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Good Monday morning everyone! These weekends sure do go by a lot faster than the weeks do! We had a great time together this weekend with the kids, Chase even cooked steaks on the grill – that was a treat! We wanted breaded okra so I am going to share with you how we fix it. Not too long ago one of the kids put breaded okra in the oven to bake. Well, thy would not eat it because it did not turn a golden color. I popped one in my mouth and to my surprise, it was crunchy and good! We now eat breaded okra without the guilt. Bake it like you would french fries, just keep an eye on it, I let mine get crispy. You may have to taste test it to begin with till you find your favorite crunch lol.

I stopped by my local Cato’s and found a few pieces that I really liked to help transition into Fall. The first outfit…I LOVED! The color block cardigan is super nice and I can see me wearing this with a lot of outfits. Including skirts and booties! The blouse is a short sleeved crochet top that can be worn casual or dressy. Perfect for workwear or a date night.

Outfit Details: // Cardigan // Blouse // Jeans // Booties // Black Fan Earrings

When I picked out the jeans, I decided to get something other than cropped or straight leg, so I chose these dark wash bootcut jeans. I sized down to a size 6 in these because they have a lot of stretch to them. You girls know once you wear jeans for any amount of time the behind part starts getting saggy. Needless to say, I loved this outfit so much it came home with me!

If you like a block heel and looking for a great transition shoe, this is a good choice. I like the detail in the laser cut and I love a shoe that zips up. I am not much into buckles these days. I like everything easy, like zippers and pull-ons! Plus, these are great for skirts, shorts, jeans and work pants! See the shoe HERE.

You can tell in this picture these pants are a tad big, so remember to size down to get a snug fit. See the jeans HERE.

I love anything animal print and when I saw these cropped jeans in cheetah print, I immediately picked them up. Since I picked up a black blouse, I decided to show different ways to wear it. These jeans would look great with booties, a white or brownish top paired with a black cardigan (long or short style). I was looking at the colors in these jeans and there is a bronze color of brown in them which would look great with a bronze top for a date night or girls night out. Or pair it with an off the shoulder black top and heels for a really cute night out outfit!

Outfit Details: // Cropped Denim Leopard Pants // Blouse

I have been loving my black midi skirt from Target, see how I styled it here, and when I saw this burgundy midi, I had to at least try it on! I did grab up a cute patchwork top that had burgundy in it to show it different ways. I really liked the patchwork top, but I think it would have looked better with the bootcut jeans and booties. Which way di you girls like it better? Maybe with a denim jacket? Or a beige moto jacket? See the burgundy midi HERE.

Another animal print that was seriously cute, was this leopard midi-skirt. (Midi-skirts are trending LOL) and I love it!) This runs big, so size down if you buy online. I am wearing a Medium, but a S or XS would have worked fine. There is a lot of room in the waist area, plus it has a cute belt to tie it up and cinch the waist. This is a great skirt for now and later! See it HERE.

Outfit Details: // Blouse // Leopard Midi Skirt

As I’m writing this post I realize that I really do like some animal print HAHA! When I first walked in the store, this jumper caught my eye. I was looking for something for a night out when we take a family trip to the beach and this would be perfect! Pair it with a cute pair of black strappy sandals or even add a cropped denim or black jacket with it and that will be a super cute outfit.

Which was your favorite outfit?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! We are having the granite people come over and measure our countertops today woohoo! I am putting the finishing touches on decor placement also. It is a big to-do when you get all new furniture! Once the flooring gets put down the whole look will come together and we can do a reveal! Until then I will give you little snippets LOL! Have a great day girls!! What are you girls doing today?

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  • sandy

    I have never had okra! Well today the first outfit is my favorite and I can see so many possibilities with different tops to go with it. I love bootcut jeans as I feel they look better on my body shape and I like the flare on these as it’s not so wide. When I hit on the link, those jeans look lighter then the ones you have on. Does it just look that way on the internet that the ones in the link are light but they really are the darker color like you have on?? I want the darker looked ones 🙂 I’m also liking the booties and the height of the heel. Will it stay warmer where you are at as I’d probably only get about a month’s wear out of them with our weather turning cooler in October? Yay for getting closer with your counter tops !!

    • Beverly

      They are darker than the picture looks on the internet. I noticed that too, but it’s the same SKU so they are the same. It starts getting cooler here in October and really cold in January. I wear my booties all year round, but if it’s snowing – I wear snow boots lol! I really really liked these jeans!! The booties are really cute, great for Spring through Fall where you are. You guys have cold winters don’t you?

  • sandy

    Yes…we definitely have COLD winters so no open toe shoes here from mid-october..sometimes we are lucky and have warm weather for October but once November gets here…hard to wear open toes til April. Ok…I’m going to look at getting the jeans and I guess I could at least try the shoes on and see how they feel and still get a little wear before winter hits !!

    • Beverly

      Sandy you are just like me!! That’s a long time for cold weather, I do remember you were still getting snow when Kelly and I were seeing flowers 🌸

  • sandy

    LOL…yes that is correct. A couple years ago we had a blizzard the middle of April and we had already planted some of our crop!!

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