Corduroy Moto Jacket + My Trunk Club Reveal

Hello girls and Happy Tuesday! Ok, I know I have talked a lot about Christmas here lately and I’m sorry if my enthusiasm is exploding. I have no clue why I am so giddy, but I am this year! Maybe it is the fact that Brooklyn is so excited! Does anyone else get excited like this? Raegan got up early (and I mean early – I hadn’t finished my first cup of coffee yet) decorated the tree and wanted to start on the rest of the house. That wasn’t happening, not that early! HA!

Last Friday I received my new trunk from Trunk Club and it was so exciting to see what someone else had picked out for me! I have tried Trunk Club before but did not have great success, but it seems this time my stylist nailed it! So if you have tried it before and didn’t like it, give it another try with a different stylist.

I loved seeing what she sent me, trying on the clothes, stepping out of my normal boundaries and seeing all the ways I could wear what she sent.

The jeans have a raw hem, I chose to cuff the jean with the booties. You can wear them cuffed or uncuffed.

I absolutely LOVED this outfit, the total outfit from head to toe, it was so me! The Corduroy Moto Jacket is the perfect jacket and the color rocks! I would have never picked this blouse and styled it with the jacket, but once I put it on – I was sold! The Madewell 10-inch High Rise jeans are a little pricey, but they are worth it! I typically do not purchase jeans that are this costly, but these fit so well, I now know why other fashion bloggers are raving about them. See them here.

Here are a few of the items that I liked and to my surprise, I really liked the Spanx leather leggings. They fit tight, but not like compression leggings and the waist was not tight at all, it gives you room to breathe and it does not give you a muffin top. I personally would wear the leather leggings a different way, but she sent this cute Gibson Off The Shoulder Sweater so I took a picture with it on.

The teal blouse and the printed blouse were my favorites out of the tops. There is one in the carousel below that was NOT flattering at all on me. It was not even picture worthy – trust me! It was very cute, but not for my body shape. Maybe it was the neckline – I’m not sure, whatever the reason – I did not like it for me.

The Madewell Transport Tote was – “Oh My Gosh I LOVED it”! See how I styled it on yesterday’s blog here. I liked the tote because you can wear it crossbody or over the shoulder and my MacBook Air fits perfect in it. It’s so much easier to work from the coffee shop carrying this instead of a backpack or laptop case. This is a great medium tote that is “mom-approved” for versatility and storage. I found a similar tote here that was much more affordable – under $30! I added a picture of it below.

I do want to mention that both pairs of booties were perfect for me (I am a boot fanatic). The (snake print) Rookie Bootie by Steve Madden was my favorite boot style. This boot comes in 4 colors and my favorite color is the chestnut! See it here. The Treasure and Bond Harrison bootie also comes in 4 colors and is a perfect match with the corduroy moto jacket! See that boot here.

What Was In My Trunk

My trunk had some really great pieces and I have put them all in the Shop The Post carousel below.

Have you tried Trunk Club yet? If you would like to give a try, go here. It’s so much fun having a personal stylist help you and give you outfit ideas. They even send you pictures of how to mix and match the pieces in your box to show you different ways to wear it. You can tell your stylist what you are looking for, whether it’s weekend casual, workwear, and even Christmas party attire! I have asked for weekend casual and comfy for my next Trunk, I can’t wait to see what Kimberly comes up with!

Trunk Club

Shop The Trunk

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Raegan and I are spending time together today looking for new Christmas decor. She is really getting into the Christmas spirit this year, maybe it’s because she’s growing up. Whatever the reason, she is all about decorating! What are you girls up to today? Anyone get any snow yet? I saw on FB where one follower got 5 inches on Halloween – WOW!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you girls have a great day!


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  • Sandy

    Good morning girl…wow, you are in Christmas mode….LOL Our son and family put their tree up also this past weekend and the kids were so excited about that. My favorite is the top photo with jacket, blouse and those jeans although those open front blouses like that look terrible on me. So, I would go with the teal with the more closed neck 🙂 It’s really a pretty color. I’ve not tried any of the styling services and I know some people really like them. I want to go to the city after we finish harvest where they have more store options. That is what I’m up to today…heading back to the field! We are getting very close to being done. Have fun with Reagan and wouldn’t it be neat to capture a photo of the two of you while you are out and about 🙂

    • Beverly

      You are one hard worker Sandy!! You are an inspiration to me when I get in lazy mode!!! I will try and snap a picture with Raegan, she does not like taking pics lol!! That’s probably because she rarely wears makeup. She’s an all natural girl the majority of the time. But-you never know!! We have a sick dog this morning. Chase’s dog, Kilo, has not had an appetite for the past few days. I woke up to him sleeping on my new couch-that’s a no no lol. I let him stay there and sleep, if he continues not to eat I guess Brooklyn’s mom will have to check him out for me. It’s very nice having a direct connection to the vet in the family. Don’t work too hard and have a great day!! 💕💕

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Tuesday morning! I really like the first outfit and I agree that it is so you 🙂 The color of that jacket is the same color as the faux suede jacket that I got and I love it for Fall. I like all of the items today and really like the gray off the shoulder top on you. The booties are cute but I really dislike anything snake print. Sorry, but I will be so glad when that fad is over. I am so happy for you that Raegan is on board about the Christmas decorating cause it is so much more fun when you have someone to enjoy it with! Please share some pictures of your decorating when you are done. I have today and tomorrow off then I will be working 4 days in a row so I am trying to figure out what I intend to accomplish during this time. Have a wonderful day!!

    • Beverly

      I agree!! I love that color too!!! It was sooo me lol!! It is nice to see some enthusiasm in her, she rarely gets excited over anything. She’s very very laid back, nothing like me since I’m so hyper all the time. You rest up so you don’t have a set back!! You made me laugh about the snake print. I can wear it in a subtle way-but I don’t want to see snakeprint slithering anywhere!! Eeekkkk!! ❤️


    Beverly, the first outfit with the corduroy jacket is the perfect fall ensemble from head to toe. I immediately pinned it. I use a different styling service because unlike you, I dislike shopping in a store. I am grateful for your inspiring blog and your style suggestions. I can tell you put a lot of thought and hard work into your online career. Blessings!

    • Beverly

      Oh Amber!! You just made my day!! I was just finishing up some emails when I saw your comment pop up. I was in Fashion for a long time and do try to address the problems I would hear so often. I loved that outfit too!! Those jeans were banging!! Do people still say that? Lol. Thanks for following Amber!!! ❤️❤️❤️ And thank you for your kind words 🥰

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