your week is off to a good start 🙂 I like both the looks even though my first choice would be the sneakers for “comfort” but I so agree that just changing out your shoes changed the whole look of the outfit even though it is still comfy. A lot depends on the comfort of my shoe when I decide if it’s comfy casual or if I’m still comfy in my clothes BUT…put on a pair of shoes with a heel that dresses it up but I can’t walk as fast in or doesn’t fit as well. Yesterday I put on a new pair of shoes with a comfy height heel but after wearing them to church and home they were starting to slip in the heel…ugh. Hoping a heel insert with help with that. Back to the field for me today.

    • Beverly

      You are so right Sandy! A shoe can make a huge difference!! Hope an insert helps with your shoes. These Sketchers I’m wearing are VERY comfortable and I love wearing them. Don’t work too hard today. Oh, that tree was brand new so it really wore me out putting it up. I can tell I’m getting old 😂😂. It’s very pretty without anything on it. Hope I can get the ornaments up sometime soon. I was going to stay busy today, but I’m rethinking that and think I will take a lazy day 😊

  • Jalisa

    Love them both! It is amazing how changing the shoes changes the whole look! I have very similar boots but have never worn them with leggings! Thanks for your inspiration!❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    I love both of these options so I can’t choose which I like best. I love sketchers and have seen these blush colored ones and have been thinking about getting a pair. I wear sketchers to work everyday because they are very comfortable. I like the idea of having an outfit that I can wear throughout the day doing errands or whatever and then just changing the shoes to be ready for a date night out with Troy. So much easier than changing your whole entire outfit and especially at the end of the day when you are tired. I would really enjoy seeing more of these kind of posts. We have a flocked tree as well and it does look so pretty even without any decorations on it. If the cats bother the ornaments this year then we may end up just enjoying it bare 😉 Today was my first day back at work and it went well but I started to get a sore throat and drippy nose last night so I am glad that I have the next 2 days off. I will be trying whatever home remedies and homeopathics that I can think of to hopefully nip any crud in the bud!

    • Beverly

      Bless your heart!! You’ve really had it bad with the flu! I like these kind of posts too and will be doing more. Sketchers are super comfortable and I love my blush sneakers. They go with a lot of things. And you’re right about the flocked tree, it’s so pretty bare! Hope you feel better soon💕

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