Styling​ a Blazer With Ankle Flared Jeans

Can older women wear cropped flared jeans? For me personally, I feel women of any age can indulge in trends, we can add our own flare and make it work! Today I am going to style these cute ankle flared jeans, but put my own twist on the trend!

I told you girls Monday that I would be having a special Friday! I have been friends with Susanne from Thompson Hill Blog for a while now and grown to love her to pieces. Her style is casual chic, she gets “Best in Workwear” from me, and her recipes are to die for! We are teaming up today on both our blogs and I think you girls will love her style. Be sure to check her out here and I know you will love her just as much as me!

Styling ankle flared jeans is easier than we think. When we try jeans on in the dressing room, normally we don’t have any shoes on and we are making sure they look ok and they fit correctly. Once we get them home and try them on, we suddenly might not be in love with them as much as we were in the store. We may try them on with booties since that is the style right now, but we look at them on us and think we look funny, weird, or we don’t have the right body shape to pull this trend off. Wrong!

Whether you wear it with pumps, booties, or sneakers…you can make these work. Remember we are our worse critic! If you are still uneasy, try styling them the way I have today. We are accustomed to ankle pants with heels, so this is a baby step into trying this trend. See these ideas below! Step out of your comfort zone and get wild LOL!!

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I decided to style these jeans with open-toed booties and an apricot open front blazer. I found this blazer on Amazon and was very surprised at how nice it was. It hits right below the hips, fully lined, has pockets, and also comes in black. You can roll the sleeves up or down and it looks great with jeans, dress pants, or pair it with a dress. There are so many ways to wear a blazer and the longer blazers are trending this Fall!

The jeans are from Old Navy with a ragged ankle hem, I am wearing a size 8 in regular length. I am 5’7″, so these would be a little longer, hitting right above your boot if you are shorter. These would also look cute with knee-high boots underneath when it gets cooler. Plus, Old Navy is having a Storewide Sale right now – up to 50% off! See the Sale HERE.

I am wearing a camisole I picked up at The Loft a few years ago, but here is a similar one. My belt is a dupe I found a few months back, see similarhere.

The block styled booties I am wearing are from last year, but Target has some that are almost identical here. I am really loving the open-toed style of booties this year, they are perfect for styling dresses and wearing with your workwear. Which style do you girls prefer better, open-toed or closed-toed?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and don’t forget to stop by and see what Susanne is wearing! I have the privilege of babysitting Brooklyn today, so I am sure I will be busy all day! I am still working on organizing the attic and with that, I now have a TON of things I need to donate, give away or have a big yard sale – one way or another we have to ultimately clean out the garage again. I am cleaning a mess and making a mess…Sighhh!! I hope you girls have a great weekend and do not attempt to clean out your attic HA!

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  • Sandy

    Well you definitely made these work for you as you look so cute. Love the blazer with them. I know I need to step out of my comfort zone but I doubt it will be with the shorter flared jeans…LOL And I know age shouldn’t define us but I just can’t see me wearing this style and not feeling like I’m trying to hard to follow the trend 😉 But like you said…don’t knock it til you try it…LOL Had to chuckle as yes…I can see cleaning out your attic is creating another mess as you had to bring down what you want to get rid of and now you have to get rid of it again from that spot ! Have fun with Brooklyn.

    • Beverly

      Lol!! Sandy you always make me giggle!! My garage is packed full (imagine me screaming that 😂)!! I was definitely stepping out different today!! I’m trying to try new things and it’s very hard. Now that it will be getting cooler I’m looking dresses, jackets, scarves…I love Fall but Barry is already cringing! 🤪 You’re so cute, you could wear anything-but I totally understand. I have a friend that LOVES sweats and athletic wear-she will go buy new things but always reverts back to her comfy clothes. If I ever need a hoodie I certainly know where to go 😍😳. I just found out Chase will be here today too, so I’m going to put him to work and help me haul some of this off to donate. Hope you have a great day!! Don’t work too hard!!

  • Sandy

    You are so sweet for that compliment. Like you also said, we are our own worst critics. FALL is my favorite season also BUT…with temps in the 70’s and not in the 40’s like we are now, but it was fun to throw on a scarf and jeans to run to town this morning and I can see where you are anxious to get those Fall clothes out and be able to actually keep them on. Oh boy…take advantage of those young muscles while Chase is there to help you today and by tonight you will be so excited to see the progress you made in your garage !!!!!!

    • Beverly

      I giggled about the young muscles!! Gosh-you don’t realize how nice youth is till you start that downhill stroll of aging!! He’s already lost interest though 🙄😧

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