How To Wear A Long Cardigan With A Dress

Good Monday morning! Today is the beginning of a new week and I am back on FASTer Way To Fat Loss! Since I was sick with vertigo I have NOT followed the plan like I should, then we went on vacation and boy did we blow it LOL! So it’s back to the plan, back to the gym and back to work!

Today I am styling a knee-length short sleeve black dress with a long cardigan. Both of these items came from Walmart and make a cute outfit. Styling a cardigan with a knee-length dress or skirt is easier than you think. You need to make sure your cardigan falls at least a few inches longer than your dress. It elongates your frame and gives you a slimmer look.

If you want to emphasis your waist add a belt to give you more a dramatic look. Push up the sleeves, grab a belt, and wrap it around your waist to show off your cures.  The heavier the knit, the thicker/chunkier the belt should be. This can be a very cool-girl look with the right long cardigan on the right girl. I’m kind of straight, so I belt the dress and let the cardigan flow. There are plenty of options that will fit your style.

Make sure your dress or top is not bulky, as this will give you a frumpy mama bear look. Flat riding boots can look great with skinny jeans and a long cardigan but if you are concerned that a flat heel will make you look short and stumpy, try an ankle bootie with a heel. It doesn’t have to be sky-high. Even a couple of inches will help balance the length and weight of a long cardigan and make you look tall and lean.

Wearing a cardigan is a great way to deal with a sleeveless top, which I know many of you aren’t big on because you prefer to cover your arms. I am finding I like my arms covered the older I get, maybe it’s because my arms aren’t as toned as I would like them ha! But I do find that I get chilly in stores and it’s very nice to be able to shed a layer of clothing when it gets warmer.

While I was making pictures, Brooklyn was playing outside with one of our little neighbors and wanted to get in on the camera action. Another neighbor was having a yard sale and they snagged them a couple of dolls to play with. Don’t mind their hair – they were playing hard LOL!

The necklace I am wearing is the Oceana Beaded Necklace, I love the cross and is a great statement piece! For my bracelets, I am wearing a Victoria Emerson Boho Cuff called the Palma. I added a few more pieces to give it color and I was out the door.

I stopped by Target and found this cute Rib-Knit Shift Dress that’s perfect with my cardigan! It comes in a heather gray color also and is only $22.

Which dress do you like better with the cardigan?

A long cardigan with a summer dress is a great way to transition into fall and get more mileage out of your wardrobe. Take a second look at your summer dresses and see if you have some that you can use to transition into Fall.

What are you ladies up to? Raegan is missing the beach, so we are taking a girls day and head back down for the day. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you have a great Monday!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! We had a good weekend. Saturday Troy and I installed the front garden edging then shopped for some plants. Sunday we went to church, came home to eat lunch, picked up Troy’s mom then went to see the new Downton Abbey movie. It was a weekend with a good mix of work and enjoyable activities. I like both of these looks but I am leaning toward the coral colored dress. I know on the website it calls it red but to me it looks more coral. I am trying to put together some outfits for our N.H. trip. I really need to add to my Fall and Winter wardrobe this year. It looks as though the temps there will be highs of like 60 and lows around 36-37. Yikes! As you know it has still been so hot here and it will feel like jumping from one season right into the next in one day. I hope that you and Raegan enjoy your day at the beach and have a wonderful week! 🙂

    • Beverly

      That was my favorite dress too!! It is a coral/blush color and it’s really cute on. I have to wear a cardigan with dresses like that lol! How was the Downton Abbey movie? I wanted to see that!! It sounds like you had a great weekend-and boy am I ready for some cooler temps!!! This heat really messes me up cause I’m wanting pumpkin everything lol 🍁

  • Kelly Palmer

    The movie was good and it makes me want to go back and watch the tv series again. It was like seeing old friends again 🙂

    • Beverly

      I love watching that show!!! I was excited to see a movie was coming out. It’s been a long time since I watched it so I need to start all over lol 🤗🤗

  • Sandy

    Well how fun is that to go back to the beach for a day. Lucky you that you are located so close!! Thanks for all the hints on how to style a cardigan with a dress. The one that was helpful for me was to make sure it’s “longer” then the dress!! I have been trying booties on with dresses and why do I think it makes my legs look like they are cut off at the top of my ankles?????? Do you think it’s just in my head that I think it looks like that because I’m not use to that look “on me”….LOL It’s amazing how much accessories will add to an outfit. Been out and about all day for hair trim and taking a friend to lunch so not much accomplished here. I have not watched one show of Downtown Abby so I have probably been missing out on a good show.

    • Beverly

      You’re probably not used to the look, but if I were just starting out I’d go with a nude bootie until I got used to the “look” lol! Sometimes when I try on a darker bootie I feel the same way and my legs are long like a few inches longer😂 I’m 5’7” so my legs are at least 2 inches longer than Raegan’s. Having the cardigan longer helps out a lot, plus it gives you that long lean look. It is nice being closer to the beach, we normally go to Myrtle Beach in SC, but we are hitting up the NC coast when we go for day trips. You are missing a good show lol. Hope you had a great day!! 🤗 Send me a picture when you try your booties!!

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