How To Style Joggers For a Night Out

Happy Hump Day! My Tuesday was a tad bit busier than I expected, although I did get to go visit my Mom! But we were not able to work on the candle holders and my small lamp I want to white wash. I really wanted to get a video of us doing it, at least some of it, but Mom was not “dressed’ LOL, so we are doing it today! Hopefully, she will let me video some of it and show you the before and afters – I am very excited to learn something new.

I received another Prime Wardrobe box from Amazon this week and it was mainly essential clothing. A few button-down shirts, a jacket and a few other things. One thing I have been wanting to style is a pair of knit joggers. I have seen a lot of girls wear these and dress them up. So joggers are not just for walking and laying around the house. And I must admit, I am keeping these babies! I know why they have a 4 1/2 star rating now!!

These are the Essential Studio Terry Capri in black and I am wearing a Medium. These are perfect for a date night – no wonder these are so popular. They are basically capri jogging pants and who doesn’t like jogging pants. This may not be the look for you, but this is going to be my new fave and my new jam! They are only $18.00, come in Sizes XS-XXL and a variety of colors. See the HERE.

I wanted to show it with a kimono and without. If you are not a kimono girl, this would look PERFECT with a denim jacket (take it to an edgy look) or a long cardigan for a classic look. Remember, any time you want to add a little “jazz” to an outfit those are 2 Essential pieces that can take your outfit from drab to WOW! I am wearing an older kimono I got from Cato a few years back, I love the bright colors and wear it often. I have added some kimonos of all colors in the Shop The Post below.

I added a simple black sheer camisole and a pair of totally cute strappy heels. I found these shoes at Burke’s Outlet last summer, but the good news is. – I found them on Amazon! Mine are beige, but they have a tan suede (looking) color that is super cute! See them HERE. I love wearing these, especially with denim jeans with the hem cuffed. They are stretchy and wear great. I do wear heels a lot, but I am always looking for comfort. These heels are about 2 1/2-inches in heel height and when I worked in the Boutique, I wore these to give me a little bit more comfort when wearing any heel over 1-inch. They WORK ladies!

I love these earrings and have worn them quite a bit this year. These are the Fae Wire Wrapped Rose Gold, these are $22 and you can see them HERE. I also wanted to share the Earring Extravaganza with you girls. It’s a monthly subscription for only $17 (that is shipping included!), I have had a lot of customers take advantage of this. You get a new pair of earrings each month – details are below. Comment or message me if you are interested in this service.

These are the earrings in this month’s Subscription Box…TOO CUTE!! My VIP Group on Facebook went wild with this one!!

I love showing my faith in my jewelry and boy do I show it! This is the Dewberry necklace and I added the Silver Hammered Cross to it. That’s what I like about jBloom, you can mix and match the attachments to all kinds of necklaces or bracelets and create all kinds of looks! I have been known to wear this cross as a charm on my bracelet too! Too much??? LOL!!! Dewberry is $32 and the Cross is $15.

I am offering 25% off through Sunday, August 18th! Message me to get your discount!!

What are your thoughts on the “Night Out Look” with Joggers? I can’t wait to hear what you girls think, this is me stepping out of my “norm”. Thank you all for stopping by the blog, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support this past year! I have hit my “Bloggervesary” on August 1st and I am super excited to be where I am today. I could not have done it with out all of the wonderful ladies that follow along. (YOU ROCK!!)

What are you girls up to today? Oh…and let’s not forget: I love the friendships I have made through the blog, you are truly special women to me and I am VERY blessed to know you girls. XOXO!!!

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  • sandy

    Good evening “friend”!! Happy Bloggerversary!! So glad that you are still enjoying it because I for one enjoy visiting you most every day. I enjoy the fact that you shop places that I may be an hour away from or from Amazon which I like ordering from also. I also enjoy when you do your recipes or your decorating…gives you a break from outfits and gives us ideas on things besides clothes. Speaking of clothes….I think I will let these joggers for date night to for you as I definitely can not see “me” wearing them…LOL I think they would be too huggy for me. I love what you do with kimonos. They really do change the look of your outfits. It was a busy day here with freezing a lug of peaches, making a cold peach pie, and this afternoon was mowing again. It was such a nice day here…about 74 deg. Anxious to see your project you and your mom worked on!!

    • Beverly

      Hey Sandy!! Thanks for the comment!! I also take my kimono and tie the front pieces together-I will show an outfit like that soon. I like it that way too!! I’m actually giving a recipe for Labor Day( or any day) tomorrow. It’s Brooklyn approved lol!! We are hosting our family Labor Day ( I think anyways) this year and I’ve been looking through my recipes. I’ve got at least 15 books, plus all the ones I’ve written over the years. This is a good one!!!! Btw-you get to take off on holidays from diets. ❤️ I love Amazon and boy do I order from there!! Nothing beats that free 2 day shipping 😂😂.

      I’m very thankful for you!!! Hugs!!!!

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