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Happy Friday everyone! Wow, it seems like forever since I have written a blog post. I no longer have a migraine and they have switched my medication and trying me on something different. I hope this one helps, the last time I was having issues, I went and got Botox and it worked great. I would rather take a pill if that will help rather than getting injected with something, so let’s all pray this new medicine works well on me. And thank you all so very much for your messages, comments, and prayers – WOW! I always knew I had the best followers, you girls are fantastic and I missed all of you!

I have had an Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box sitting in my house for almost a week and finally got the clothes out and started trying it on one day this week. I love getting clothes from Amazon, not only for the price but the shipping is quick! I must admit that this box came in and the clothes were so wrinkled, I was embarrassed to take pictures without steaming them. I figured you should know the truth, so here we go LOL! The only pieces that were not wrinkled were this cute ponte skirt and the Carhartt jeans. Everything else looked like it had been crumpled up in the box!

This Striped Ponte Skirt is by Max Studio and it fits perfect ladies! I loved the quality and the feel of this material. This is very flattering to wear and I love that it hits right below my knee. This can be worn with a denim jacket or a long cardigan in the Fall also – wouldn’t it look cute with boots??!! It comes in Navy and Chambray or the Black Multi Stripe. A very cute skirt for casual or dressy and perfect for workwear or church. See both skirts HERE.

I chose to wear the Cutout Heeled Slides from Cato Fashion with this skirt, I seriously love these sandals! They go with everything and look extra good with denim jeans!! See the sandals HERE. The Day to Night Top from Nordstrom is a perfect top for dressy or casual, it’s gathered slightly in the back and can be worn tucked in or outside your skirt/pant. I have it tucked in the picture above, but in the first picture it is half tucked, I thought I would show you both ways. See the Day to Night Top HERE, similar ones are in the Shop The Post.

These Marshmallow Stretch Pants are really cute and feel great on. I am wearing a size 8 for reference, these have a zipper closure and a long tie belt that gives it a little extra detail. they do have one pleat on each side and the length is to your ankle. These were $49 and they also come in black. These are the perfect pant to dress up in for work yet still feel casual. They did come slightly wrinkled, but they felt so good on I wasn’t going to hold that against them! See the Nanette Lepore Stretch Pant HERE.

The cute crochet wrap top is from New York & Company and it is VERY comfortable on. I liked the detail of this blouse and the color. I thought it popped with the “marshmallow” pants LOL! The sleeves were another thing that drew me to this top! It covers my arms just enough, as I get older sometimes I don’t like my arms showing that much. I guess it is an age thing because I was NEVER like that in my younger years. Not all offices will let you wear sleeveless and this is perfect to pair with a cute skirt or trouser. See the crochet top HERE.

Jeans and More…

I’ve been looking for a pair of jeans to wear for every day or maybe something I can dress up with boots this Fall if needed. I really like these Carharrt Layton Bootcut Jeans, I rarely buy bootcut anymore but these are so cute with boots and sandals. These fit slim and has some stretch to them, not a lot…only 2% Spandex. These are a sturdy jean and they hold your tummy in great! These are a size 8 regular, I could have gone with a tall if I wanted them to drag a little. I am 5′ 7″ so if you are taller than that you will want a Tall for sure! These are $49.99 and if you know anything about the Carharrt clothing line, you know these are well worth that and more. See the jean HERE. The sandal I am wearing is the Jewel by Steve Madden, these are some of my favorite sandals! They are on the Top 10 of the blog also!! See the Sandal HERE. These come in black, cognac, gold and a really cute snake print! And you can get these with AfterPay, a program that breaks up the payments every 2 weeks. These are on sale for $59.99 at DSW right now!!

I loved the way this jumpsuit looked online, not so much on me though. I like the way the top is designed and I love the wide leg culotte bottoms. This is by Daily Ritual, a pretty good brand by Amazon, and it comes in 5 more colors including denim, olive, and a cute pink! I liked the jumpsuit, but there was something about the drawstring that I didn’t find very appealing on me. I did like that it had pockets and the material is 100% Lyocell. I don’t know what that material is, but it feels GREAT! I loved everything about this jumpsuit, but I didn’t love it on me. I think I may be too long-waisted for this, other than that this would have been a keeper!! See the jumpsuits HERE. **It’s only $39 too!!!** ( I am wearing a size 8 for reference)

Special Mention — Cato Fashion

This Double Layered V-Neck Tank in Dapple Gray…oh my gosh, I am in love with this top!!!!! I feel like I shouted that, but seriously…I love this top! (It comes in 4 colors and is only $15.99) See it HERE. This can be tucked in, half tucked or left untucked. This would be so cute with it hanging out with a shorter jacket, blazer or cardigan! I tucked it in with my 4-inch Hampton Short from NY&CO.

Outfit Details // Top // Shorts // Sandals // Belt

Ladies, I am soooo glad to be back and I have missed you girls so much!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you all have a great day!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning and so glad that you are feeling better!! I hope that the new medicine works and that you won’t have any more issues. My favorites today are the bootcut jeans. I find bootcut to be the most flattering on me so I have a lot of them. I will have to disagree with you about the jumpsuit because I think that it looks really cute on you 🙂 I think my favorite of this post is the last outfit with the v-neck gray tank top and white shorts, sooo cute!! I work today 3-10 then have the weekend off, yay!!! I am looking forward to having a lunch meeting with the Pastor of the church that we visited recently to ask questions and get more information. It is suppose to be a fun and interactive time with the Pastor as they talk in depth about the mission and vision of The United Methodist Church, The Orchard Church, its history, future plans and membership. I pray that you have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Beverly

      You got a weekend off!!! Yay!!! I know that’s nice lol. Thank you so much, I think that last outfit was my favorite too. That little tank is awesome!!! This jeans were durable and nice, but Carharrt items usually are. I hope you enjoy your meeting with the pastor, I hope it is a fun and informative. Wow-i think that’s awesome that they have meet and greets!!!! Have a great day Kelly!!!❤️

  • sandy

    I’m so glad you are feeling better Beverly!! I know you enjoy doing your blog so I’m sure it was hard on your when you couldn’t work on it. Well…I have to agree with Kelly that the black jumpsuit looks adorable on you but if you aren’t comfortable in it, you won’t wear it. I love the skirt!!! What size are you wearing it it or how does it run for size? I see the sizes left are very limited. I have not tried Amazon prime so I really should look into it instead of ordering things and paying for them and then sending back and having to be refunded. We take the two grandchildren back tomorrow morning after having them for nine days. I feel blessed that they have not cried that they are homesick and for the most part things went well even though we did have to get after them for “not listening” a few times…LOL This grandma is very tired and I’m so behind on bookwork, mowing and my house needs cleaning; but I feel blessed that I was the grandma that was asked to watch them and I know our son and his wife had a much needed vacation to rest. Hope the migraines stay away and that you have found what has helped. Have a great weekend Beverly. I know I won’t be able to have coffee with you in the morning AGAIN but will check in later. Hopefully next week back to “my” routine.

    • Beverly

      The skirt is a medium and it is a good quality. It gots perfect!! Girl, I have thought about you all week wondering how things were going. I know how it can be when the grands are staying for an extended amount of time. I get totally off track with just Brooklyn. I don’t know how I did it with 2 kids, work, church, ball games etc. Hope everything gets caught up quick!!

  • Johnna

    The gray top and striped skirt are my favorites. I love Amazon boxes. They have nice clothes at affordable prices. My family calls me the Amazon Queen because I get everything from them. They are hard to beat. Just now getting to read this post from yesterday. Great haul.

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