Above All Things, ​Love Is The Greatest

We are told in the Bible to love one another, to love our neighbor as you love yourself. We can read this verse over and over, but does it really resonate with us? Do we really comprehend this? Do we really love everyone in this big, wide world, or do we only show our love to family and friends?

I was listening to The Message on XM Radio this week and a song really made me think about this. It is so easy to love our own family, especially our own children. They can do wrong over and over, but our love for them never fades away. If anything, the ones that go astray, we fight harder for them in hopes to save them or guide them to a safe place.

We all pitch in and help when there is a tragedy, whether it’s a death in a family or a sick neighbor, we all tend to reach out in these times of need. We give to charities, help with natural disasters, hold a door open for a mom that has her hands full, big or small we all have stepped up for our fellow man in some way or another.

These are situations where it is easy to show love and compassion. It’s much harder to show love when someone has cut you off on the freeway, jumped in line, or spewed hate because of your beliefs, these are times that really try you as a person and as a Christian. This is where we HAVE to step up and show up as a true Christian. More than ever, we need to be the example of what Christ was. I’ve struggled with this at times over my life and I’m sure there will be times where I struggle in the future.

Something I am trying to do is give back more. Whether it is giving a meal to a homeless person, paying for someone’s meal or gas…I am trying to be more aware of others. I started asking God to use me and trust me, ladies…He will! When you get that urge to help someone (even if it’s bringing in your neighbor’s trash can) just go with it and let God use you. He will take that little gesture of kindness and use it for good. One act of kindness each day, that’s all we need to do. And what if that one act of kindness snowballed into a kindness overload? How nice would that be?

1 Corinthians 3:7

So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth.

I recently viewed a wedding video that brought me to tears. It’s not a video of helping others, it’s a video of a father and his daughter. The father became ill in 2017 and the family knew his time was limited. His daughter was planning a wedding and wanted to make sure the wedding took place before the passing of her father. His health deteriorated quickly and he was unable to stand and had to be in a wheelchair just a few weeks before the ceremony. Therefore he was unable to dance with her at the wedding, something they had been practicing for a long time. In an act of true love, she found a way to share a memory with her father that she would never forget. A few weeks after this video was taken the father passed on, but what a loving video this daughter has of her and her father. A true act of unconditional love between a father and daughter.

I said earlier that is easy to show love for people that are close to us and a bit harder for those we do not know. It’s even harder to show love to someone who treats you badly, talks about you behind your back…you get the picture, right? Don’t let the devil steal an opportunity to show Christ in you. You may be the seed that God uses for that person.

Have a wonderful Sunday ladies! Be the inspiration you were meant to be! XO!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Sunday Beverly! What you talk about in this post is so true. It is so much easier to show love to those that we are closest to. I love my job at CVS and have for quite a long time now been praying that God would help me to show love to others but especially to those that act unlovable. I meet so many different kinds of people from different genders, different races, different backgrounds and personalities. No matter how rude or grumpy someone may be to me I continue to smile and be kind, keeping the thought in mind that they are probably fighting a battle in their life that I know nothing about. I also keep the thought in mind that hurting people hurt people. I also make a point of letting people know that I will be praying for them and I do! Sometimes I will forget their name but I picture them in my mind as I pray for them and the Lord knows who they are. God can use all of us in so many ways and it may seem like a small way but I do believe that God is using me in this way at this time. If we all could show more love and grace to each other what a wonderful world we would live in. Have a wonderful day and week ahead!!

    • Beverly

      That is so true! You are a very giving person and God has you exactly where he wants you. You are making an impact on people’s lives daily!! I miss that part of working outside the home! Such a great comment-that inspires me more!! Have a great day girl❤️

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