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Happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but I can’t hardly wait till Thursday, I am so ready to stuff myself – and I will stuff myself to the point of misery! Does anyone else do that? If you do…I think we could be great friends lol! Let’s get right to it this week!

What were the most favorite items of last week? Some are new and some older ones are making a comeback! Are our favorites, booties, tops, jeans, or something totally different like home decor? Let’s see…

1. Marc New York Slimming Puffer Jacket

This jacket stole the week! It is a great price point for a jacket that slims you, plus it’s super cozy and warm. That detachable hood is a winner too!

2. Long Sleeve Animal Print Sweater by New Direction

This cute sweater is not letting go of the Top 10 spot, it has been holding on for months! And let’s be honest…it is a cute sweater for work or play!

3. Oversized Cable Sweater from Target

This chunky oversized sweater really made an impact last week, here is how I styled it on a rainy day. Those gray Sperry boots came in handy with all the rain and muck!

4. Mixed Media Blouse from The Loft Outlet

This blouse was featured in A Loft Try-On Haul and I think everyone loved the gorgeous gem colors that were featured. This top was one of my faves and it seems it was yours too!

5. Lara Booties from Belk

These have definitely been worn since I purchased these. I love the shaft is a little higher than the average bootie. It looks great with jeans and leggings! This has been featured in a few blog posts, but the most popular is What I Wore, featuring the camo cowl neck that has been so popular.

6. Farmhouse Christmas Ring Skirt/Collar

I showed a few pictures of my “Chic Corner” and one of our Christmas trees with a Farmhouse Ring or Collar underneath. Everyone LOVED this and it came in at #6 this week!! See the post that shares more details on the tree here.

7. Leopard Print Pocket Shirt by The Loft Outlet

This was also featured in the Loft Try-On Haul, this blouse really catches the eye! While I was in the store, they were already getting low on inventory and it just came in. Super cute!

8. Buffalo Plaid Tie Shawl

This cute winter shawl/wrap was super popular and it was never featured on the blog. It was in one of the daily emails, while I was shouting out Things I’m Liking! And I think a lot of you girls were liking it too!

9. Sonoma Olive Plaid Shirt

I wore it with the Puffer jacket but forgot to take a picture of it. Later this week, I actually styled it like this (see below). Outfit Details // Plaid Shirt // Joggers // Fur Mules // Fedora Hat // (Don’t mind all that mess – Brooklyn came and dropped a load of stuff lol)

10. Button-Tie Front Top from The Loft Outlet

Another blouse that was in the Loft Try-On Haul, isn’t this color gorgeous?

Since I showed a little of What I Wore, I will finish it out with a few more for you girls. This sweater was purchased at my local Walmart, it has sold out online. Outfit Details // Infinity Scarf // Corduroy High Rise Skinny Cords // Sam Edelman Kinzy Boots

The gray sweater is a tunic sweater that I have tucked in the front only, it’s from Amazon and I really like the fit and feel. I love a sweater…period! Outfit Details // Sweater // AE Jeans // Boots

Did your favorite make the cut this week?

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and thank you all for being such great friends!! We are hitting a few stores today and check out some of the sales!~ Plus, we want to bring you some great gift ideas for Him, Her, and anyone else you need ideas for. Drop a comment below if you are struggling over what to buy for a teacher, neighbor, etc. I might can give you some inexpensive ideas. Happy Thanksgiving Week!


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  • Sandy

    Good morning…too many are favorites and I went to put that tunic sweater in my cart and most colors are out in size I think I need. What size are you wearing in the puffer coat and the Baleaf joggers please. I have three pairs of Baleaf shorts and love them so just wondering if their joggers run same size. I told myself that I didn’t need a new longer puffer coat but now you have me thinking about this again…LOL. Love seeing your natural photos with the things Brooklyn dumped!!! Sounds like a busy day for you checking out sales. I wish I could just follow you around on a day when you do these try-on’s to see just how you get so much accomplished when picking out clothes. Maybe I could “learn” how to shop and then actually “like” it…not love it, but at least like it :).

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh.. I’m laughing right now!! The try ons are stressful at times. Remember the Try on where I could stuck in the jumper?? Geez!! 😂😂. Ok, the coat and joggers are Mediums. They fit TTS. And my house was dumped on all weekend. Especially my area of the house. They all have an entire section, but they never go back to the back part because Barry is back there watching westerns 😂😂

      • Sandy

        Well on a positive about your little area…EVERYBODY loves it 🙂 🙂 !!! Sounds to me like maybe you better use that attic space that you cleaned out and transform that area into “your” space! Maybe having to climb the steps would keep others down. It doesn’t sound like Barry is into your and my kind of movies…Hallmark. My hubby can only watch one Hallmark movie per evening with me and then it’s over-load on mushy happy endings….LOL. I still would love to follow you on a day of shopping ;).

        • Beverly

          Haha!! I have thought about the attic space, since it’s so big!! Barry can’t watch a a Hallmark movie-he says it’s the same ending every time. I say it makes me smile lol😍😍

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good afternoon! I like everything on this list and 2 of my favorites and possible must haves are the Gray Sperry Boots and the Sonoma Olive Plaid Shirt. Troy is off all of this week and I have today off so we went shopping for more groceries. I decided to bake a Pumpkin Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze for my co-workers. We had a good time and now that we are back home and have eaten a late lunch we are about to embark upon making an alternative Christmas tree. I am hoping that it will come out as I have envisioned it and will send you a picture of it after we are done. Troy is like Barry and Sandy’s husband and makes jokes like, “I wonder how this is going to turn out?” about the Hallmark movies 🙂 Like you I like them even if they are kind of romantic and sappy. I am with Sandy and want the chance to follow you around a store picking out things to try on in the dressing room. Do you just grab things left and right and know right away that they will go together or do you ever end up with any duds? Inquiring minds would like to know! 😉

    • Beverly

      You crack me up!!! The cake you’re fixing sounds soooo good!! I love pumpkin bread so I’m sure that cake is awesome!! Ok, when I go inside a store I actually grab anything that catches my eye. If it doesn’t catch my eye-it’s not worthy 😂😂 JK!! I’m not a “dig through a rack” shopper. I walk through a store and whatever catches my eye I will look at. Rarely have I looked through a rack of clothes. I don’t know why I’m like that. Maybe the ADHD thing lol. Have a great day!!😍😍

  • Kelly Palmer

    I swear that we were meant to be sisters or something because we have so many similarities! I too cannot stand to go through racks of clothing. It is like sensory overload to me or something. I like to look at what the mannequins are dressed in to get ideas of items that look good together. If Troy is with me I always tell him to let me know if he sees anything that “looks like me” lol

    • Beverly

      😂😂😂 Yes girl!! I’m very quick. It takes me no more than 45 minutes doing a tryin session. That’s everything, picking it out, trying it on and taking pics. I’m outta there 😂😂

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