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Happy Tuesday everyone! Wow! I have been busy getting things ready for our furniture to be delivered, babysitting little Brooklyn, and the most important thing….shopping for new decor for our home HA! Who knew this was going to be such a time consuming project! I know when it is all over, it will be worth all this hustle and bustle…but the getting to the finish line…UGG!!!

While browsing around at Target this past weekend, I found this cute as a button Elbow Sleeve Popover V-Neck Blouse. I’m going to post a picture of how Target styled it and how I decided to style it. I am not much on tying a blow, so I poted to wear it as a V-neck with a loose knot. How would you style this?

I liked my sleeves pushed up a little, it looks almost like a short sleeve blouse and I paired it as a casual look with my favorite jeans from American Eagle. I probably would have worn this out with a black belt, but opted for my cognac belt today. I decided to wear Ankle Strap Block Kitten Heels.

Next up is a look I really liked! I paired it with my YMI raw hemmed jeans from Belk and the black GG replica belt. I know a lot of people will spend the $450 or $350 for a real Gucci belt, but I am not one of them! I can’t justify spending that kind of money at my age on a belt. Have I before? Yes…but I have lived and learned! I am wearing my all-time favorite chunky MVE heels – they are MORE versatile than you will ever know! They wear great, they are inexpensive and they are perfect for transitioning into Fall. I even wear them in the Winter!

Blouse // YMI Jeans // MVE Chunky Heels // Black Belt // Black Leather Bracelet // Black Fan Earrings

This was my favorite out of the 5 outfits! I love my Crown & Ivy Colored Denim Skinny Jeans – I have gotten my wear out of these this Summer! I swapped up my shoes and added the best pair of everyday sandals I have! The Steve Madden Jewel, these have been the Most Popular Sandal on my blog and ALL social media outlets! These have been a WIN for me this Summer! I am planning a post of the Win’s and Fail’s of the SUmmer soon, what I wore a lot and what sat in my closet…this will be interesting!

Blouse // Jeans // Steve Madden Jewel // Belt // Earrings // Bracelet

I styled this skirt last week 3 different ways, see it HERE, and it was such a HUGE hit on Pinterest, it is back in this post! This would look much more business if I wore red pumps to throw a splash of color, or added a red cropped blazer. There are so many options with this top and I love it!! Since I am a casual and a trendy girl, I wanted to show that you can wear this loose and casual also – even with a denim jacket for a great Fall outfit. Remember, sleeves can be pushed up or pulled down to the elbows for different looks.

Blouse // Skirt // MVE Booties //

What I actually ended up wearing for the day? My Amazon Essential Linen Drawstring 5-inch shorts with my Vince Camuto Espadrilles. This was a comfortable, but put together look (I think so anyway lol). Who doesn’t like casual when you’re babysitting a 4-year old??!!

Blouse // Linen Shorts // Espadrilles // Black Fan Earrings // Black Leather Bracelet

I had a lot of fun trying on different bottoms for this post. I wish I had added workwear pants or a skirt – I will be better in the future and add those also. Even if you are a stay-at-home wife or mom, we still go to church and outings and this could give you some outfit inspiration too!

Sneak Peek of New Home Decor

I wanted to share a few great finds, I found for our home while out shopping this week. This white lantern was only $7.50 at Big Lots, this is considered an outdoors lantern, but..hey…who can really tell the difference. If you don’t like the rope, just remove it and you have a cute item for your dining room or living room centerpiece. I am using 2 of these (one sits on an older candle holder that I whitewashed) on my hearth. The tray was also at Big Lots for only $12.00, I could not find it online, but found a similar one. These are the cheapest items that I have found (including looking on Amazon) for newer home decor. The rattan balls and the small succulents also came from Big Lots. Links are below the picture. To see what they have in Farmhouse Decor click HERE.

I found this 2-tier cake tray at Target this past weekend and I absolutely love it!! Find it HERE (it’s only $32.99). I added some trinkets and a handmade cupcake my mother made. If anyone is interested in how to make the cupcakes, donuts, etc., let me know! My mom would love to do a video and show everyone!! The glass Hydrangea & Rose flowers with “water” is from Wayfair, find it HERE. These have been a fan favorite on LiketoKnow.it! The Blessed pumpkin came from Big Lots, it is a picture holder, but I removed the wire to hole a picture and used it as regular decor. It was not online, but it is a new product, when they add it online I will update you girls. “It’s really cute!!”

