Striped Sweater and A Fedora Hat

Hello Monday! Boy that weekend just flew by and I need a break from all the going I did with Brooklyn and Raegan. Gosh, I wish I had the energy bottled up in those kids. I hope you girls had a great weekend and some of you may have off today since it’s Columbus Day. If so…enjoy!

I found this rust and cream sweater at Tee For the Soul Boutique. The boutique only has size Small right now online (here), I am wearing a Medium – they run big. Something about this rust color screamed Fall to me and I wanted to add it to my wardrobe. Rust is having a moment this Fall, so don’t be afraid to venture into this awesome color for the pumpkin season. I have given alternative sweaters below since these are almost sold out at the Boutique.

I styled it with a pair of KanCan Distressed jeans and I think this was my favorite of the different ways I’m styling the sweater. I even polled my kids and this was the one they picked. I added alternative jeans above that range from no distressing to full distressed.

Next up I decided to style them with American Eagle jeans, these are super soft high-waisted skinny jeans. I am wearing a size 8 in these jeans and although they fit really well, these give you a little more stretch in the waist. Which I really like a lot at my age! See the jeans here.

I added this cute Fedora hat in camel, I love a hat and this was really cute and at a great price point. This is from Amazon and they have multiple colors in this style. See all the hats here.

You may remember the gray soft flannel shirt from Saturday’s Loft Try-On Haul. This was my favorite top out of everything I tried on, it’s SO soft and falls perfectly if you want to do a half-tuck like I did.

The last outfit was REALLY stepping out of my comfort zone!

I thought I would try a new look that’s popular with the straight skirt. Eekkkk! I think the skirt may need to be a little more fitted to give it a more “hip” look. The slouchy sweaters paired with skirts is trending this season and I was not afraid to try it out too. My son said I looked Amish, my daughter said it reminded her of a witch costume HAHAHA!! They were keeping it real with me huh??!! Nevertheless, I kinda liked it!

These wedge booties are some of my favorite booties of all time. These were from Stein Mart and they are sold out, but I found some at DSW that look just like them, see them here. I found more boots from lower shaft to knee-high boots for you below.

Sooooo, which was your favorite? Did you agree with Chase and Raegan about the skirt outfit? Maybe another boot would have worked?! What are your thoughts? I love to get feedback from you girls! Drop a comment below, just scroll all the way down and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, I know you are busy and for you to take time to catch up with me makes my day!! So Thanks ladies!! I hope you girls have a fabulous day!!

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  • Tracey

    Hi Beverly!
    I love the hat on you. You are adorable ❤
    Thank you for all the great tips on being stylish! I hope you have a great Monday😊

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Monday morning! Today is my first day off since I got back from my N.H. vacation. It won’t truly be a day “off” since I will be taking my mother in law to get a new cell phone, do her laundry so that she can pack for a trip that she is leaving for on Wednesday and do some grocery shopping among other errands. Yesterday after going to church we ran to a mall and I got a few items from J.C. Penney. I picked up a duster, a sweater and a white cami. They are having a great sale right now. The cami was priced at $5 and I think it rang up at $3.25. Anyway, I love today’s first outfit with the black distressed jeans! It looks like something that I would wear. I still cannot seem to get on board with the half tuck. Somehow it just never looks quite right on me. I don’t know if it truly looks weird or if it is just because I am not used to wearing things this way. I do have to agree with the kids that the skirt outfit does not do you justice. I think maybe because it doesn’t define your waist? I like the hat on you. I don’t wear hats as it would make my curly hair either frizz horribly and smoosh (is that a word?) it down too bad and look awful when I take it off. Well, time for me to get my behind in gear and get something accomplished today! I hope that you have a wonderful day!! 🙂

    • Beverly

      Wow! You have a lot of things to do. Smoosh is a word and I know what you mean with the curly hair!! The skirt outfit is ok, but it wasn’t my favorite by no means!! My kids don’t hold back at all do they. Raegan seriously thought that was going to be my Halloween outfit 😂😂😂 I was rolling on the floor. I still posted because I think I should share at least some of the “not so good” 😜. Hope your day is great!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I wouldn’t have been so harsh as the kids were with their comments but I appreciate that you are up for showing things that didn’t quite work for you. You could never look “bad” in anything because you are just too dang cute! It does help those of us that struggle sometimes with finding things that look good to know that you struggle too at times. Thanks for keeping it real!! 🙂

    • Beverly

      Lol!! My kids are a product of me 😂. Especially Chase. Lord he’s brutal at times. I do struggle at times with clothing choices. I have learned over time what I cannot wear, but I guess we all figure that out. Thank you for the compliment-so sweet!! And…I bet you look awesome in your new clothes. I forgot to say you got a deal on that cami!! I’m going to Old Navy today to pick up an order -they are having a huge sale too. Love a deal!! Lol

  • Patti Dennis

    Good Morning Beverly!!
    Love love love the sweater! The whole look and the hat is adorable! Perhaps later into the season put the knee-high boots with the long skirt. Think that would look great!

    Want to give you a huge thank you! I am one of those who was drilled as a child (and the only girl) to never wear white after Labor Day. No white shoes, no white pants, not even use a white purse. So much has changed over these short years. Right! Well, yesterday morning I made to make a last-minute wardrobe change before rushing out the door for church. My hubby was singing and he was wearing his black suit. I thought of you and my love for the classic-can-never-go-wrong black and white. So I pulled out of the bottom drawer my white, ankle-crop slender jeans, added a sleeveless scalloped edge leopard top and added my black short-waisted zippered jacket. Put on a pair of gold earrings and a long gold pendant necklace and since my black booties (that you recommended last week) haven’t arrived yet, I 1.5 inch open toed black dress shoes. Wow! I received so many compliments. Ended up being a rather long day so I simply switched out the white pants for a pair of skinney faded blue jeans and black soft wedge shoes and was comfortable all afternoon.

    So enjoy your posts and blog. Keep it up girl!!

    Have a marvelous Monday!!!

    • Beverly

      I am loving this comment!! I bet you looked awesome Patti!! Thank you so much for following-since you’re a “home town girl” 😍😍. Do you play the piano for your husband? We need to get up there and visit the church soon!! Love the way you rocked that outfit!!😘😘

  • Johnna

    Love the sweater and the hat! I thought all the outfits looked really good. I’d wear the skinny jeans myself with no distressing. I just can’t do extreme distressed. You wear it well though. Happy Monday. 😊

  • Sandy

    Love that sweater and so cute with the black jeans and the blue jeans both. Looks so pretty with your background in the photo too! And…I have to agree about the skirt and sweater…I think too a tighter fit skirt and taller boots would change that whole look. You of course look cute in the hat and sunglasses!! I’m like Kelly in that I’m glad that you show us that not EVERYTHING may fit or look as good as you want it too but you still post. Many times I go out of the house not liking how something fits and looks on and I feel crappy the whole time I’m out. It’s amazing how much better our attitude is when we like what we are wearing. I so wish you were close so that you could see how different things that you post look so great on you and crappy on me….LOL. It’s off to the field to help with harvest for me for the rest of the day.

    • Beverly

      You are so right about feeling crappy all day if you aren’t comfortable or feel like your outfit isn’t fitting right. The things we girls go through lol!! I’d say have fun today, but sounds like you will be working hard!! 😘😘

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