6 Fall Trends For 2019

Happy Saturday! If you are like me, you are already thinking about the new trends that are coming for Fall. Let’s face it, everyone LOVES Fall Fashion! It is by far the most fun season to dress for. You don’t have to wear a heavy coat, you can wear layers, but take off what you don’t need during the day and well…it’s pumpkin season! I can’t wait to decorate…I am obsessed with decorating and fashion from September through December HA! I know I’m not the only one…which one of your girls is like that?? (smile)

Let’s hop right into this, I tried to give you the basics, some new trends with jewelry, patterns, themes and what is coming back around again! Curious about an outfit I’ve styled in these pics? Click on th picture and browse!

Bracelets – Stack “Em High Ladies!

I started noticing the “stacking” of the bracelets about a year ago, but I have really seen it take off the Spring and Summer. Stack your bracelets with beads, metals, and charms. Mix and match your colors and metals…anything goes and remember, the more the merrier! Need some stacking inspo? Check it these cute ideas below. These are either my bracelets or other jBloom Designer photos, all of these can be found HERE.


Denim isn’t going anywhere in the Fall of 2019. Whether it’s denim shirts, denim jeans or denim skirts, it’s going to be trending! We all love denim and it’s been trending since the ’50s and each decade a new twist kicks everything up a notch.

This Fall season, add a pair of straight leg denim with frayed hem to your wardrobe. These go great with booties or a pair of cute pumps. You will see a lot of cropped jeans worn with boots and booties, so don’t be afraid to be adventurous! One rule of thumb when deciding about the length…allow at least an inch of skin to show between jean and shoes.

Denim skirts were very popular this Spring and Summer Season and they aren’t going anywhere for the Fall. Pair it with a Moto jacket, long cardigan or a kimono with booties and you will have a cute outfit for any time.

Other trends you will see: jeans that have prints on them, jeans that have side stripes are very trending, skinny jeans are having a moment this Fall all. High-Waisted jeans are still holding strong – thank God the low waisted jeans have had their moment and are moving on! ADIOS!

Camo Is Still Trending

First Outfit // Second Outfit // Third Outfit

As I was pulling together some Camo looks, I noticed I certainly liked wearing camo with black HAHA! Don’t be afraid to mix camo with grays, stripes, beige, burgundy, whiten or blues…you can style camo any way you like. See below how I styled a pair of camo pants with a striped shirt, for Fall add a long cardigan, blazer or a denim jacket and you will be “weekend outfit” ready! And don’t forget the booties!! See my favorite camo pants from The Loft HERE.

Boots – Over The Knee and More…

One of my all-time favorite outfits for the Fall was this outfit. Raegan stole my boots so many times I had to hide them underneath our bed! You don’t have to go over the knee if you don’t feel comfortable, there are many boots that come right to the knee cap that are just as cute. These boots hit at the top of my knee cap and I LOVE wearing them. See below for a pair that hit right at the knee. Wear them with a skirt, jeans, dresses…anything goes ladies!

Booties are STILL huge and thy aren’t going anywhere! Wedge boots are looking pretty hot also, even the shaft of the boots are going to from the ankle as far as 3-4 inched up your leg. Colors are a big thing too! You will see red, burgundy, animal prints, teal and more! I ate already started looking for my new Fall booties, DSW is a great place to look. I filled my cart up last night and used AfterPay (Hallelujah!), I love an easy pay method!! An extra plus with DSW, any purchase over $49 you will get a free backpack – who can’t use a freebie?

Blazers and Jackets

Jackets are going to be big this Fall! Whether it’s a moto jacket or a blazer, you will see them everywhere! Blazers are making a comeback from the ’80s and ’90s – look for longer blazers and plaid blazers. Leather jackets are having a moment this Fall, short, mid-waist or longer – leather is coming ladies!

Colors and Themes

Romantic themes are coming in strong in NYC already. From florals to puffy sleeves and itty bitty handbags, I think there may be love in the air…at least for the fashion there will LOL! You will also see romantic dresses coming in strong too!

Suiting it up for Fall! Remember me saying plaid was coming in with a throw back to the ’80s and ’90s…get ready! You will see suiting with a twist this Fall, pants with blazers along with skirts and blazers. Don’t be shy girl…grab it growl LOL! I can’t wait to sew what I can find and style it here for you!

Colors? Greens are going to be pretty big. Emerald green is what I am seeing the most of and Pistachio green! Let’s not forget pinks (from pale pinks/blushes to bold) and I am talking about hot pinks too!

What’s your thought ladies? the good thing is a lot of what was popular last year is still going to be trending the year. It looks like we will need to grab only a few new pieces to update our wardrobe! I can’t wait!!

One last reminder: I love wearing some really great boots that keep my feet warm during the winter. I missed out last year and did not get Sorel boots, sooooo…if you are looking a great boot for mucking around or to wear when it rains or snows..grab yours up NOW! They are on sale at DSW now, check it out HERE.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope this helps when you start looking for ideas to update your wardrobe. What are you girls doing this weekend? We are finishing up pictures today (whew!), poor Barry has been pulled 20 different ways the past few days and has knocked out around 7:30 every night…I can’t push him too hard LOL!!

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  • sandy

    I love the white jeans, burgundy sweater and boots…my favorite !! I’m not a big jeans/boot wearer as I never think they look good on me but I may try them again this year. Maybe it’s the pants that I wear with them?? I too am ready for Fall clothes; I love me a good sweater! Glad to hear we will be seeing pale pinks/blushes. Seems like right now there are a lot of autumn colors in the stores. Hope your photo shoot went well.

    • Beverly

      Hey stranger!!! Pictures went well, and I was out again today shopping for Fall or transition clothing. I walked and looked so much my legs started aching lol!! There are some really cute sweaters at a Target that are priced reasonably plus the color is cute. I found a few things today, but I ordered some great items that will come in this week hopefully. I love Fall, so I’m going to start focusing on items we can transition with. Plus, things you may already have. Save the $$$ lol!! Hope you’re having a great time!! I have emails 😘🙄 that I have got to catch up on!!!!! 🌼

  • sandy

    LOL…yep back home again and HOPE to get on track Monday with “everything”!!! Love that you are going to show how to transition. I was in the city Target before coming home and and I saw a really pretty baby blue V neck sweater but it was pretty long on me so didn’t get it. I was kind of in a hurry so didn’t spend too much time in the clothes area. Wanted to pick up food items so I didn’t have to grocery shop tomorrow for the week. 🙂

    • Beverly

      It was jammed pack in the Target I was in. I was looking some home decor so I would be ready to “reveal” what we are doing. Oh my gosh..I hope it looks ok 😂😂. Once the countertops get in I will be much happier and the flooring. That’s the biggest parts that will show the difference. I’m glad you’re back home and getting into the your groove again. I was having a lot of issues with my laptop, I had to post under my ad company -it’s been a mess. I guess we will have to buy that desktop after all. Barry is getting tired of me saying, “ oh..we need to buy this and this and thus here” lol!!

      I think a lot of us have been out of sorts over the summer. Come on Fall!! Lol

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