Here’s What’s Going On and Why I’ve Been MIA…

Good morning girls! I wanted to catch you all up on what’s been going on with me this past week. I rarely miss a post and if I do I try to let you girls know what’s going on. For the past five days, I have been battling with a horrible migraine. I have tried to take care of this on my own, but to no avail!

I have had migraines on and off since I was a teenager and normally it was from my sinuses or when bad storms come up. This one is a doozy and I think I need something stronger than Advil! Cause the Advil and Excedrin Migraines is doing nothing to kick its butt!!

The last time I had a migraine this bad it was in my neck and it was right after I had Raegan, so it’ been 19 years since I had a really bad one. I can tell this one is like that one. The pain is mostly in the right side of my neck and shoots up towards the front of my head to my nasal cavity.

Normally a good ole shot does wonders, so I am asking for prayers and hopefully, things will be better and I can start back working on the blog as usual. Thank you for understanding!! The bad thing is, I have so many clothes ready for photo shoots and I’m stressing out over that too!! HA! I’m trying to keep a sense of humor. Sighhhhh!

Thanks for reading the post and for your prayers!! You girls are the BEST!!!!

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  • Debora Wooley

    I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about! I always tell my family and friends I know when it’s going to rain by the pressure headaches I suffer with before/during the storm and they think I’m crazy! Unfortunately, living in Louisiana, this happens frequently and my most recent “Migraine/Sinus Headache” was about a month ago that lasted 3 days straight. I do find Ibuprofen helps some with mine, along with Sinus Pressure Nose sprays and oral OTC meds. Good luck and hope you feel better soon. DLW

  • Tisha Johnston

    Talk to your doctor about maybe taking a daily preventative medication since you are prone to migraines and they can also order a pill you can take when you have the migraine….that’s what I do and it has really helped. And sometimes a good ole neck crackin from the chiropractor!!

    • Beverly

      I’m going to ask about that!! Thanks. Barry said I need to start getting massages and go to the chiropractor!! Good advice!! Thank you!!!!😘😘❤️❤️

  • Victoria

    My sister and I both suffer from migraines. Hers is food related caused by gluten. She has something called Gluten Ataxia. She has spots in the cerebral part of the brain. Mine, I don’t know but usually exedrine migraine does the trick. Then I have what I call the “Migraine hangover”. I just feel weird for a few hours after it goes away. I’ve been lucky mine have never lasted longer than 4 or 5 hours. Prayers you get rid of it. I know it is miserable.

  • Julia

    See a neurologist. I did and what she prescribed knocks it right out. She also prescribed 5mg of melatonin to be taken nightly…

  • sandy

    Oh Beverly…I feel SO bad for you. I know how awful it is to have a migraine for a few hours let alone days. I’m so hoping the shot helps or you figure out what works to get rid of them. Our son goes to the chiropractor I think every couple of weeks for his migraines. He’s there less then 5 minutes. Granted, they haven’t disappeared completely but he gets fewer of them. I know each person is different so praying you find what works for you. Please do not worry that you miss a post, we ALL know how it is when life gets in the way whether it is family obligations, work obligations OR HEALTH obligations. I know I have been MIA since these littles arrived so time on the computer is so limited so we all have reasons why we may not be able to check in on some days so we all understand being on the other side that you may have to miss a post once in awhile too. Like Peggy said…we will be here when you are feeling better. Love you girl…you amaze me that you can even look at a bright computer screen with a migraine so that tells how dedicated you are to getting your posts out. Go take care of you and come back when you feel better. (((HUGS)))

  • Kelly Palmer

    I worked today so I am just now able to comment. I hope that you are getting some relief after your ER visit. I also am praying that you will get some answers and find something that works to keep them from coming back. When I used to get ocular migraines I couldn’t do anything because the visual stuff was so bad that I couldn’t read, watch tv ect and even when I closed my eyes I could still see the flashing geometric shapes and colors. The only thing that helped me was acupuncture and I very rarely get one anymore. I know that we both have noticed that we have a lot in common but it is kind of freaky that we both had an ER visit this week! We love you and will patiently wait until you feel better again so take care of yourself! Praying for you!! 🙂

    • Beverly

      We are 2 of a kind girl!! Mine is or was on the right side of my entire head. Ouch!!!!! I’m feeling better now, bright lights do bother me but not as bad as they did. I hope you’re feeling better too!! Hugs!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Cheryl

    I agree with the others….we will all be here when you get back to feeling better. Please take care of yourself and we will keep praying that the nasty headaches go away.

  • Johnna

    I’m so sorry to hear your suffering like that. I had a migraine once years ago & it was awful. Hope you get medicine to help you. Don’t worry about blog. Be here when you get back.

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