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Happy Saturday ladies! The weekend is here and for a lot of people, it’s a long weekend! With a long weekend comes SALES! I was running errands yesterday and stopped in The Loft Outlet to see what kind of new arrivals they had and thought I would share. The Loft is having a sale of 40% off your order (shop sale here) and the outlet stores are 40 -60% off on most items.

First up is a super soft light flannel button-down shirt. This shirt is SUPER soft, it hits right at the hip and you can half tuck this and it covers the rear up great. The material is so soft that it hangs perfect! I loved this top so much I steamed it and wore it with a pair of white shorts for the rest of the day. wears the good and it will be a favorite of mine this season. See it here.

The jeans I am wearing are Rag and Bone Bedford Skinny jeans, they are normally around $200. I found these on for $35. They are probably the best fitting jeans I have ever worn, so if you are looking for a quality jean but want to spend a minimal amount of money – check out The RealReal!

This striped cozy cardigan just called my name, for good reason! It is SUPER cozy and looks so cute with this burgundy flouncy mixed-media top. I especially liked light plaid pull-on skirt! I tried on a medium but definitely needed a small. so size down in this skirt. Such a cute look with booties or knee-high boots!

Who doesn’t LOVE pockets in such a cute skirt!

This floral tie hem wrap blouse is a perfect top to wear with jeans or work pants. You can tie it tighter or wear it looser, it fits beautifully with these jeans. I don’t really like huggy shirts that much and this one was pretty and blouson. The neckline was just a little low for me, but a tank or cami underneath would work well. This one came home with me also…it really is a cute top, the picture doesn’t do it justice!

Another top I really liked to wear underneath cardigans or blazers was this leafy mixed media tee. I loved the color and the sleeve detail!

Add this cute cardigan was a must-have also! This comes in several colors if you are looking to add more colors to your wardrobe!

Another top to wear underneath cardis and jackets is this cute mustard tulip swing tank. I loved the mustard color this season!!

There are so many items that are on sale at the Loft Outlet and Loft store, you really should check it out! All the jeans are super cheap, see them here, and they have all the new styles we are looking for! I added some extra items in the STP below, these are a few items I brought home with me.

Sorry this email went out a little late today, we stayed so busy yesterday I was pooped last night and this morning LOL! That little Brooklyn can go and go and go…and I really thought she would sleep in this morning…NOT! We were up bright and early at 6AM…SIGHHHHH!!

Have a great weekend ladies! Thanks for stopping by the blog and stay safe! XOXO

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  • Sandy

    You are probably ahead of me and on your second cup of coffee already while I’m enjoying my first…LOL Don’t you wonder how grandkids can sense when a fun-filled day is ahead and get up extra early?!?! Wow…you did make a haul and I love that detail of ribbing on the cardigan. Speaking of cardigans…I was thinking that the two new longer length ones I bought this fall now stick out of my coat. How do “you” handle this situation? I’m thinking where you said you can wear open toe booties til January, you probably don’t have to worry about wearing a heavy coat over them for another couple months yet. I have already gotten my winter coat out to wear this week….ugh. Hoping for nicer weather yet for October! Have a fun weekend and hope you and Brooklyn can find your way out of the maze. I’ve never done one of those. 🙂

    • Beverly

      Good morning!! I’ve never done the maze either, so we will see how it goes lol!! I’ve had cardigans do that also, especially when I worked at the bank and it was cold -they kept it sooo cold there!! I would always reach in the arms and pull my cardigans up as far as I could when it was bothering me. There are some bands you can get ( they look like those watch bands men used to wear) anyway, you put them on your arms and scrunch your sleeve around it and they hold your sleeves up. I will add them to the Shop The Post for today. So give me a minute then check there!! They do work!! Happy Saturday!!❤️

  • Sandy

    I was talking more about the bottom of the cardigan hanging below the bottom of my winter coat but great tip on the sleeves. 😉

    • Beverly

      😂😂 what was I thinking?? Lol!! Hmmm, I’ve not had that problem because the weather is not that bad here all the time. I do have an extra long coat I’d probably wear, but I can definitely see where that would be an issue if you had a shorter coat. That’s something to ponder on. I can’t believe I missed what you were talking about 😂 I’m in a fog!!

  • Sandy

    🤣🤣you are funny!! No problem on the misunderstanding! Lucky you that you don’t have to get out heavy winter coats ect. Ran into ON real quick today since hubby was sitting in car waiting and I did pick up a sweater and I finally found some slacks at Catos. Will have to do a little tayloring on them but I have to do that every once in awhile. Hope you had fun at the maze!

    • Beverly

      I’m glad you found it a few things!! Don’t you love Cato?! You guys have a great Sunday!!! We had a busy day and a great one!!! Thanks!! That Brooklyn is a hoot!! Lol

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