One item that I am really loving is this flower arrangement in the tin can. I found this on Amazon for only $20.99, there are a few other options if these colors are not your thing. See them HERE. You can fix your flowers any way you choose, I liked mine like this.

Thursday most of our furniture will be here, but we haven’t scheduled the flooring yet. Hopefully, our new countertops will be in within a week or so and I may be through with this part of the house LOL!! Next I am moving to the guest bathroom – that won’t take that long!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, sorry I have been busy with all this partial facelift” of our home – it has really thrown me off my game! What are you girls up to? Which outfit did you like the best? Can’t wait to hear what you girls think!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning Beverly! I have missed you!! I love all of these looks but the first 3 are my favorites and I am having a difficult time picking just one. I am so happy for you that you will be getting the furniture this week, how exciting! Troy and I drove by a Big Lots just the other day and I commented to him that we should go check it out soon as I haven’t been in one in years. I love the decor that you have and would very much be interested in learning how to make the cupcakes that your mom makes. As you know I love to bake and something like that would look so cute in my house 🙂 I received some horribly bad news on my way to church this Sunday. A very good friend of mine from the years that I lived in Florida had committed suicide. I am still in shock! She lived one street away from me and we raised or kids together and did life together. She moved to the panhandle of Florida around the same time that Troy and I moved to Georgia back in 2002. Even though we lived so far apart we still kept in touch. She moved back to the Vero Beach area about a year ago and I was suppose to see her when I went down for Christmas. Due to Troy being sick and I went alone I had cut my visit short and wasn’t able to get together with her. I will forever regret that! She was one of the strongest Christian women that I have ever known and I cannot wrap my head around it. I know that we all get busy with life but one thing that this has taught me is to make sure that I am taking time for those in my life that I love. I just want to thank you for all that you share with us here on your blog and for the friendship that we have formed. You are making a difference in the lives of those that follow you and I want to thank you! Have a blessed day and enjoy that precious grand baby!!

    • Beverly

      Hey Kelly!!! Oh my lord, my mouth dropped open when I read your comment. I’m so sorry for your loss!! It’s horrible when someone passes like that. Last week I had a friend that was 43 drop dead at dinner. And the next day I found out an old boyfriend from high school passed away and was not found for 3 days. It’s sad!! I’m so sorry for you and your friends family, we never know what each one of us are going through!

      Thank you for the kind words!! So sweet of you to say that!! I’ve been very busy the past 2 weeks with Barry picking out things, it’s not been fun!! Lol!! I have to pick out a few more minor things and I think we are done for awhile. I need a break 😂. I still have emails I haven’t been through-I feel horrible about that but plan on knocking those out tonight.

      Thanks for your comment and Brooklyn has been a handful lol!! She makes me laugh at the silly things she says. Reminds me of my kids when they were little. Have a great day!!! Miss you girls too!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • sandy

    It seems like we all have been very busy so no need to apologize. I know that I for one feel like I’ve not been keeping up on blog post and responding as it’s just been so busy that I think I will get back to it and then daily chores get in the way. We all understand and know that you are busy remodeling so please take the time to enjoy that even as stressful as it seems.. or is ..because it “will” get done eventually and you’ll be able to catch up and get back on track. I keep telling myself the same thing…one of these days I “will” catch up. Right now I just have so much reading to do on this computer…LOL OK…my favorite was the light beige outfit!!!! Love the distressed jean look too(on you). And of course it would be so fun to watch your mom make cupcakes!!!! Can’t even imagine how that is done. Your decor is looking so pretty. Can’t wait to see it in its place. You have an eye to see the finished product. My rooms would be sitting empty for months trying to decide how I was going to decorate it.

    • Beverly

      Gurl!!! Haven’t we all been busy this past month or so!! I’m trying to get back on my schedule. I haven’t even logged my good for FWTFL-I’m doing that next!! I do much better with my journal!! And you’re right, it will get done eventually lol. I was back at Lowe’s today picking out a different sink. We got our measurements wrong. I saw my brother in there, but I walked right past him on the faucet aisle and he “thought” it was me, but only saw my backside 😂😂. We met up at the checkout and chatted awhile. I don’t get to see him much so it was nice. The beige was my favorite-I love that combo!! I know you are busy, bless your heart!!!

      It’s funny you say I have an eye for seeing it before it’s in front of me. I used to draw when I was younger. I wanted to be an artist, but that didn’t happen lol!! I have always been able to look at stuff and pull together an outfit or an arrangement. But…I have gotten a lot of inspiration from Pinterest!! 😊. Hope you get rested up and caught up. See you on the blog tomorrow ❤️

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