One Dress Styled 4 Ways

Hello girls! Today it’s all about the perfect black dress! I love this dress because it’s a knit dress and it’s wearable! I can move around in this dress and I am not constricted. I can dress it up or keep it casual and for me – that’s the perfect black dress! Plus you can get this with AfterPay for only 4 payments of $11!! Yes, please! Check out the different outfit ideas below.

If you have been following me for any amount of time, I am sure you know I love to layer! Nothing can take your outfit up a notch like a cardigan, jacket, and accessories! Style a knee-length dress with a longer cardigan for a long lean look, one of the best ways to cover up all those areas we don’t want to show off anymore! Add booties and a scarf to complete your look – if you want your legs to be elongated, go with a beige/nude color boot or bootie if you are going bare legged. For reference: I am wearing a Medium in this dress (I am normally a size 8). See the dress here. Outfit details are under each picture.

Outfit Details: // Cardigan //Dress // Boots // Scarf

I think we all love a denim jacket! I know I have been using mine a lot more than I ever had in the past. I love the look of the denim jacket with the black dress, it looks so trendy to me! I am wearing a long leopard pendant, but you could add some color with handbags or jewelry for more of a statement. Add a cute pair of booties or flats for different looks.

Outfit Details: // Denim Jacket // Dress // Boots // Leopard Necklace

Change up the entire look and throw on a sweater over the top of your dress. I have seen this done numerous times but never tried it. It’s a super quick way to change up and make a new outfit. Add a scarf and a crossbody or satchel and be on your way.

Outfit Details: // Sweater (similar) // Dress // Boots // Scarf

Let’s get really casual for a moment! Sometimes during the week or weekend, I don’t want to think about an outfit. Get the perfect black dress, add a plaid shirt or denim button-up, sneakers and a crossbody or transport tote and you will look put together with NO effort!

My favorite looks today!

Which look did you like best? I can’t make my mind up, but it’s definitely one of these 3.

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Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It’s Hump Day, so we are almost on Friday Eve! This is how I get through a workweek, after Hump Day, it’s Friday Eve, then Friday…Woohoo! I have a contractor coming today to start the process of putting in a new tub -fun fun! So, I have to get busy moving some things in the guest bathroom. Hope you have a great day ladies!


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  • Sandy

    What cute rousing(is that what you call it) on the left side of that dress. So cute! Here I thought you HAD to wear black shoes with a black dress so nice to hear how to switch it up. My favorite is the white sweater over the dress and scarf and boots…LOVE! But…my second is the buffalo plaid shirt and tennis shoes…LOL That’s the “casual” me coming out! Another great post of showing options with one piece of clothing. Glad to hear your and Reagan enjoyed your outing. I hope Chases dog is better this morning. Back to the field today and hopefully by the weekend we will wrap up harvest…fingers crossed.

    • Beverly

      I was just thinking where is Sandy??? Lol!! I was under the garage looking something and I took my coffee with me and who was on my mind? You! 😊 I knew you’d like the buffalo check outfit. I like that outfit a lot but I don’t like the picture. My face looks round as a basketball for some reason😂😂. Don’t you work too hard and thanks for the comment!! It is nice showing options. The sweater was so neat!! I will be doing that more often now! Happy Wednesday ❤️❤️

  • Sandy

    LOL…how sweet that you were having coffee “with me” ! I see when the time changed on Saturday, it didn’t change on my “post” times. It should be an hour earlier then it says and I don’t know how to change it? Oh you are so silly….no basketball face on “my end”!! But…I know sometimes we are so critical of ourselves aren’t we 😉 I forgot to tell you that your flocked tree is very pretty. We’ve never had a flocked. I bet it looks really pretty when the lights are on. You mentioned garage…is your attic and garage project FINISHED?

    • Beverly

      lol!!…. ahhh, the garage. No, it’s not finished but it’s a work in progress. I have a guy coming today to haul off my “junk”. I hope that makes a big dent in there. I get some things cleared out then all of a sudden more stuff pops up on there. It’s a never ending cycle 😂😂

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I agree with Sandy in that my very favorite is the one with the sweater over it and my second favorite is the one with the buffalo check shirt. I never would have thought to wear a pull over sweater like this. When you commented about your round face in the picture of course I had to go back to see what I missed, lol. I just don’t see it at all! Isn’t it something how we see so many flaws in ourselves that others can’t see even when they are searching to see it. I am so glad that you had a great day with Raegan 🙂 I spent the day feeling even worse again so made yet another trip to the doctor. I still am dealing with the strep and some kind of bacteria in my left ear. I have never understood how when something is infected in your ear or sinuses how it can make you feel so horrible throughout your whole body. Anyway, so far this morning I am feeling a little bit better. I have the day off and have some things to get done around here but will be pacing myself so as not to overdo. Have a wonderful hump day!!

    • Beverly

      Bless your heart Kelly! I am so sorry you are still dealing with this. I now understand totally what we were talking about on fb. Wow!! As we get older our bodies sure doesn’t fight off sickness like it used to. Getting older sucks!!! Raegan couldn’t see the round face either. Lol!! All I see is my dads fat little face -maybe that’s it 😂😂. Some pictures I take I see him so much. So weird!!! Hope you start feeling much better soon. Will be praying!!❤️

  • Jalisa

    Very creative! I like the red sweater with leopard scarf. Secondly, the white pullover sweater with boots! So cute!!!!

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