Leather, Leopard, and Plaid!

It’s Woo Hoo Friday! I hope you ladies are doing great and ready for the weekend! It has finally gotten down into cooler weather here in NC and I couldn’t be happier! Time to break out those gorgeous scarves!

I am so excited to be teaming up again with Susanne at Thompson Hill Blog today! Susanne has a flair for fashion and her recipes are scrumptious! Susanne has a timeless and classic style, she is super gorgeous and everything she wears looks gorgeous on her. I have loved every one of her blog posts and I am sure you will enjoy her too.

I met Susanne about a year ago through another blogger and over the last year we have become good friends. I know she is always a text away, which is really nice considering she lives a couple states over in West Virginia. Barry says her and I look like we are “at least” cousins, especially when my hair is straight, so check her out and see if you can see the resemblance.

Be sure to stop by and see what Susanne is wearing after you visit with me.

Let’s talk leopard, leather, and plaid!

Since it is getting chilly here it is time to start bringing out the winter scarves and dressing up our outfits. I like to be laid back and casual most days and this is a “go-to” outfit for the weekends. I am styling a black faux leather jacket by Kaari Blue, these come in several colors and sizes from S to XXL. See it here.

I am wearing a regular white tee underneath and black distressed jeans. If distressed is not your thing, here are some great black jeans that will work well too. I like the distressed look, but do not wear them as much as I used too. Do you worry that you are too old for distressed jeans? Well, don’t! I follow a lot of women 40 years and older (some up to 70 years of age) and they all are wearing distressed jeans. It is no longer for the teenagers and young adults, women of all ages are wearing them loud and proud.

My scarf is a red plaid scarf that I purchased years ago, but I found one at DSW that is almost identical here. If you do not have a red plaid scarf for the winter season, definitely put it on your list to buy. I will be showing you multiple ways to wear scarves with your outfits this Winter and different ways to tie them! Red plaid can be used with so many outfits- so it’s a must-have color! I have linked different styles that I am loving in the carousel below for you also.

I decided to add in a little leopard to my outfit and give it a little pizazz. I think the leopard belt gives the outfit a new look, imagine it with a black belt, now don’t you think the leopard makes a slight statement along with the red plaid scarf? I purchased my leopard belt here, but they are low in stock so I am adding different choices below. This is an accessory that is very popular, so if you wait to get one they may be low in stock, or worse…sold out!

These Adela booties in Macadamia are becoming my best friends – literally! I love wearing these boots with jeans, dresses, and leggings. The heel is just a little over 2 inches, which is the perfect heel for walking in and perfect for a day or night on the town. These are from Sole Society and what’s so nice about Sole Society, you can use the Afterpay payment and split your payments up. Perfect! See the booties here.

I have mentioned this Transport Bag on the blog before, but I have not shown this one yet. This is the cheaper alternative to the Madewell Transport Bag I styled here. This one is from Amazon and it’s an “Amazon Choice” product. This bag is deep, has pockets on the inside, a middle zipper section and the feel of this bag does NOT feel like it is under $30! This comes in numerous colors, mine is the simple brown color, see the bag here.

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I hope you girls enjoyed the blog today and thank you so much for stopping by! Don’t forget to stop in and see what Susanne is wearing over on Thompson Hill Blog. I’m sure you will enjoy her outfit and love her sweet southern charm. Barry and I are finishing up the garage today (insert- Hallelujah!) then I’m going to get Brooklyn and spend a little time with her. Have a great day girls! Enjoy the weekend!


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  • Johnna

    I’m still reading and enjoying your blog as much as ever. I just don’t comment quite as often but I’m proud of your success and wish you more. Love this look. Especially that little pop of leopard which is my favorite “color” right now and it does work beautifully with the red plaid scarf. Who’d of thought?! Great inspiration. Have great weekend 😊

    • Beverly

      Thanks Johnna!! I know you are a woman on fire 🔥 right now!! Proud of you!!! Miss your comments too-being a new grandma can really take your free time. But its soooo worry it!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Sandy

    OMG…I literally had to chuckle when you said you were getting out the scarves!!! I have been wearing them since October…yes…it has been cold enough here to be wearing them that long already. I have been wearing those little pull over neck scrunchers even to the field to keep my neck warm. You look adorable in this outfit and girl, your front tuck helps make this outfit pop. You are a master at the front tuck and as long as a person has the mid section to tuck in a blouse(which you DO), that works to show off the leopard belt and I agree that it goes so well with the scarf. I can see why this outfit is #1. Tell Barry thanks for getting back out with you for those outdoor photos away from home. Hmmm…never thought to give our vehicle a name 😉 Did I hear the word “finish” on the garage 🙂 We are going to finish harvest today!!!!!!

    • Beverly

      I just busted out laughing at “finish” !!! Woohoo can you believe it?? I thought it would never happen. I cannot stand anything disorderly. I have to have things organized and neat. We are working on it as soon as Barry watches Perry Mason🤦🏻‍♀️ he can’t miss it. Lordy lol!! I do love this outfit and it has done very well. Thanks for your sweet words ❤️❤️❤️

      • Sandy

        Well we are having a heat wave of 20 deg. this morning 🙂 🙂 Oh my…Perry Mason…brings back memories but that’s not one I have to watch anymore…especially when I have Hallmark! Makes for walking on the treadmill go so much faster watching the Christmas movies…LOL

        • Beverly

          Let me tell ya, Barry loves some black and white tv shows. He can’t miss a few of his favorites when he’s off. (🤦🏻‍♀️) I personally am a Hallmark girl too. I can’t do the older ones lol Enjoy the heat today 😂

  • Judy

    Greetings! Saw the post on Thompson Hill about your blog and decided to give you a visit. Love your posts too and will be following you from now on. I am a Southern girl from Alabama and love to see how others pull together outfits for those of us who struggle with this. I have learned to go outside the box with colors and outfits and not be so boring. LOL!!

    • Beverly

      Hello and welcome!! We are happy to have you join us!! I have been in Alabama a few times when I traveled for work. Great state!! Can’t wait to get to know you Judy!!

  • Linda

    I too am ready for the cooler weather. I live in Phoenix, and it will be close to 90 here today. Yuk! I loved your comment about older women wearing distressed jeans. I just turned 70, and I wear mine a lot. Just make sure there is a full length mirror in your closet before leaving the house…ha. We will be traveling to the Midwest (Ohio) for Christmas, and I cant wait to wear some winter clothes..

    • Beverly

      Hello to Phoenix!! So glad you are becoming part of our family!!! You will get some cooler weather in Ohio for sure!! Happy Friday!!!!❤️❤️ Thanks for the comment

  • Kelly Palmer

    I know that I am late to commenting on this post but better late than never, lol! I will update you soon via facebook messenger. Anyway, I love this outfit and girl you rock it!! As soon as I saw the pics the first thing that came to mind with the light post is the movie, Singing In The Rain” with Gene Kelly. I really like the purse and love that it is affordable and comes in so many colors. My favorite colors for the purse is the coffee and the wine red. It is so cute that you named your Jeep:) I have told Troy that I would like to have a black Jeep just so that I can get a spare tire cover that says, “Black Jeep of The Family” 😉

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh. That is sooo funny!!!! I really like my purse, plus it’s way cheaper than my Madewell. You crack me up. I will be checking my messages❤️❤️

  • Gina

    Oh Yay! A scarf tutorial! You know, the funny thing is that I had some of mine out earlier this week because I have 2 leopard print ones and I was messing around with them trying to tie different ways and I remember thinking, ‘I bet Beverly knows more than 2 ways to tie a scarf ‘. 🤣 I’ll be checking in!

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