On The Go Kit: Essentials For Every Mom

Happy Thursday everyone! While on vacation with the family this week I have learned how nice it is to have an essentials bag with me. I haven’t really used one since I stopped traveling and the kids are now bigger, but now we have Brooklyn! Things happen and it is sooo nice to have emergency items on hand.

I pulled together a few lists of items that I keep in my car and also in my purse. These are great and when you are in need, you will be glad you have them!

Essentials For The Mom

  1. Wipes: because of carts, airplanes, strollers, sticky hands, dirty bleachers, bathroom doors, etc.
  2. Kleenex: because, well…we all need this at times.
  3. Band-aids: because I am super clumsy and so is Raegan!
  4. Tampons: ahem…maybe not me anymore, but Raegan will need this.
  5. Tide to go: because I’m messy at times HA!.
  6. Aveda hand relief: because it just feels fancy and sometimes I need hands that aren’t dry.
  7. Hair tie: this is one of my most restocked items! Who knows when one will need to pull their hair up!?
  8. Neosporin: because anyone could need this at any time.
  9. Advil: because of children. And husbands. LOL!!!
  10. Cough drops: for that movie or concert or service you’re in and you just… Can’t. Stop. Coughing. We’ve all been there!
  11. Sunscreen: for those baseball games when you didn’t really think it was all that hot and sunny and then it is.
  12. Tweezers: because, just because…
  13. Nail clippers: good to have
  14. Benadryl cream: for mosquito bites, bee stings, and random itchiness. This stuff rocks.
  15. A pen: for all those times you drive to the ATM and you forgot to sign the back of the check.

More ideas below…

  1. Mini Makeup Remover
  2. Dry Shampoo
  3. Mouthwash
  4. Chewing Gum
  5. Sewing Kit (with safety pins)
  6. Travel toothbrush
  7. Nail file
  8. Extra mints (we can never have too many…right?)
  9. Travel brush
  10. Travel deodorant
  11. Q-tips
  12. Extra chargers and ear buds
  13. Extra nail polish
  14. Nail clippers

I realize it seems like a lot, but these are all very small items that fit perfectly in a little zipper pouch and then into your big bag. When I traveled, these were definitely needed and used! I can’t imagine not having an Emergency Kit in my car and a small compact bag in my purse now. As moms and wives, we know that we are the ones that everyone goes to for their needs. So let’s be ready! Need a bag already put together? Click HERE.

What are some of your “Go-To” Items you always have on hand?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you ladies have a wonderful day! What are you up to today?

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  • Sandy

    Welcome home! Always good to go but also good to be back home. Yep, I have my little bag of essentials that I carry but I have downsized to a crossbody purse that I carry 95% of the time and it’s not big enough to carry “everything” in so I still have my bigger essential bag in a tote that I usually throw in the car “just in case. One thing that I do carry in my crossbody is lipstick. There is always an emergency neutral color one in there and then whatever color I wear for that day I usually throw that in there if I remember. Also a little flip open travel mirror, eye liner pencil, a couple bobby pins when I can’t stand my bangs in my eyes, hand sanitizer, brush picks,a cloth to clean my glasses, and little water flavor packets. Seems like I only need some of these things on the days that I don’t throw the big tote in 🙂 I need to make a birthday cake today and will be mowing all afternoon so best get going here. Have a great weekend Beverly.

    • Beverly

      Hey Sandy!! Those are great ideas too!! We women really do have to carry it all for us and our families! The flavor water packet is an excellent idea! And I carry a neutral lipstick too lol. Great minds!! Hope you have a great Friday and thanks for the welcome hone ❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning and I am glad that you had a safe and enjoyable vacation! I carry a little bit of everything in my purse. I love the look of small purses but find it difficult to fit all that I like to carry in one so always end up having to buy a larger one. I carry my inhaler, a small container of stevia powder, Benadryl capsules, bandaids, compact foldable scissors, mints, gum, cough drops, toothpicks, tissues, compact mirror, eyeglass lens cleaning wipes and a small measuring tape. One of the first times that Troy and I went out together it was to a home improvement type store and he needed to measure something. He exclaimed that he wished that he had brought a measuring tape. I pulled mine out of my purse and he was amazed. I think that is what sealed the deal with him at that time. To this day he still refers to my purse tape measure as my “man catcher” 😉 I work 3-10 today but then have the weekend off. Tomorrow morning we will finally be able to finish installing the garden edging at the front of our house. We removed the old stuff and cleaned up the area this summer but it was so extremely hot and haven’t been able to get back to working on it. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh!! I love the story of the measuring tape. That is an awesome story!!🙌🏼 I have a story about Barry and me, as you know he loves golf. We were at his sisters house and he was hitting golf balls outside, I took a swing ( I played and coached softball) and when he saw me hit it, he dropped to his knees and said “will you marry me” 😂. I still laugh over that! I love these kinds of stories!! I probably need to get me a small tape measure because we have needed one quite often at Lowe’s. Have a great weekend and I loved this comment ❤️❤️

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