Grandma’s Old Timey Biscuit Pudding

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s the weekend, it’s gorgeous outside and we have Brooklyn! As soon as I picked Brooklyn up she ran and jumped in my arms and quickly said, “Can I have a popsicle”? She knows the routine haha!

I know a lot of you are bakers and love to cook, as I was thinking about what kind of dessert I could fix this weekend I decided on an old family favorite. A recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation and honestly, it was my FAVE growing up! If we had any biscuits left over after dinner (also known as supper down here in the South lol) we always begged my Mom to fix “biscuit pudding”. If you haven’t tried this recipe, oh my gosh–you NEED this in your life! So I thought I would share something that is simple and you can make it your own by adding penaut butter or other items if desired.

It is a perfect recipe that is quick and easy for after dinner and one thing that I will do is check the consistency and if I want i fluffier I add a little water.

My Grandma’s Old Timey Biscuit Pudding Recipe

Handed from generation to generation, this is a recipe you will love. 

PREP TIME 10 minutes COOK TIME 30 minutes TOTAL TIME 40 minutes SERVINGS 12 CALORIES 285 cal


  • 10 Butter Biscuits -reg size
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla flavoring
  • 2 Tbsp cocoa
  • 1/2 stick margarine


  1. Mix everything together and bake at 350 degrees for 20 – 30 minutes or until done. Check after 15 minutes with a toothpick, continue ever 5 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean.
  2. Top with ice cream while warm, chocolate syrup and if you have kids – add some sprinkles and whipped topping! Brooklyn loves the sprinkles!!

We are chocolate lovers, so ours looks more like a lava cake...Mmmm, Mmmm, good!

Enjoy ladies! We certainly are going to enjoy this today!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a great weekend! XOXO

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  • sandy

    So I got up a tad earlier this morning and finished packing the grandkids things so enjoying a quick cup of coffee and oh my….a piece of this dessert would go so well with it right now!!!! (yes, I have been known to eat a piece of dessert for breakfast but not very often) And…you DO know when I refer to “supper” that I am talking about our evening meal. When people that live in the city refer to dinner, I always have to ask, “noon or evening meal” because I never refer to our evening meal as dinner..LOL So on the butter biscuits, are you refering to canned ones and do you bake them first or do you mix them in whole or cut into pieces before baking and then mix in. Also, what size pan does this go in. I’m sorry Beverly but I am a gal that HAS to go by a recipe and am not good at improvising so I pretty much need a recipe spelled out and to the point. Don’t you love when the grandkids have something special they look forward to when they visit. Here they love my freeze pops that I make and they love a ride in the Ranger to check the cows!!!! Plans are to take the kiddos back this morning and then I will be back home to either mow or clean the house…neither of which are anything fun but needs to be done.

    • Beverly

      I use canned biscuits. I bake all of them and put back 3-4 for the dessert. I put mine in an 8×8. Spray it with Pam ( I always do). Thus recipe was never written down, they always went by feel and look. I can’t do that. I need a recipe-then I can kind of tweak it. The mixture shouldn’t be runny, it will be thick. I add a tad water in it-it’s sooo good!!!! We say supper here lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! This recipe looks so good and reminds me of a bread pudding recipe that I make. I can’t eat any of these yummy things but I do enjoy baking for others 🙂 Thank you Sandy for asking about more specifics in the recipe. With regular cooking you can just wing it but with baking it is so important to have the right measurements ect for it to come out properly. It sure looks good! I have 2 co-workers birthdays that are coming up next week and will be making them a triple chocolate bundt cake with chocolate drizzle. I am so glad that you are feeling well enough again to enjoy some time with Brooklyn. I think that Troy and I will be installing a new mail box and post this morning before it gets too hot, then I am not sure how we will spend the rest of the day. Tomorrow will be church and lunch after with the pastor. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And Sandy I will be saying a special prayer for you cause I know that after the little ones go back home it seems way too quiet without them.

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh- you’re desserts sound like something out of a magazine!! Ok, I use an 8×8 pan, I spray it with Pam lightly, I use canned biscuits and frozen baked. I use our left over biscuits 3-4. I will go vs k into the post and add the specifics. Thanks for asking ( Sandy snd you lol) My grandma and mom just winged it. A pinch here a squirt of this-that’s what they used to say. I need a recipe-I was not blessed in the imagination of food. I’m still thinking about that bundt cake!!! Lol. I hope your lunch goes well tomorrow. We need a new mailbox post too!! Thanks for that reminder. We are sprucing things up here, I think we are going to be looking a bigger house -Praise Jesus!! It’s just too small with all the toys and stuff now. Why can’t these kids move. I’m joking!!! I love them here ha!!!

