Style a Pleated Skirt 3 Ways: Now and Later

Happy Hump Day! This week seems to be flying by, I got up yesterday and swore up and down it was Wednesday! Now it really is Wednesday, so let’s all think about the camel on the Geico commercial and celebrate a little “Hump Day” with humor (insert smile). I have been looking for a cute pleated skirt that I can wear now and in the Fall and I think I have found one!

I love the look of a graphic tee and a blazer or denim jacket paired with a cute pleated skirt and heels! That is a really cute Fall outfit, but until it gets a bit cooler, I am showing how we can style it now and later (without the graphic tee – so check back in the Fall for that).

I decided to wear black on black and see what all I could come up with today. I chose a black camisole that I purchased a few years back and I loved the way it looked with the Pleated Midi-Skirt. I knew right off that I could dress this up or down, depending on my mood. I was kind of feeling a 20’s vibe with the beads and the pleats – but I liked it! Barry really liked it, so it was a win/win for me. I found the skirt at Target when Raegan and I were on our monthly “Target Run“. It’s only $27.99, I chose black because it is versatile, but there is a really cute leopard print pleated skirt that is on clearance you can see HERE.

I decided to grab up some gold kitten heel sandals I’ve had for years to give it a dressier look. I found some smilier ones that are in the Shop The Post. This would make a cute church outfit or a fancy date night outfit. It can be worn with a longer cardigan (the really long ones) or a fitted blazer. That would be a trendy and edgy look, especially if you decided to wear booties in the Fall.

I threw on my favorite denim jacket just to see how the look was and I decided to trade out the sandals for some open toe booties and I liked that look much better. See below. I opted to wear my camisole half-tucked to give me a trendy look, but you can wear it anyway and still look really cute and on point! I feel like the slouchy half-tuck gives me a slimming look. What do you girls think? Have you tried the half-tuck and can you tell it camoflauges your hip or backside?

Outfit Details: // Jacket // Camisole (similar) // Skirt // Booties

How Did I Really Wear It As My Daily Outfit?

I wanted to wear this skirt, but I wanted it to be VERY casual, so I decided to wear my Rampage Thongs (I told you girls these sandals are the best wearing ever!) plus, I couldn’t find the snakeskin print sandal I really wanted to wear. (Thank you Raegan LOL).

You girls know I love a cardigan and I want to show you just how versatile they are. You will NOT waste money investing in a few for your wardrobe, they are timeless and classic and they aren’t going anywhere, as far as fashion goes. I’m a wife and mom on a budget and I try my best to only buy items that I am going to really wear! If you girls could see the bins of clothes I have purged and hear my husband…(I’m giggling on the inside) complaining that I have a spending problem. Ok…now I’m laughing on the outside – loudly! But, he is telling the truth, so my resolution this year was a to purge and to stay on budget. I haven’t done so well, but there have been months I thought I did pretty well. Anyway…

Which look did you like best?

Outfit Details // Cardigan // Camisole // Skirt // Sandals

I just got this cute dog tag and had it personalized with “Be Still and Know”, to see more options on dog tags (these can be added to any chain or bracelet to give it a new look) check them out HERE.

Jewelry Details: // Dewberry Chain doubled // turquoise big bead bracelet // Cross Stretch Hammered bracelet // Smaller Speckled Stretch Bracelet // White Dove Stretch Bracelet with stone

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, I hope you enjoyed this look for now and later! What are you girls up to today? Have a great hump day and stay safe!

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FWTFL Recipe For Fat Bombs

These chocolate and peanut butter fat bombs are something a fellow blogger from Thompson Hill Blog shared with me when I first started #FWTFL. It helped me on my low carb/high fat days…plus they are delish!

  • 2 tbsp Cocoa powder
  • 3 Squirts liquid sweetener
  • 1/2 cup Coconut oil (I use liquid)
  • 1/2 cup of peanut butter (I use Jiff )
  • I add a good little dose of Carmel Coffee Syrup to mine also (gives it a really good flavor)

Mix it all together then pour it into a plastic ice tray and put it in the freezer. I do taste test mine before I pour it into the ice tray. I want it to be sweet and taste as close to a Reese Peanut Butter Cup as possible. Let it harden and pop one out and use that to get your fat up. You can search Fat Bombs on your MFP app and use the one that has a check where it has been verified! Enjoy!!!

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