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Happy Sunday! Wow, this week went by fast and I am happy! Barry was at a conference for most of the week, came home for a few hours then left again for his annual golf trip. I stayed busy babysitting Brooklyn this weekend, we did a lot of “girl” stuff – she is such a little diva! So much fun! LOL! We stopped by Claire’s and she was in “hog’s heaven”.

I was running errands this week and one stop was at Walmart. As I was leaving the store, there were about six other people walking out at the same time. I noticed everyone following each other out the Enter door and I was the only one that walked out the Exit door. I felt kind of lonely for a second for going out of the correct door. Then a scripture came to mind…

Matthew 7:13 KJV 
Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

How easy is it to keep our heads down and go with the flow. We have to be mindful of the path we are on and diligent in seeking the correct Exit that ultimately leads us to our final destination. The path is narrow and few will trod down that road.

This is what I felt like in that moment…

I tried to explain eternity to my children when they were smaller and I would use one of those really long drop cords. I would tell them to pretend the drop cord is our lives on Earth and the rest was eternity. I stretched out the drop cord so they would have a visual, then I took about 5 inches at the beginning of the drop cord and said, this is your life here on Earth and the rest is eternity. Where do you want to spend that eternity and is that 5 inches worth the other 11 1/2 feet?

My kids needed visuals growing up and I need them at time myself, the kids will reference that day I explained eternity to this day. So I know it made an impact in their minds.

Live your life today, to reap the rewards of tomorrow.

The way the world is today, we need to remind ourselves that we don’t have to go with “the crowd”. I personally want to make this short time on Earth matter, not only for eternity but to make sure I live each day in a way that I will be proud of. Some days that is getting up and putting on my clothes, let’s face facts! Other days it is much more meaningful and rewarding – I like those days! I always remind myself this…

The world will always need a little more kindness and little more love, but we will never need more hate and division.

Top 5 Faves of The Week

1. Kaari Blue Faux Leather Jacket in Black and 2. Striped CrewNeck Tee Dress

Hands down the most popular item this past week and I must admit it is my fave of the week also is the Faux Leather Jacket!

Coming in at #2 is the Striped Crew-Neck Tee Dress from Old Navy. If you didn’t see the post, you can read it here.

Also, Belk is having a huge Columbus Day Sale, check it out here.

3. Open-Front Blazer in Apricot

I stepped out of my comfort zone with this post and styled a pair of ankle flared jeans – to my surprise…I really liked them! This blazer was the most favorite item from the post, then the cute booties and coming in 3rd was the ankle flared jeans! You can read the post here.

4. J. Adams Cut-Out Peep Toe Booties

This item has been in the top 5 since the post went live 2 weeks ago! Read How To Style A Long Cardigan here. If you have thought about these booties, I’m going to put this out there…they are AWESOME! I love wearing these booties and have been wearing them. Super cute with jeans and dresses!

5. Striped Black & White Cardigan and the City Classified Black Peep Toe Booties TIED!!

This was a really fun outfit to style! If you didn’t read the post, you can see it here.

I loved the cardigan with the pencil skirt…that was a hot item this past week also! The cardigan is really cute with jeans too.

**Special Mention

Time and Tru Black Ponte Cargo Pants almost tied with the #5 items!!

The leopard tank is finally up on Old Navy’s website! YAY! See it here.

Were any of the Top 5 your favorites?

Thanks for taking time to stop by the blog today and I hope you girls have a wonderful and relaxing day. I have promised to make Chicken & Dumplings, so I will be busy cooking a big dinner for Barry’s return home. Those of you that know him, remind him he could have had my specialty…sandwiches! HA! Stay safe ladies!! XOXO

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  • Sandy

    So interesting to see what top Pins are! I really like the striped dress with the jacket as I feel you can dress it up or down and it just looks so comfy. And…I love Brooklyn’s outfit also. She should have turned around and modeled. Where did she get her cute outfit…those shoes are so cute!!! I have never made chicken and dumplings but I bet Barry will enjoy your home cooking after being gone for a few days. Not sure what our plans are for today?

    • Beverly

      It is interesting to see how the outfits do. The one with the jacket had over 45k views and over a thousand pins!! That’s a lot!! Especially in a week. Brooklyn is so shy, I can barely get her to take pictures, she got that bow in her hair so Raegan gave her a bun lol!! She has been FaceTiming Barry nonstop-she is a Pa-Pa’s girl for sure. I have no clue where that dress came from, but her mom dresses her very stylish. She had a burgundy cardigan and a denim jacket to wear with it. Her mom has great fashion sense and Brooklyn is so girly it’s fun to see what she’s wearing. I’m rambling lol!! If you guys don’t do anything then enjoy a quiet lazy day!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I know this is a day late but I have been trying to get caught up on some of my emails. My favorite outfit here is the white striped cardigan with the black top, jeans and peep toed booties. I had to laugh a little when you talked about going in and out the “right” door at Walmart. Troy and I do this and it really bothers us that so many people use the wrong door. It was a great analogy though and now I will think of that every time that I shop there 🙂

    • Beverly

      LOL!! That made me giggle!!! Every time you see an Exit sign you will think of me 😂 Sorry!! I loved that outfit too!! Have a great night-hope you’re getting caught up!

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