    • sandy

      OMG Kelly…my hubby would love it if you made him a triple chocolate bundt cake. Do you bake for others as a side-line “job” ? I bet you would be busy all the time. And Kelly…you are so right. I am sitting in my easy chair right now…the first night I have sat down with my feet up in 10 days. But…I’ve already shed a couple tears as I was cleaning up the sticky floor and scrubbing the color off the floor. The positive is that we will see the littles again a week from tomorrow to celebrate our grandsons 3rd birthday. And Beverly…isn’t that the truth that our houses seem so small when all the toys and puzzles ect ect. are spread all over….LOL Are you excited about looking for something bigger or do you like your house and area that you are in? Such big decisions.

      • Beverly

        I love my house and the area we are in. I bought this house when my kids were small after my husband passed away. I totally gutted it and remodeled the entire house. Even adding a fireplace. So I’ve got a lot invested in it, plus we almost have it paid off. Sighh!! But, when Chase moves back from Texas he was only going to be here a few months-2 years later he’s still here ha! Plus Brooklyn is here half the time. And Chase brought a dog ( insert another sigh) so it’s getting tight. I wanted to buy a house that could accommodate all of us with plenty of room plus have an office to myself and a bonus room for the kids. But getting in debt at my age is not really something I’m tickled about. Then I have to think about filling it up with furniture. We have a storage room full of items, but new things sound so good ha!!! We are praying about it very hard. Building on would be the cheapest way to go but I hate remodeling.

        I know you miss those kids, I am the same way when Brooklyn leaves. And this weekend she bounced off walks like she had been sucking sugar down for days. Wow!! Ha!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Yes Sandy people have hired me to bake some things for them in the past but since we moved here to this new area I haven’t really pushed to advertise that I bake. Our old house had a huge kitchen with a ton of counter space and a very large walk in pantry. This home has a very small kitchen so it isn’t as easy to bake in. I am glad that you finally got a chance to put your feet up and relax a little. When my grand kids leave I definitely shed a lot of tears. We have a tradition that if we find something that one of them has left behind then it means that they will return. The last time that they were here I found a little sock that my grand daughter Ily (pronounced I Lee and it stands for I Love You) had left behind and it helped me to smile 🙂 And Beverly I am so excited for you that you may be looking for a new home! The exciting part is the looking but the rest is definitely exhausting. Maybe Sandy and I will need to make a trip there to help you move 😉

    • sandy

      Oh Kelly…I am laughing here. You talked about how if the kids leave something behine it makes you smile so I am laughing because I found a pair of Carter’s batman briefs…that were clean…so thank you for the laugh to make this grandma smile. Hmmm, it’s always more fun to help someone else move then to move yourself ! far are you Kelly from Beverly because Nebraska is a ways from NC…LOL

    • Beverly

      Lord, I would LOVE to meet you girls in person. Plus extra help is always nice lol. This one house we are looking at has a big kitchen and I loved that. We will see -I honestly can’t make my mind up in what to do. So I just wait and let things happen. I will know when I fond “the” house or my gut will let me know to build on. Making these type of decisions us so exhausting!!

      • sandy

        Beverly it is a BIG decision and I think too after you look around and see what is available for housing, that will help make the decision. I know you just put in your generator too so you are prepared for electrical outages. And…I have to admit that we do have a big house and when the grandkids are here, we still have things strewn all over on three floors…LOL. Kelly you are very close to Beverly. I asked google maps how far I am but I’m not sure what town/city you are in Beverly but it says 21 hours by car! So I may have to be with you in “spirit” if you decide to move 🙂

        • Beverly

          21 hours?? Whoa!! It took me 19 hours to drive to Texas with Brooklyn when she was 2. Oh my gosh I will never do that again!! We are going to take that generator with us lol. I asked my brother if he could move it and he said people do it all the time. Whew!!

          • sandy

            OMG…19 hours with a 2 year old would NOT be fun. I would definitely have to fly but I have never flown by myself. Who knows where I’d end up…LOL I am not good at directions at all. I’m bad about depending on Terry to “lead” us on the road and in the airport. And awesome that you can take your generator with you !!!!

          • Beverly

            I traveled a lot as a Corporate Trainer so I’m used to it. We stopped over night going down there. But otw back we left early and drove straight through. She slept almost the entire time. THANK GOD!! Lol

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